Jamee Sandalwood claims Cyberbully Victim😳😳 Really??

Models Giving Back founder, Jamee Sandalwood cannot handle the truth. Our recent posts which was whispered about the lack of quality at a recent tribute show and the quality at most of the MGB shows the past few years, has lead her to go off on a crybaby rant which seem to have given birth to an anti-bullying event. Yay congrats on that and big thumbs up (*rolls eyes*)
Just a recap, all this came  on the heels of the cease and desist notice which was generously received by the whisperer and published. Well we just gotta hand it to Jamee for taking yet another opportunity to garner sympathy for her purported cyber bullying that she claims people did on this site. That is the issue with the world now, people cant give their opinions and other learn from it anymore, if we don’t like the answers or words been thrown at us, we cry cyberbully.. Oh please🙄
The SpeakNoEvilSL event is for Jamee because she felt SHE was being cyberbullied and she has an overwhelming need for acceptance. Well, hey, do whatever makes you happy even when you truly could just use a dose of reality to make it all better instead and to think Jamee Sandalwood is the SL avatar that is upset over a fictional company in the virtual world of SL.

A quote from a whisper on this issue

“Just own up to the fact that you are not the greatest thing since God invented rice and move on”

Below is free publicity for your events to cry more : https://speaknoevilsl.wordpress.com/

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