Stray Dog Cuts off Ties with L’Etre Skin

The war is on full blast! After the Flickr’s post from Fiore on Skin theft, most Second Life designers who previously had ties with David Cooper – owner of L’Etre are gradually opting out of all such deals.

Stray Dog just posted this below on their Facebook page using the term/ word “purely creative” as the basis for cutting off all ties🙄ya right .. go ahead and save your investment 😜 we are watching you all.

I’d like to thank David Cooper for allowing me to work with his skins during this time. This decision was based on a purely creative reason which I discussed with David beforehand. I am not throwing any shade at David Cooper and there is no drama between Stray Dog and L’Etrê Skin Shop


For more click on the link

7 thoughts on “Stray Dog Cuts off Ties with L’Etre Skin

  1. He need to be removed from every event he is in and his followers need to be dragged away by men in white coats Never seen a bigger bunch of absolute mental cases . They can’t think a clear thought as they are all so busy fighting over who can suckhisdick next


      • LOL well Kgrl i do hope you are studying law as that argument of yours will go really far for sure ” sorry your honour this theft cant be prosecuted as he is just too handsome & he is also an awesome guy” LMAOOOOOooo oh lord give me strenght please Linden lab ddoesnt even have to do anything you supporters of him are doing such a good job “killing him” off with this type of BS you let out .


    • Mental health issues , men in white coats and you are hiding yourself… why is this ? And what does people’s health have to do with a skin designer?


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