New Couple Alert : Fingol and Niani in New Love β€οΈπŸ˜Š

Fingol Greyhaven  now has a new love Niani Resident which they both publicly express on Flickr and that obviously means  Serei  Guena is out.

By Your Side! ... by Niani

Poor Serei wrote these words on her Flickr post “The saddest thing in a treason is that never comes from our enemies but from the people who had the most confidence” hmm yet everyone seems to know that Fingol does this to all his ex-women.

With all my Love β™‘

And his popular phrase which he constantly and repeatedly says to his new girlfriends

Mi Vida! 

It’s incredible (again!) the waves of feelings coming from this picture. 

Your soul is beautiful. It is so beautiful.

And I feel to be living a dream together. Day and Night.

Your gift to me is not only this picture, or any other one.

You have gifted me with the most precious present that a man can receive. Your Love, and it says everything.

I Love You, with all my Heart β™₯

Tender and Loving kiss my baby β™₯β™₯β™₯

25 thoughts on “New Couple Alert : Fingol and Niani in New Love β€οΈπŸ˜Š

  1. is here the place where some old women with empty life are coming for speaking under a dirty anonymity about some others old women with empty lifes? this is very funny but people are educated or not, right? You can then choose in wich categry you are. Let bet πŸ™‚


    • First, the way you type in english somehow show your level of education. My english is not perfect but I think it weight a bit for my level of education. Second, if 30+ consider old then it is true, this is the place where old women in their 30 talk about old women maybe in their 60+ who enjoy mastrubating by watching cartoon on screen. Thirdly, this blog is a good reminder for all that there are life beyond this poluted pixel world and masturbation.


  2. Arol Lightfoot and Krys Vita are another 2 desperate women who don’t respect themselves. They get with guys then start their pathetic eyes closed crying pics. Arols at it again now but it won’t be long till she’s jumping on the next available penis.


    • Add to that list Isla Grace, Johanna Rolink, BD Gracemount, and Clarisa Congrejo. All ugly as fuck in real life, but come on second life to fuck pixel dick after pixel dick.


      • I am not surprise some of them could be old too, like 60 plus …. more than half century but still come to sl looking for pixel dick to mastrubate in real. Can you imagine your granny or grandpa doing all these …… days in days out?


        • What bothers me is some of these older women are with 20 something guys, and from a good friend of mine I found out that a lot of fraternity guys have online contests on second life on who can bag the most women and they ALL sit around the computer watching the sex and laughing. Hopefully women realize this is going on.. Another thing too- keep you pictures of kids and grandkids off your SL profile!!!! Don’t you realize the peedos on there?


    • Arol is trying hard with Kazicle since the shemale Enzo let her at side!
      Krys is crying her pussy loud since Pedro is with an other woman!!

      Lona is always running after Arnno dick………..

      SL is the emergency room for old dicks and pussies


    • Only a couple of days ago Arol was photographing herself with Enzo telling the world she’d always love him accompanied by the Whitney song only for the image to be taken down the next day and replaced by weepy pics of full self pity. SAD SAD SAD that she doesn’t just get her ass of SL and get a RL instead of going from man to man. Same goes for pathetic Krys.


  3. This guy did the same thing to all the girls he had! the list is long ! I want to spit him in the face when I see that he writes the same thing to all his women. Fingol you’re a big pig and you should stop the love game! Serei Guena went back to the photo …! Stops the brushes it is horrible … we would think photos of 2007!


    • I agree with you. Especially “The typical real life fat asses”. Or even worse those that is desperate for sex and can not afford viagra. SL cartoon sex is cheap and save. You imagine what they do in real while staring at their cartoon on pose balls?


      • What’s wrong with these stupid women being used over and over by these virtual gigolos? I can’t feel sorry for them. I just have to laugh at their stupidity and lack of pride and self respect for theirself


      • Yeah like Thalia Heckroth who thinks she’s all that but the only thing she is a fat ass who spends all day on SL. If she’d any real talent she’d be out working in RL. As for Brandong he’s actually got uglier now he’s bento’d himself and he must be spending too long satisfying Thalia as his pics have gone to shit.


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