Did David Cooper just drop the Mic with his response to Fiore skin theft allegation?

These past few days social media platforms have been on serious heat with some selected designers at war with David Cooper – owner of L’Etre . Hours ago, David Cooper posted on his Facebook page reason why he felt he must have used a copybotted template and must have made a mistake and Fiore responded as well on her Flickr page taking away previous comment she earlier made from Flickr and Facebook .. Hmm makes one wonder if all these simply wouldn’t have been resolved in closed doors instead of dragging their lingerie out in public or is this a publicity stunt?.. Read below


David Cooper

I am sorry for not having spoken about the thing that I’m being accused of, but I have been thinking that the skin base I used since the beginning wasn’t legit.
When I started in SL and I decided to start working on skins and in my creations, maybe my mistake due to lack of experience was using skin base to make my own skin using that one as a start. So after so long having the v3 body skin out I Heard another content creator told me I was using her body as a base, i was shocked by the such accusation. Try to show my innocence in front of this, i can not tell insurance that the skin that i used years ago was copy or stolen, but one thing that i can say strongly and firmly that at no time was my intention copy anybody, since I really know the work that involves creating.
The work of the creators is really hard, you have to be constantly with your work to get the public to respect you as, and you can understand that i feel so proud of my work and of course the people who believe in me, And I’m not willing to let the people defame my name and my brand. I like what i do, im happy and blissful about my work. And I guess using a skin that wasn’t done by scratch by me was a mistake, I admit it. But one thing is for sure, no matter what you create, everything is a lights and shadows game and most of use tend to make them in the same áreas, for example on a face we hightlight the nice, cheeks, forehead, etc. Plus everyone uses online references in order to create. I enjoy creating more tan anything else, it helps me in the moments of boredoom and I love learning new stuff and having new challenges like for example creating hairs was. So I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports me and my Brand.

See below for more :

Sanya Bilavio – owner of Fiore response after David Cooper post below.



After going over all the evidence, hearing Davids response, and receiving several professional opinions regarding filing a DMCA on this issue, I have spoken to David.

There is no real way i can prove David used my skin texture on purpose as a base for his skin. He has claimed he did not know the template he purchased used my skin, which leaves it a he say, she say case.

 Everyone who has come forward and shared their stories about their creations being stolen by him have my 100% support, and i hope you can understand why i had to come to this conclusion. I don’t know if what David says is true, but at this point i have to think beyond being upset and do what i can to protect my work. In my case it’s not about did he or didn’t he, he did use my skin whether he knew it or not, and we have come to an agreement regarding that issue to avoid legal stress.

 L’etres v3 skin appliers have been removed from his store. He will be fixing areas on his v4 skin that mimic mine. He will also be making a completely new body and replacing/updating the v4 skin when he finishes it.

 My skin template has obviously been stolen and passed around in the copybot community along with many other stores textures and meshes. Everyone please take the time to recognize that and try to stay aware.

 Thank you to everyone who has given me their support, even if the outcome isn’t what it should be ❤

Link : Facebook and Flickr

40 thoughts on “Did David Cooper just drop the Mic with his response to Fiore skin theft allegation?

  1. Looking at his Flickr pictures you can clearly see that the skills of David are advertising and marketing but not mesh or photoshop. The picture of his shop (“baking for days!”) reveals a beginner level in 3D creation and even the shadows baked are showing that he cleary did NOT create any mesh ears or jewellery himself. Even he might have hired other people to create for him does not invalidate the fact that he already admitted using other designers base skins. The question here would be: Where did he get the skins? Was he so naive to think a high resolution skin texture is for free and without copyrights? (especially when you have a real life designer background) Other chat transcripts show him talking about “dirty work” and how hard it is to make textures. All these questions, facts and ongoing accusations of other designers lead me to the opinion that he is nothing else than a simple copybotter with great marketing and highly reworked vendor images. For some, however, this seems difficult to understand or realize. Second Life is a money machine for those who know how to use it but it is surely not (and should not be) a legal vacuum.

    A hardworking 3D artist …


    • The only people that are upset with David are the fat and old Second lifers age 35 and up. They damn sit on their fat asses on second life all day claiming to be fashion experts while chomping down on their fast food. David is a cool guy and no theif so get over it you senile gits ! The younger generation has the vision !

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      • LOOL dogz ( why do i get the vibe that this is brandon ??? ) how do you know the age of anyone here or who are able to tell the difference between right or wrong? Even my 5 year old niece know that stealing is wrong no matter where or how it happens. So you go ahead .Support theft. Designers all over SL are taking notes on who is supporting this hairy con artist( the l`etre owner /possibly a cat fish on top of being a copybotter ) I really just pity you for being so stuck on his balls that you make yourself look like an abosolute fool . Take his dick out of your mouth for a minute , it might clear your vision.

        lots of love

        a 24 year old oxoxox

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        • Anon chill out, you really have an anger problem. Seek counseling. David will have his thousands of loyal supporters who know the truth. And 24? Please you sound more like a 44 year old menopausal git!


          • Explain to me why his skin is removed from his store ? Explain to me why he is not in any of the events no more ? I shall wait . Rofllll I am so hurt that your only come back to all of this is age . Is that what you say to the police when they catch you stealing ” you are so old officer , thats why i am right and thats why you cant arrest me” Hahaha. Please keep entertaining me with you drug dealer logic.

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    • Who is the fool who made these false allegations against David? Sounds like some frumpy housewives could have their way with him and are getting payback. Leave David, Brandon and Dee alone. Brandon and Dee dominate flickr, sounds like many are jealous of her and him . Try and get along


      • Hmm Sweetdee if that was true please explain this :

        1.he has been kicked out of all the events he used to be in
        2. his skin has gone from his store
        3 he doesnt have the support from the Real designers he used to work with ( steal from ) .
        4. His real life pictures has been proven to not be his #catfish alert.
        5. Designers are watching who his supporters are as supporters of copybotters is not something anyone want to deal with

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      • I get the district feeling Dogz and SweetDee are Brandong and Thalia.
        These two got their pictures taken down off this site claiming they were stolen but Brandon’s happy to wear Doux hair and L’etre skin on his new mesh head and Thalia’s fine with her partner wearing copybot.
        Two hypocrites.


      • They “dominate Flickr” and oh yeah we’ve got to be “jealous”.
        Each of them have over 3.5K followers and they get a couple of hundred faves each picture so hardly dominating Flickr.
        For all the work Brandong puts in with his commenting it’s not really paying off for him is it.


      • I’ve seen Dee’s RL Facebook, she’s a middle aged woman with a grown up daughter not that there’s anything at all wrong with that but she really should talk about frumpy housewives hahahahaha


  2. The IQ of l`etres supporters has fallen to an alltime low . I think he must be giving live camera shows that his adoring fans can sit and rock off to .Sex sells , his penis must be extra golden to be able to hypnotize these poor fools.

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  3. I did not know that to play in SL, we all had to be experts in Design and have to know how to differentiate when one designer copies to another or uses their designs, WTK, I am a user of L’etre, I have used a Skin from a long time ago from this stores, and now that the designers say that David stolen his designs, awhat do I have to do, run and change my skin? Spend my linden buying a skin from one of these designers who are crying around the corners?
    Really?? If you are so worried, why do not you give a free Skin to all those who use l’etre?
    I do not know David, and I have nothing to do with him, but it becomes tiring to see accusations made to the users of L’etre saying that we do not care at all and until we are stupid and only matter to look good.


    • Exactly!!! People forget SL is just a GAME. You can do what you want on a game . This has nothing to do with skin on your real body- it’s flippin pixels!!! SL is to have fun not argue . Stop picking on David, he did nothing wrong ! If you worry so much about looking good on a game , you must need work on your real bodies. Push away from the computer people and exercise. Worry about yourself , not an avatar!!!


      • This may be a game to you, but for a lot of the designers this is their JOB. They make money on their hard work. Wouldn’t you be a little pissed if someone stole your stuff and began making a profit on it? He is getting picked on because he’s a thief. If he wasn’t then people wouldn’t be bothered. Maybe he’ll realize he’s caught and maybe start creating things himself instead of botting people’s skins and whatever else he can get his klepto hands on.

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        • Yea the people that say they “work” on SL do that so they can collect welfare in RL. Again, SL. Is a game and will end some day, it’s time to get some Real Life job skills! At least David has a REal life job too!! Stop bullying him!


          • Instead of making shit up about them collecting welfare in real life why not prove it? You have to tear others down to raise that little klepto higher huh? Might wanna finish up on his dick and swallow since spitters are quitters.

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          • Kgrl you get the first price of dick riding this guy who does not care about you , only your money. But tell me how will you keep supporting this theif when all his stolen products has been removed, all the events have banned him and every designer he worked with has washed their hands off him ? Because that is the reality right now. Do you also support theft in real life ? Because it is no different to online theft. This theif doesnt care that he is stealing SL designers livelihood. Yes people in SL can make a lot of money that they can live off in real life . I think the issue here is that you are so ignorant to what it is he is doing, and you are so far up his hairy ass that you can not see or refuse to see or comprehend what he is doing. You are in love with this man, it is very obvious that you possibly believe that you have some kind of chance with him and you must be dreaming of him in varies scenarios of you and him riding off into the sunset one day. How do you know if this hairy slimeball is even the real person on his pictures ? . At this speed you are rushing up his ass you will need to be surgically removed from it very soon.

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    • I’m sorry, but did you just say the actual designers he STOLE from should give L’etre users free skins? The entitlement is strong in your post. Yup let’s punish the skin designers who had their skins stolen from. You know what bish keep rocking your stolen goods. The rest of us who have actual morals will just keep on supporting actual creators since they help make second life beautiful.

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      • Also no is my fault, I no punish no one, and NO I no think I’m immoral because some other stolen skins, I bough some and paid, and when I do it no one talk about he stolen, so where is my fault as a user?


        • Make L’etre pay back the users. I seriously hope he pisses off the right designer that files a DMCA and has the skins removed from people’s inventory. Shit I’d laugh til I cried after that.

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    • Jessikuh Nikita will lick anyones dick if they give her free shit to wear. She finally chilled the fuck out with those lazy morphs made from stolen photos but I bet the Instagram writers she nicks her titles from would appreciate being cited. Then again crediting has never been her strong suit lol.


      • I am SICK to see her name on ALL pictures!!!! Her bulshit comments have O value! And How is possible She up to 300+ fav with such MEDIOCRITY!
        And Stole Photos of a Bimbo with Plastic Boobs Letting us believe it’s her when she is spending nights and days posting SL pictures on Flickr! That is a BIG JOKE! XD


  4. I think he could have turned it around by starting doing his work from scratch and stopped stealing. But his followers has for sure made it impossible for him to ever be taken serious by anyone in sl. They Remind me so much of trump supporters blind dumb and ready to jump on hisdick when his next thief collection comes out


  5. Tetra. Fiore. Murray. Egozy. Just some of those claiming he has stolen their work. Designers need to cut the strings of association with this thief and leave him out to dry on his lonesome. He steals a skin from a designer he hasn’t before, blends it to cover his theft then releases that line and sits back as all the sheep come flocking to gush how wonderful it is. His clientele is as lame as his ability to provide evidence to the accusations and he should be banned from all SL events.

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