David Cooper owner of L’Etre Slams New Bodies

Now the storm is finally over and David Cooper – L’Etre just slammed all new bodies for both the men and women as seen on his Facebook and Flickr page.

L’Etre new body appliers!

L’Etre has updated its body appliers! The male body appliers will include shaved and hair in chest versions for the body availables. The female body appliers include a regular body and a push-up option.

In case you were an owner of L’Etre body appliers simply come by and get a redelivery so you can get a good matching with the new body releases there will be in the future!

Ladies and Gentlemen See your new bodies.

L'etre newBodyApplier.png

More : Flickr and Facebook

18 thoughts on “David Cooper owner of L’Etre Slams New Bodies

  1. You have to understand his new skins he made by hand I know him myself. And also his skins are very realistic you have to have a very good computer to see how nice they are. Some designers are just jealous of his work in the end hard work what really shows if you want you can have to. But this been going for decades Just like when mesh body came out. If you can’t Value yourself and others you have know respect for yourself that called Karma you see why these jealous designers don’t get many people in there store its called respect of others David has respect listen to his customers. When your ugly inside the law suits all over for reporting lies you better have a lot of money to back your ass up.


    • I am Makeup Artist in real some Designers Just jealous wish they could have his hard work and craft Its HD Realistic. You have to have a updated video card and computer to see the real features. Value yourself and others. David has a life in real when he started yes someone sold him a stolen full perm but later on he made his own showed that I seen it myself. His store is always packed he has respect not many designers have respect of others he gets back to people and has love in his heart. He has class very good looking in real. If you want it you have it two. So when you mock you better get some class you if you where in real you would be kicked out the event for rudeness.


      • I Don’t understand this but..some Rumors I’v heard that other people says that David cooper Was copy-botting Skins. I don’t understand. I’ve never tried his skins though But I Liked Some Of His Hairs Idk If it is a lie or just rumors BC On the social media There is just a beef between him and some other ppl. I don’t think he isn’t that bad though. but I still wanted to know why other people though he is a copy-botter and Still wondering if the creator is going to send A DMCA. He is still around SL and i don’t understand why ppl are starting some beef between. they’e starting to say about him copy botting skins? I don’t know if it is true or not? But that is some rumors that i’ve heard


  2. The skanks wearing his skin are the same lowlife in real who fight over 60inch TVs in Walmart on black friday. With their state handouts.


    • I doubt in any country you can afford a posh telly when on unemployment. You can barely afford anything and UK’s is 50 per week for under 24 (was on that) and 73 pounds per week for over 24. Add constant humiliation, absolutely no job centre help in finding jobs and bullying advisors. Been with them for a year and in the end was a wreck.

      You can get more if kids are in equation and might get help with rent paid. As of now – Child Benefit is 20.70 pounds per week and Housing benefit in my area is around 40 per week. All together gives you 130 per week.

      Average rent for council house is 88 per week around here. Utilities will be 30 per week (gas, electricity, internet). Council tax is 33 per week. Total costs are 151. Usually people do not have kids and do not qualify for council tax decrease.


      • You know what! I don’t think these handsout or social benefit will last long. Yes the tax is high for the working people to support all these unemployment, but there will be time where only few works or aging population grow bigger …. who gonna pay all these taxes? Plus 47% of jobs in this planet will be gone soon. Automation and robotic takes over. I just hope all these second life addict are old people at least there is least damage to the economy. They will be dead soon. But if majority of them are the youngs who suppose to be out there earning their education or gaining workforce skill???? Then it is our social responsibility really to remind each other what it takes in life than just this stupid game that become too sexually and trashy


        • Lovely long satire of far right comments but doesn’t work in all contexts am afraid as it can be mocking when prevalent of public is libertarian but people usually do like taxes (unless it is unfair taxing but it does not affect cprivate citizens usually and small business owners in any country). Look at Dutch folks who have one of highest and they love those.

          Not aimed at you as my brain is slow today and just realised you are sarcastic all time (the sl sexual comment is brill as also hate that it got so horribly prude since I joined) but Switzerland is currenty trying out minimum living wage for citizens of some cantons. No idea if anyone reads the coments to hear about economy for serious but you brought it up in ironic way so might as well…

          Essentially – best idea is to have all on bare minimum so they can afford thinking of creating business, learning, purchasing stuff from others and maybe doing art or writing or such. Sure, there will be people who will opt to do nothing but most would volunteer for silliest causes they can if not topping up income.


  3. For the male skin, this is a step back, in my opinion. The hair on the chest is terribly blurry, and it looks like he just took the smudge tool in photoshop and blurred out the detail of the previous skin and bumped up the brightness.

    And there is still an unmatching seam at the back of the wrist – can any male skin makers get that right ever? Birth skins have the same defect.


  4. The texture on dude looks vaguely familiar and cannot place it. Might be elements that can be resold as it was definitely not SL I seen it on. Probably not Skyrim nor Fallout might be exnem mixed with Pooklet but to be fair … most skins seem similar to me so could be … just similarity. Unless it was not meant to be resold and is not credited – then it is crap but otherwise – would not look into it much.


  5. Kylie aka David should at least make sure she is logged into the correct Flickr account when answering questions . Anywhy wonder who she botted this skin from this time


    • If you mention Kylie Woods maybe she is just the manager as so many other designers have and help answering to people! Why always see polemic or start evil into something that can be simple!

      Liked by 1 person

        • Ummm no. It is David himself who is Kylie Crackhead. Sorry to break this illusion of Saint Davids. Can i also say that she then stole Foxy`s hair too . On top of the long list of other stores he stole from. But no one cares about a catfish who steals. And if being honest and realistic means that I am evil. You can call me evil anytime. Honesty and hard work conqours all.


            • I do. But to show people`s real life pictures is against the law. But I know you probably do not care about this as you are in support a copybotter. So you might want proof of her real life but why do you not ask her supporters who seem to know everything about her ? They do not care about breaking the law either and i am sure they know everything you need to know about this crook.


              • I meant my comment as “too silly to hide an alt working for same shop” and I think person above me also meant that. Rl photo doesn’t matter unless he has same one on both accounts.


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