Strawberry Singh – Politics, Blogging and Second Life πŸ™„

Okay okay.. we have been receiving lot of direct whispers about Strawberry Singh and her politics or passion(whatever). As much as we try to avoid huge Real Life political statements, crashes and the backlash that comes with it since obviously not everyone in Second Life stays or live in the US, we have decided to share some of the whispers that seem decent and appropriate to post.Enjoy

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Strawberry Singh – hypocrite and racist!

Here’s something juicy. Recently, Strawberry Singh has been exposed as a racist hypocrite. she hops on her soapbox preaching tolerance and compassion and constantly complains about American politics…. yet she’s just as intolerant and prejudiced as those she complains about. check out the screenshots from her plurk.

Even better, Eclipse magazine put her on their cover… does this mean they too are racist, since they’re so blatantly supporting one? perhaps Eclipse should invest time and money into actually researching what they feature so they don’t end up looking like fools. then again with Cajsa Lilliehook on their senior staff no wonder they’re so left wing unhinged

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It’s a real tragedy that those who speak against racism promote it as well. I was very surprised by the comment left on StrawberrySingh plurk. She has always been known to speak out against racism, especially towards Muslims, yet she made such a heartless comment that contradicts the many post on her Facebook about racism.

Sadly enough and thankfully enough she later removed this comment. Racism will never end till we truly love one another. We are all imperfect beings but bleed the same. No need to hate anyone. 

10 thoughts on “Strawberry Singh – Politics, Blogging and Second Life πŸ™„

  1. I don’t get what’s the big deal? She is a blogger on a GAME. She’s not working as if it is real life. All her so called worshippers are GAME addicts and can’t live in reality which is sad. I mean really/ AVATARS against Trump? I would be mortified to say such a thing in public. Who gives a rats ass about an AVATAR? People would think you were a mental case saying that in real life. I think it’s time to grow up.


  2. She is also a trailor trash Muslim. Every work out of her mouth is F this and that. I don’t care if you are Muslim but you don’t say F our President. A lazy cow like you should respect the President along with our armed forces who fought for your freedom. Now shut your pie hole and get back to your virtual world


    • I don’t condone her comments. Racial abuse is not exclusive to white people. I have to say though….as soon as your president does something to deserve her respect I will back you up. Right now he is anything but deserving.

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      • Maybe you should do something like getting off welfare. Most of you Trump bashers are afraid you are gonna lose your welfare checks! Cry snowflake, cry!!!!!


        • Lol, I hope you realise most people terrified by US aren’t USians (Scottish here, mate). There’s no welfare in USA, unless you mean food stamps and disability which isn’t enough to live on (yea, I know people with both and it barely covers cheapest rent). However, it’s the .. 10th weird comment I heard on respect for presidents…. No one ever should automatically respect any politicians, EVER – even if backing up their ideologies. Respect is earned (unless you mean standard human one, then sure – everyone should get that) and presidents should show how they represent the country. Trump does not. One of his first official communication was to write to Glasgow City council to halt renewable energy expansion of wind farms because “they will obscure view from his golf course”. Don’t think Glasgow responded because that was … not a sort of thing you should respond to. (And here I do not mean anything about wind farms planted wrong and prohibiting locals from comfortable existence but audacity of someone not living in Glasgow and making ridiculous demands that have no base in reality. He could have been concerned for residents and noise levels or whatever else that could validate such a letter but nope.)

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  3. Strawberry is a middle aged ugly woman and full of HATE. She is a racist to anyone who has ever disagreed with her and just a moody miserable person. She needs to push away from the computer and exercise instead of kissing every virtual honcho on second life! Another thing, her shapes she sells are horrible. Keep your politics off second life Singh, you are a sore Whiney loser. And like I said, lose some weight!


  4. Wow. What a hypocrite! Berry’s another one who needs to get a real life. She’s almost as bad as our Hollywood celebrities who use award shows as their own personal political platform. Berry knows she has an audience on her SECOND LIFE BLOG and uses it to spew her own political beliefs. All she’s doing is fanning the flames all while being a huge fraud and racist herself.


  5. Strangely found this blog due to someone else linking L’Etre owner’s background on Flickr.

    It still astounds me that people say MMOs are somehow removed from political context – we all are products of politics and are influenced by local biases. Maybe some MOBAs are not but even “League of Legends” can get political (strangest sample I have was a player calling everyone else in team ‘faggots’ which is standard but their brain break at everyone else going ‘yeah, we are, also in relationships’ has been funny as they kept repeating same statements for 40 minutes (no, me and 3 others have not known each other at all, hence amusement).

    I realise it is a blog that is like Daily Mail but would be fun if snark and bad gossip was on all sides (the supposed opponent of owner and to me they are both horrid just ideologically the first one is more aligned with me and the other … something else).


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