Wicca’s Wardrobe Inspiration straight out of DAZ 3D

Wicca Merlin of Wicca’s Wardrobe,your inspirations on recent items are clearly and outright copies from DAZ 3D.Busted !!!!


Original Image


11 thoughts on “Wicca’s Wardrobe Inspiration straight out of DAZ 3D

  1. The article it’s self is a bit kinder than the actuality simply saying the (inspiration) is straight out of Daz3D, but no, these pieces are straight of of Daz3D.
    How can you trust a designer that is proven to do this though? How do you know all of the items aren’t from other mesh websites? Someone mentioned it and it is true, once word reaches Linden it will just be gone from your inventory and they aren’t going to pay you back or force the designer to.
    This particular designer though, I’ve never believed the items where original, there wasn’t really a growing period with the designs, they just went from template work to wonderful greatly textured original mesh overnight. That said, there are however head pieces and some shoes that i would venture to say are original or are at least purchased from a ghost mesher in SL (the same person i would guess who is hired to do the rigging for the Daz3D items) It’s the same bullshit going on with David Cooper, you can sing their praises all day long if you like but when a designer takes down items, like David did and Wicca did, that’s as good as admitting guilt.


    • I wouldn’t call that photo weak evidence – it is in fact – a crushing display of downright copying. This is a serious critique based on evidence that is crystal clear and should not be called out as tasteless whispering or confused with gossip with mal intent. It is what it is, and the proof is the photos dissappeared from the designers website soon as this whisper was published. But alas, i forget – SL is a place where any attempts at serious fashion discourse is tried muted because it hurts someones feelings, especially if it is someone with connections and a big friendslist. If this brand does this and have done so in the past, should we, the consumers, not be allowed to voice an opinion of it, perhaps also look closer into it? Seriously. Stop being so bloody biased.


  2. No real surprise. I have seen this brand use full perm daes that they have purchased off the marketplace and use these files to recreate a new product only to call it original mesh. This brand is only doing what hundreds of others are doing in SL and that is labeling their products original when in fact they are purchased models and then turning around charging premium lindens for it. Is this practice illegal or unethical? Not really, depending on licensing, but it is dishonest to fool customers into think that you are making your own original mesh, when they can obtain the items elsewhere.


  3. There is a difference between taking inspiration from the picture of an article of Louboutin that will take hours of modeling / texturing and stealing a graphic designer from daz or other and only need to sending the object, doing nothing and additionally making money on this theft.


Example: your real job is graphic designer and you work many hours for sell models. 
And one day you see a person that re-sell with impunity YOUR WORK! It’s a source of Irritated.


  4. This is bought template work, from DAZ. Should NOT be labelled “original mesh” . Stealing from RL designers is a different thing, but one doesn’t justify the other.


  5. This is news because why? Do people know how many designers do this very same thing and take inspiration from real life pieces and pieces from other games? So many shoe designers are doing this now. Look and see how many Jimmy Choo or Louboutin copies there are in the stores of the big name shoe designers. Gown designers are also notorious for this. Everyone is guilty of using ideas from other places and bringing them into SL, even the most popular designers.


    • Your position appears to be that since everyone does it it’s fine. It isn’t fine. First off they aren’t taking inspiration from other designers. They are copying other designer’s work. That’s illegal and punishable in a court of law in the US. Secondly ‘everyone’ isn’t doing it. There are plenty of designers who are actually utilizing their imagination and talents to create new designs. Thirdly if you are buying these copies you are also breaking the law and the Lindens can, and have, removed stolen items out of inventories. ‘Everyone drives drunk at some point. Everyone shoplifts. I will put it very simply for you. It. Is. Not. Ok. To. Steal. Do your own work.


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