Fiore calls out L’etre for skin theft on Flickr

Sanya Bilavio – owner  of Fiore  just called out to David Cooper – owner of Doux and L’etre  for stealing her skin on Flickr. This is soon going viral on all social media now.


It’s been a very long time since i have posted anything like this, because i’ve been around the block one too many times to know it usually does nothing, but this time i will not stay quiet.

The popular store in SL known as L’etre has been accused of theft a couple times over now, and regardless of how many times he is accused and evidence is shown, the community continues to support him.

I am someone who has given this person my Mesh Head kit files in confidence thinking he was trustworthy. Only to find today after looking at an ad and buying his skin appliers that he has stolen my skin texture and used it for his own profit.

The image above CLEARLY shows my skins arm and side of the body which i have been using since 2013 and L’etres identical arm & side on the right. Take note the skintones are practically identical as well. I chose this piece of the skin to show because it is the most obvious sign of theft.

Filing a DMCA in Second Life would have been my first choice however most times it results in them removing the content only for the thief to throw it back up again.

So, if you care about making money so much David Cooper of L’etre, maybe you should spend more time trying to make original content, or maybe just be more diligent about your thievery, and cover up arm details the next time you yank someones work.

Not everyone on this game works as hard as others and its a dam shame the ones that do don’t get credit for that work. Event owners & customers beware, be a good person online & off.

Click Image for more or see link below

Source : Flickr

12 thoughts on “Fiore calls out L’etre for skin theft on Flickr

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  3. Lets all be serious for a moment… This is complete and utter bullshit when it comes to DMCA, EULA and other issues here. Seen ton of shops claiming that they are using high end tools for their content creations. All fine and dandy, but why don’t you all provide proof that you actually paid for your Photoshop, Max, Maya, Mari, Mudbox, Motionbuilder, Zbrush and whatever commercial tools you are using, since NONE of them provide free student licenses that are allowing you to commercially sell your shits. Get your shit together, I doubt there is 1% of creators in SL that are actually own commercial versions of the tools they are making their products with. To sum it all up, its all around butthurt over things that are ALL of them breaking rules on…


  4. So,… in essence then you’re all saying Fiore’s skins are shit?.. since he *supposedly* copied hers. well noted!


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  6. Lol this guy won’t give a damn care what other ppl saying about his integrity. No one care or even bother about integrity in secondlife anymore. Waste of time talking about honesty, integrity and all those bla bla bla about human character and value in life. Secondlife is not a place for that. It’s a slum.

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    • Have to agree. No one has any morals or respect in SL anymore. The customer think about what makes their avatar pretty and they could care less about how the product was made. But i am very sure that this is not the end of it. Some of the best skin designers and hair makers in SL has had a bad experience with this thief.They all do much better quality skins and hair than he does so but still his delusional fanclub keep claiming its jealousy, i think not.But they have to keep supporting him because they already poored so much money into this guys pockets. Be sure that karma will take of him. And he will one day be the one crying “thief” . Personally i find his skins too burnt looking.


      • His skins always look great on Flickr, but demo them in world and they look like shit. Weird tones, clearly frankensteined, and that pixelated effect when you over-sharpen textures.

        Hair is nothing to shout about either.


        • I always wanted to try his skins, but every freaking demo turns me away from them. They do look awesome on flickr, but in world jeez that’s some might hard shading. I have since decided not to even bother looking at his garbage once I heard all these stories of theft about him. People in his group kiss his ass like it’s covered in gold. Someone called him out for his stealing and another person in group said they already knew they were stolen and didn’t care. Was hilarious, but just another insight into how people feel about copybotters. After seeing Pink Fuel calling out Kristyna Wikifoo for using a template with Pink Fuel’s lips even after being told they were stolen and people acting like it was no big deal and Pink Fuel should let it go that her stuff was copybotted it just makes me wonder about the future of second life.


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