LTD’s Owner, Editorial Clarity & Others Blast RFL Of SL

Editorial Clarity, owner of LTD, is no fan of RFL of SL’s Home and Garden Coordinators, Cain Maven and Kaerri Rae. In a rant post on Facebook, Editorial stated:“It’s not often I get annoyed in Second Life anymore. I’ve been here for too long, lived many situations with many people, but at the last Home & Garden Expo I attended a voice panel discussion and was unexpectedly blasted in voice by one of the organizers. Not only attacking me, but LTD as a whole. And now, one year later, they expect me to support their event by giving them a free advertisement and promotion rights in my group? Listen, I’m all for supporting charity events, especially Home & Garden…but don’t try and tear me apart in front of a hundred people, on voice, try and humiliate me and then expect me to back you on your future endeavors. I will happily donate directly to Relay For Life on behalf of LTD. I will not be supporting you or your event.”

So looks like that LTD is not on the Home and Garden Bandwagon. Other creators chimed in, with one pointing out that RFL Of SL has never ever shared receipts or anything to verify that the actual lindens donated were going to the American Cancer Society, the parent charity of RFL Of SL. The same goes for their outfit in InWorldz, RFL Of IW.
The charity is currently rated a two start by Charity Navigator:

Many creators and businesses cringe at the start of RFL Of SL season, because the begging and whining for lindens, while guilt tripping people into fundraising via credit card, is a huge turn off for some.
Former big team coordinator Still Braveheart, blasted the charity a few years ago on her blog for the very same reasons we have mentioned: aggressive fundraising techniques, lack of transparency, discrimination by the committee over LGTB avatars, not holding events at times that benefit foreigners, and just making people feel 100% unwelcome.

45 thoughts on “LTD’s Owner, Editorial Clarity & Others Blast RFL Of SL

  1. While I agree with many of your points regarding RFL of SL behavior (I’ve documented it in great detail), your statements of where donations go both in SL and IW are **FALSE** and inciteful and need to be edited. It is stated clearly that ALL money goes to the American Cancer Society. The avatars collecting on both grids were set up by ACS staff. Clicking a kiosk on either grid takes you to info about where the donations go and what they fund.

    You may have a grudge over people or a cybersocial site, but ACS is legit and their efforts should not be maligned so frivolously.

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  2. Time after time, I come here hoping to see some validity to some accusation. I only seem to find more and more animosity being brought up. People and this website are only allotted the powers that you give them. If you are going to post something that isn’t nice and then hide behind anonymity, your argument, no matter what side of it you are on, has no weight, depth or validity to it. Being an eternal optimist though, I have to say that all of you as adults, should begin to conduct yourselves as such.

    Giving credence to arguments here for the sake of arguing, doesn’t do you the poster nor the recipient any good, mentally, emotionally, and in time it can even affect one physically. The only way to stop the rumors about you, no matter who you are, is to stop trying to start them about others.

    There is always jealousy, arguments, disagreements and miscommunications in the world of Second Life, as there are in real life. There is always going to be someone with an opposing opinion, it doesn’t mean they are wrong or they are right. It only means that it is an opinion.

    Opinions based on facts on the other hand speak volumes, but when you hide behind the anonymity, most will tend to attack and attempt to discredit your argument. Keep in mind, if you have nothing good to say on a thing, it’s better that you don’t say it at all.

    At the end of the day we are all human. We all make mistakes. Not one of us is infallible. We are all sinful creatures and those of you that play into the drama on this site, do nothing but open old wounds for others and continue the ongoing battle over some things that don’t happen to be about you.

    This post is an example of that. I am only reminding you, that for as long as you keep up your petty arguments and keep rehashing the past, you will only succumb to the mire of a partial existence that is stuck in a virtual past, which has no real life future.

    Next time you feel the need to post something negative, remind yourself that you are an adult and should always take the higher ground. Learn from the things that have pained you and do a better job and be a better person and stop typing.

    This site, is made just for the sake of watching other become miserable, sad or attack one another. We are all human, we are all breathing the same air and we all bleed red. No matter your country, race, sexual identity or preference, right, left, conservative, or liberal, YOU are human too and you are not without your own flaws.

    Playing judge, jury and executioner to everyone that decides to post on this site doesn’t win you any friends. I’ve had my fair share of disagreements with people. I know some people don’t like me, but I don’t dwell on it. Life must go on. We all must go on. If something isn’t benefiting you, in a game you play for fun, invest your time in and sometimes real life dollars, then it’s not worth playing and your money can be better spent elsewhere, along with your time.

    If you don’t want to do a charity event, don’t.
    If you don’t want to trust someone, don’t.
    If you don’t want to be around someone that has a negative effect upon you, don’t be around them.
    If you don’t want someone to argue with and prefer to stay hidden under the anonymous tag, the you have no right to come on to a post and past judgement blindly.

    There is always two sides to an argument, the left, the right and the truth down the center. No matter who you are, you can never know it all. You aren’t a deity and you certainly aren’t doing anyone any favors by giving free advertising to this site and to the people upon which you want to have a negative effect.

    Think before your speak,
    Choose your words wisely,
    Then wait until the emotion has passed,
    Then and only then can you look at something like an outsider can.
    Being true to yourself, doesn’t mean you have to be negative to someone else.
    If that is what you truly believe, then I suggest you shut down your PC or MAC now and sit down and have a little conversation with yourself about what you can do to make a situation better and be a better human.

    I’ve droned on long enough, I hope that at least some of you will get to the end of my post and pause for just a moment and think carefully about what you are doing to yourselves by furthering the storm of negativity. Making a place that is supposed to be fun, not a safe place where people can be who and what they are.

    The best approach, is to not approach if the confrontation will solve nothing and only further the fact that in time, your argument will be something left in the past and forgotten in the next 5 minutes by people that have only come on to read this page to make fun of those that are acting so childlike.

    We are all adults,
    Act like it…

    With that I bid you all a good night,
    Stavaros Gracemount

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  3. I have done relay for life twice. If it wasn’t for the script I wrote for one show there would not have Been any information on the statics of cancer. Needess to say the two years i was not impressed. I would much rather raise funds for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, I have and will do so again. As that is a charity near and dear to my heart. And with them I KNOW where all the money is going.

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    • Don’t think i didn’t see that post of your’s trying to come at me on some Gor tip lol but i’d suggest you go head and remove yourself from this post and this site before the next whisper article is about you. So PLZZZZ comment back im begging you please do.


  4. I personally do support RFL of SL. While I dont always approve of the pressure tactics SOME people have fundraising, I dont feel its the norm. Also, I think a large percentage of the money raised, is actually donated by the volunteers themselves. I have no data for this, I’m simply going by what I see at events. The RFL of SL volunteers support each others events and make donations frequently, as they are able. Teams help other teams reach fundraising ‘milestones’.

    As for the American Cancer Society, it is true they were given 2 stars on Charity Navigator. approximately 60% of the money they raise, being put back into their programs and services. Not the best, but far from the worst. What the Whisperer didnt mention, was that the two things that make up that score and rating are their financial score AND their accountability and transparency score. On the latter, they got a 97, MUCH better than most.

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    • This still does not dispel the fact that they had a low rating in terms of where the money goes. The only reason why their accountability and transparency scores are high is because by law they have to report financial statements in order to maintain their non profit status.

      Of course this is the real life charity, lets get back to the sl counterpart. Bottom line is that RFL of SL is an example of greed at it’s worst. They charge exorbitant prices for merchants to have small stores and then demand that the merchants shave to donate 10 times over in the forms of exclusives, hunts, raffles, etc…I get that it is a charity but this is also SL and they also harass you even if you participate in one event, to participate in another one.

      Of course if anyone even thinks of telling them that they should back off the fundraising and not relay all damn year long, you are told that cancer never sleeps. Which is true, but guess what? No disease ever sleeps and you do not see those charities pushing the money as heavily. Anyways I am one merchant who quit giving money to them a long time ago.


      • Well now….Comfortably Anon….or should I address you as Eleseren? How about Donna? You see, my dear, you talked about yourself one too many times and now you will be a little less comfortable because you’ve been outed for the vicious, backstabbing shit talker that you are. You see, the problem is that you have a distinct style of writing (so posh, ya know?) and since I’ve seen you argue on FB with other people about Donald Trump, I only had to compare your prose here (and lord…there’s plenty of that all over this site! You really love to talk trash when you can hide behind the veil of anonymity, don’t you?) and your posts on FB and whaddaya know? It was a perfect match. I even took the time to run it through some software that identifies similarities in writing styles and BINGO! your bitch ass is dooooone! Good luck explaining to all the people you’ve trashed on this website that you’re not actually who I say you are. 🙂 One of the problems with using anonymous as a cover is that covers can always be blown, and you’re no exception. It just took somebody whom you pissed off enough to actually do the detective work necessary to unmask you. So, maybe the next time you feel the need to talk shit about somebody, you’ll be smart enough to do it in your own name and then suffer the consequences of your big mouth. Come for me if you want but you got nothing. I am no longer an active model, and from what I understand, your influence has been diminished anyway, and this little item should help it right into the toilet. Enjoy!


        • She isnt comfortably anonymous or whoever it is. For the record I hate Trump and also posted alot of the truth that some of you seem to not be able to understand. No one cares who you are or what you do in Second Life. My wife does not have to come on here and talk shit to you she can easily do it in SL if you want just as I can. You want to be in the Trump lalala land go and do so by yourself but dont bring my wife into this argument that you have with someone on here.


        • Miss Decuir you are so in denial, I am not Miss Brianna or any of the names you think I am. Miss Brianna is British and spells things differently. I am 100% bonafide American. So do your homework you lying drama filled bitch, before accusing someone of being someone they are not. I am from the modeling world and a designer and I hate racists such as yourself. Let’s talk about why you left modeling…hmmm failure in styling, failure as a person, oh did I mention that you are just a complete failure?? You are COO of Legendaire which is a brand that is almost bottom basement and has to be in cheapo events because no one will buy it, yet you think you are proud??

          What a complete pyscho you are and you obviously are a no working loser if you have time to run text through a verification?? If you supposedly do not care about SL and its a game, why are you soo offended? Is it because I talked about your best pal Trump? Is it because you need that orange orangutan to grab you by the pussy because no one in SL or rl even wants to go near 1000 miles of yours?

          You want to go rounds with me, go ahead…I am waiting…


          • Yes, yes….denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, is it? You can deny, deny, deny, but I think I linked enough dots to identify you, and it strikes me as odd that you had to get your husband to come defend you too. What’s wrong, little girl? Can’t fight yer own battles? Oh, and btw….the vociferosity of your reply is also a tell. Basically what I did was pose one of those “when did you stop beating your wife, Mr. Jones?” type situations and you took the bait hook, line, and sinker…like a big, fat trout. I knew you would, because your ego wouldn’t allow it otherwise. You see, there was actually no good way to reply to this. You would have been smarter to ignore me. 🙂 The more you deny, the guiltier you look. 🙂 I guess Brer Rabbit wasn’t in your childhood reading list.

            I don’t own Legendaire, and I don’t even really do much work for them anymore, because I had RL issues going on for the last couple years and I didn’t want to keep them on the hook, but they very kindly insisted that I keep my title. That’s what nice people do, and as for their business model, Kim makes more money in a week than I’m sure you do in a month because of her inexpensive price point. But…being the brain dead leftie that you are, you wouldn’t understand that. It’s the same business model that Walmart and H&M use and I’m sure you won’t argue that they are not successful. There goes that snooty attitude again….not everybody is a wealthy Stepford wife who has nothing better to do than pour thousands of dollars into a game, so the Legendaire prices work just fine for the customers. They get lovely outfits for a little bit of linden and everybody’s happy. What’s wrong with that?

            I retired because I had done all I wanted to do in modeling. I’ve done runway shows and I’ve done print modeling. Thanks to my time at LivGlam, LaVian and Legendaire, my face was all over SL for well over 2 years….just like yours, Ms. MVW. And my face was seen by thousands of people, instead of mere hundreds (if that) like yours. I failed at nothing, and I’ve even had a couple other careers in SL that your research obviously didn’t turn up, but…I don’t care. I’ve made more actual money in modeling than your little 50k prize for winning MVW, so there’s that, lol. So you just keep on putting out your little magazine that nobody reads (I’m afraid Frolic Mills broke the mold on virtual magazines) and how’s that working out for you anyway? Making any money? Of course not….your excuse will be that it’s all for the arts or some drivel, because you can’t command the sorts of prices that Frolic did for ads because….wait for it….nobody but whomever is in it and the staff actually reads it, or any of the myriad other virtual rags. Maybe you should take a page out of the Whisperer’s book and turn it into a gossip rag. You’d certainly attract more readers.


            • We do not really have to make money off SL and neither do we want to, I toss alot in SL in memory of my rl sister who died in 2014, so everything we do is free for artists and the merchants, including our ongoing event. We support the arts in both worlds in memory of my sister, because she was a huge supporter of the arts. If that is something to be ashamed of then you are really fucked more than I had imagined.


      • Fair enough, like anything we have the option to pick and choose what we involve ourselves in. My team, in partnership with a small modeling agency, are holding an event this year. There will be a shopping event, ending with a show featuring all the things that are donated. We’re not charging designers ANYTHING to be part of it. We’ll be grateful to anyone who chooses to be involved and whatever we raise will be better than nothing. No pressure, just fun and feeling good about what we do. I did say I dont approve of the pressure tactics by some, but that’s not how everyone does it.


  5. I’ve rarely contributed to SL “charities” because I feel like most of them are scams. You have the organizers standing there in 30 or 40kL worth of designer duds and jewels while they exhort you to give, give, give. I went to a charity music event once, where the performers had no idea where they were, who was on before them, or didn’t know which charity it was. Then one woman had a slide show of pathetic looking victims of the Japanese tsunami, while she lectured us in a flat, nasal midwestern accent that we should “give til it hurts.” Personally, I think the whole charity thing has run its course in SL and these people need to find something else to do. I’m sick and tired of them feeling entitled to MY money in the name of their pet charities. Enough already. If this makes me a grump, so be it.


    • You should be used to scams, after all you are a huge Trump supporter and his presidency is the biggest scam of all. So why not support another scam such as RFL of SL?


      • I’m sorry, but my political opinions are my own business. I’m unapologetic about it and if that hurts your feelings, just move on, ok? The election was over months ago, and your butthurt just amuses me. Your comment has nothing to do with the topic at hand and is just a way to try to bully me over the choices I make as an adult. I pay my own bills, and maybe if I cared what some brain dead leftie said about me, my feelings might be hurt, but since you choose to be anonymous, you’re just a coward in my book. It figures, tho….leftists always come for your back.

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        • Um it is related to the topic at hand, RFL of SL is a scam and so is your president. No one cares how you feel about it and I am not hurt for the record, just amused that you Trumpsters are just ignorant, bred, racist, rednecks who want to make America White Again. And you are a coward too because that is your SL persona and not you real life persona, so you are hiding too..unless your rl persona died in the Bowling Green Massacre with the rest of the alt facts.


          • Wow…so much animosity for a stranger. I guess it’s easier to try to destroy an enemy you don’t know personally, right?. You know nothing about me, you know nothing about my life experiences and you don’t want to know anything about me because in your eyes, since I don’t believe exactly the same as you, I’m not human, so I deserve nothing but contempt. Way to win hearts and minds, there, Sweetie. Bless your poor little miserable heart. Seriously, you need to practice what you preach. Your side is all about love and tolerance, but you preach hate and division. Nice. If you speak to people in RL like you speak when you’re covered with the veil of anonymity, it’s no small wonder that your loving and tolerant fellow travelers lost the election. Get over it, and get over yourself. So…what do you do for an encore? Are you going to try to destroy me in SL? In case you forgot, SL is a *fantasy* game and I’m pretty sure that few, if any, avatars reflect the real life of their owners, so your comment about my supposed “cowardice” applies to just about everybody.


            • Yes and I agree, yes cowardice applies to everyone…as you are included in the everyone category, welcome home you cowardly bitch! No one wants to know anything about you, because who wants to know something about a nothing?? This is not about Republican or Democrat its about being against facism and racism, two things that you obviously admire and want to partake in. I say that we all start a boycott of Legendaire as you are the COO and only an owner who is as racist as you would hire you.

              You have it folks: BOYCOTT LENGENDAIRE as they only hire racists and facists such as Olyvia Decuir


              • LOL…Good luck with that. I daresay very few, if any, of our customer base reads this website because they’re not self proclaimed fashionistas who have nothing more to do with their time than talk shit about their peers under an alias. So, you’ll need to do much better calling a boycott than here. 🙂 Trust me, better women than you have tried to take me down and none have succeeded yet. Got a group? You could call for that boycott in that….but then you’d have to unmask yourself, wouldn’t you? Is taking me down worth showing all the folks you’ve talked shit about here who you are? I think not, because you’d be hounded out of SL in a NY minute. See what happens when you don’t post under your own name? You can’t even call for a successful boycott because you’d have to reveal yourself. Sucks to be you. 😀


          • With respect Olyvia, whatever my politics are, I never feel the need to hide behind names like Comfortably Anon. I was taking no part of this conversation before this, nor do I wish to now. However I do not wish my name to be dragged into this with no proof or reason, that was as uncalled for as whoever it was dragging your politics into this earlier.

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            • LOL, Eles…that’s so cute! Posting as both yourself and your alter ego in an attempt to obfuscate things. You forget tho…I’ve actually SEEN your RL FB page and I’ve SEEN you arguing about Trump like a fishwife and using the exact same language that you have here. So…who am I gonna believe? You or my own lying eyes? How do you explain the fact that your language and Anon’s language are a match on the software I used? You’re caught, darlin….do the smart thing and just back away before you dig yourself in further. How do you think I came up with your name in the first place? I mean, seriously, most people can write as anonymous and nobody can tell the difference, but as I read your nasty screeds, I realized that I’d seen that language elsewhere. It took me awhile, but it finally dawned on me that I had seen it on YOUR facebook, as you argued with other people about the election. Your hatred for Trump is what gave you away.


              • Alt facts I guess Olyvia. Comfortably Anonymous is not me. I do not care if you choose to believe it, it is your problem and not mine. Period.


              • Do you really hate yourself Olyvia? Seriously no one is hiding behind anything. Anything that myself or Eleseren wanted to tell you, we would tell you to your face and not hide behind some website. Since when is it a bad thing to take up for someone you love and care about??

                Everyone hates Trump, hell I hate him, are you going to say I am Comfortably Anon too? What about Strawberry Singh, she hates him too and god knows how many others. There are about 1000 hatred filled racist posts I could attribute to you as well, so are you those posters also?? Seriously lady get a grip and move on.


          • For the record if anyone had issue with Trump, they would tell you to your face, as many of us simply cannot stand the man, so do not assume that my wife aka Eles is someone who would hide behind a screen name to tell you about your political views. Keep us out of your rants on this site.

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              • People really want to see things Olyvia from your point of view…but they, like I can’t seem to get my head that far up your ass, as you are already there and blocking….But please keep typing on here and blaming everyone…I always yawn when I am interested…**yawns**


    • Let’s see here….Olyvia is full of drama and obviously has mental issues. She appears attention seeking, are we sure this is Olyvia or is it Paradox Messmer? You definitely sound like him as he does nothing but whine continuously about how he has mental illness and how no one likes him and he loves to start drama. I would have to say with the amount of drama on a post that was not even about you, it was about LTD and RFL of SL, you have someone managed to turn it into something about you ala Paradox. Ready to come clean Dox?? Will we see a Zibska filled hating rant soon?


      • What the actual fuck? Anyone who knows me knows I’m as anti-Trump as anyone can possibly be, so sorry, but no one’s going to start believing your ridiculous gossip. Seriously, why would a genderqueer bisexual guy be for Trump? Do you even hear yourself? I only came here to respond to this because someone pointed it out to me in a facebook message, they think I should come here to clear my name. I doubt anyone would believe what you said though, because just looking at my flickr or blog or facebook would tell people how liberal and left I am plus Eleseren is a long time friend of mine, as is John.


        • How do I know who Olyvia is, it sounds like you Dox, both of you are clearly mentally ill, delusional, and attention seeking, who the fuck knows if it is even Olyvia here, everyone hides behind these names and trolls people. ‘Olyvia’ or ‘Dox’ whoever the fuck you are, you clearly need some help for sure…for your illness and for supporting that loser Trump.


          • I don’t support Trump, I hate his guts he’s the next Hitler, and why would I go by Olyvia here if I clearly am posting under my real avatar name now and have been doing so before? If you look at past posts about me you’ll see I never once hid behind a cowardly name like “Someone in SL” or used anything other than my actual avatar name to post my comments under. Also, you’re the troll, obviously, look at what you’re doing.


            • The more I think about it, Paradox you are probably Olyvia and vice versa! Reasons for this discovery are:

              1. Both of you have shitty stylings
              2. Both of you are crap models
              3. Both of you are drama whores
              4. Both of you are attention seekers
              5. Both of you are obviously insane

              Just because one of you hates Trump and the other of you loves Trump, does not mean anything except that you have multiple personality disorder and don’t really know what you want or like or hate.


              • Bitch, you don’t know shit and you can’t make me feel bad about my modeling or styling skills ever, because I’ve walked the runways for top agencies like AVENUE, TREMPE, PENUMBRA, and more and in all these agencies I was constantly praised by the owners, stylists, fellow models and designers whose items I modeled on the catwalk. I was sent praising notecards & IMs, friend requests by big designers, and more. I was invited to model for magazines such as VERSUS, Style Kingdom, Fashion Teller after casting for them, and I’ve been in vendors for such brands as David Heather, Madrid Solo, Faster Pussycat, Vero Modero and Chop Zuey among others. No matter what anyone thinks of me as a person or as a “drama starter”, I *know* I’m a great stylist and model and I have had a lot of validation about that over the years from people who know their shit in fashion, including when I won Mr Virtual World 1st place. They only took that crown from me when I spoke out against Trump and the damages of porn on men’s minds, how dare I be so outspoken. Reign Congrejo herself told me I won that crown because I was at the top of my styling and runway presentation game right to the last challenges and finale. No one can take that accomplishment away from me or any of my other previous accomplishments, awards and honors I’ve received in all my years modeling in SL. So keep deluding yourself that your words have any real power over me or anyone or anything, your words don’t hurt me and this site is only losing more and more credibility each day. Going after Strawberry Singh now? Wow, good luck on that.


  6. I gave up on RFL in SL about 5 years ago. I saw the nepotism, the drama, the push for fundraising and never about awareness. It was always feed a kiosk, any linden counts etc..It is better to avoid this “charity” in SL and donate to the real life one.

    As for LTD and Editorial Clarity, what a bunch of snobbish wannabe big shots in SL. The magazine isnt making that much money, hence they are pitching something new each time. Their shopping event failed due to the merchants not wanting to pay exorbitant prices for a failing event. Half of their staff that they list in the magazine are nonexistent and havent contributed in years, but they think since appearances matter, lets keep them in there.


    • I agree LTD consist of few bunch of snobbish who think they are better than other. The magazine is struggling now for existance because of mismanagement and lack of initiative to support their sponsors. People get so complaisant easily and forget the real brand need effort and good maintenance. Nothing is easy! We will see how long more this magazine will last.


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