Jamee Sandalwood claims Cyberbully Victim😳😳 Really??

Models Giving Back founder, Jamee Sandalwood cannot handle the truth. Our recent posts which was whispered about the lack of quality at a recent tribute show and the quality at most of the MGB shows the past few years, has lead her to go off on a crybaby rant which seem to have given birth to an anti-bullying event. Yay congrats on that and big thumbs up (*rolls eyes*)
Just a recap, all this came  on the heels of the cease and desist notice which was generously received by the whisperer and published. Well we just gotta hand it to Jamee for taking yet another opportunity to garner sympathy for her purported cyber bullying that she claims people did on this site. That is the issue with the world now, people cant give their opinions and other learn from it anymore, if we don’t like the answers or words been thrown at us, we cry cyberbully.. Oh please🙄
The SpeakNoEvilSL event is for Jamee because she felt SHE was being cyberbullied and she has an overwhelming need for acceptance. Well, hey, do whatever makes you happy even when you truly could just use a dose of reality to make it all better instead and to think Jamee Sandalwood is the SL avatar that is upset over a fictional company in the virtual world of SL.

A quote from a whisper on this issue

“Just own up to the fact that you are not the greatest thing since God invented rice and move on”

Below is free publicity for your events to cry more : https://speaknoevilsl.wordpress.com/

Hikaru Enimo exposed by Cosmopolitan Owner – Corina Wonder 🙃

Who is Hikaru Enimo? Is this an elaborate lie to condemn the popular photographer and model? You be the judge.

Ok so seems that Hikaru Enimo want to mess with me. Well go for it girl
This is real Hikaru Enimo https://gyazo.com/bd9a099d9ad78ac673ce595ff66a840b
Yes ugly, dirty 45 years old cat lady. Mother of poor kids, wasting her life on SL, Manipulator, sick psycho, going really far for few flickr likes and much ego and ass stroking. Turning gays to straight ppl without them even knowing.
Well miss Zurai Dah Sarip get off my back cos you know I know too much to mess with me.
Her first SL account..Natasja Schumann
First blog http://natasjaschumann.wordpress.com/
First flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/natasja_schumann


Full gist and comments below

EnVOGUE Owner- Cassandra Rain and Deesses Boutique Owner -Natalie Wells got blasted over sharing Madison’s L’Etre Protest Video

Cassandra Rain – CEO & Founder at enVOGUE Hairstyle Studio  and Natalie Wells – Owner, CEO & Founder at Deesses Boutique got blasted by Jacqueline Annie Gaddis also Annie Inspired (inspiremeannie) – Owner & Operator at Essential Inventory over the shared the L’Etre protest video from Madison Nicole. It was so hilarious because Natalie Wells had no clue who she was talking to but Annie sure ensured she put them both on the right path #handleyourbusinessinprivate #haveclass. Thumb up to you Annie Inspired for putting your ladies on check LOL


Source : Facebook

New Couple Alert : Fingol and Niani in New Love ❤️😊

Fingol Greyhaven  now has a new love Niani Resident which they both publicly express on Flickr and that obviously means  Serei  Guena is out.

By Your Side! ... by Niani

Poor Serei wrote these words on her Flickr post “The saddest thing in a treason is that never comes from our enemies but from the people who had the most confidence” hmm yet everyone seems to know that Fingol does this to all his ex-women.

With all my Love ♡

And his popular phrase which he constantly and repeatedly says to his new girlfriends

Mi Vida! 

It’s incredible (again!) the waves of feelings coming from this picture. 

Your soul is beautiful. It is so beautiful.

And I feel to be living a dream together. Day and Night.

Your gift to me is not only this picture, or any other one.

You have gifted me with the most precious present that a man can receive. Your Love, and it says everything.

I Love You, with all my Heart ♥

Tender and Loving kiss my baby ♥♥♥

Did David Cooper just drop the Mic with his response to Fiore skin theft allegation?

These past few days social media platforms have been on serious heat with some selected designers at war with David Cooper – owner of L’Etre . Hours ago, David Cooper posted on his Facebook page reason why he felt he must have used a copybotted template and must have made a mistake and Fiore responded as well on her Flickr page taking away previous comment she earlier made from Flickr and Facebook .. Hmm makes one wonder if all these simply wouldn’t have been resolved in closed doors instead of dragging their lingerie out in public or is this a publicity stunt?.. Read below


David Cooper

I am sorry for not having spoken about the thing that I’m being accused of, but I have been thinking that the skin base I used since the beginning wasn’t legit.
When I started in SL and I decided to start working on skins and in my creations, maybe my mistake due to lack of experience was using skin base to make my own skin using that one as a start. So after so long having the v3 body skin out I Heard another content creator told me I was using her body as a base, i was shocked by the such accusation. Try to show my innocence in front of this, i can not tell insurance that the skin that i used years ago was copy or stolen, but one thing that i can say strongly and firmly that at no time was my intention copy anybody, since I really know the work that involves creating.
The work of the creators is really hard, you have to be constantly with your work to get the public to respect you as, and you can understand that i feel so proud of my work and of course the people who believe in me, And I’m not willing to let the people defame my name and my brand. I like what i do, im happy and blissful about my work. And I guess using a skin that wasn’t done by scratch by me was a mistake, I admit it. But one thing is for sure, no matter what you create, everything is a lights and shadows game and most of use tend to make them in the same áreas, for example on a face we hightlight the nice, cheeks, forehead, etc. Plus everyone uses online references in order to create. I enjoy creating more tan anything else, it helps me in the moments of boredoom and I love learning new stuff and having new challenges like for example creating hairs was. So I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports me and my Brand.

See below for more :

Sanya Bilavio – owner of Fiore response after David Cooper post below.



After going over all the evidence, hearing Davids response, and receiving several professional opinions regarding filing a DMCA on this issue, I have spoken to David.

There is no real way i can prove David used my skin texture on purpose as a base for his skin. He has claimed he did not know the template he purchased used my skin, which leaves it a he say, she say case.

 Everyone who has come forward and shared their stories about their creations being stolen by him have my 100% support, and i hope you can understand why i had to come to this conclusion. I don’t know if what David says is true, but at this point i have to think beyond being upset and do what i can to protect my work. In my case it’s not about did he or didn’t he, he did use my skin whether he knew it or not, and we have come to an agreement regarding that issue to avoid legal stress.

 L’etres v3 skin appliers have been removed from his store. He will be fixing areas on his v4 skin that mimic mine. He will also be making a completely new body and replacing/updating the v4 skin when he finishes it.

 My skin template has obviously been stolen and passed around in the copybot community along with many other stores textures and meshes. Everyone please take the time to recognize that and try to stay aware.

 Thank you to everyone who has given me their support, even if the outcome isn’t what it should be ❤

Link : Facebook and Flickr

Stray Dog Cuts off Ties with L’Etre Skin

The war is on full blast! After the Flickr’s post from Fiore on Skin theft, most Second Life designers who previously had ties with David Cooper – owner of L’Etre are gradually opting out of all such deals.

Stray Dog just posted this below on their Facebook page using the term/ word “purely creative” as the basis for cutting off all ties🙄ya right .. go ahead and save your investment 😜 we are watching you all.

I’d like to thank David Cooper for allowing me to work with his skins during this time. This decision was based on a purely creative reason which I discussed with David beforehand. I am not throwing any shade at David Cooper and there is no drama between Stray Dog and L’Etrê Skin Shop


For more click on the link

Strawberry Singh – Politics, Blogging and Second Life 🙄

Okay okay.. we have been receiving lot of direct whispers about Strawberry Singh and her politics or passion(whatever). As much as we try to avoid huge Real Life political statements, crashes and the backlash that comes with it since obviously not everyone in Second Life stays or live in the US, we have decided to share some of the whispers that seem decent and appropriate to post.Enjoy

♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣ ♣  Whispers  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣ 

Strawberry Singh – hypocrite and racist!

Here’s something juicy. Recently, Strawberry Singh has been exposed as a racist hypocrite. she hops on her soapbox preaching tolerance and compassion and constantly complains about American politics…. yet she’s just as intolerant and prejudiced as those she complains about. check out the screenshots from her plurk.

Even better, Eclipse magazine put her on their cover… does this mean they too are racist, since they’re so blatantly supporting one? perhaps Eclipse should invest time and money into actually researching what they feature so they don’t end up looking like fools. then again with Cajsa Lilliehook on their senior staff no wonder they’re so left wing unhinged

 ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣ ♣  Whispers  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣  ♣ 

It’s a real tragedy that those who speak against racism promote it as well. I was very surprised by the comment left on StrawberrySingh plurk. She has always been known to speak out against racism, especially towards Muslims, yet she made such a heartless comment that contradicts the many post on her Facebook about racism.

Sadly enough and thankfully enough she later removed this comment. Racism will never end till we truly love one another. We are all imperfect beings but bleed the same. No need to hate anyone. 

Fiore calls out L’etre for skin theft on Flickr

Sanya Bilavio – owner  of Fiore  just called out to David Cooper – owner of Doux and L’etre  for stealing her skin on Flickr. This is soon going viral on all social media now.


It’s been a very long time since i have posted anything like this, because i’ve been around the block one too many times to know it usually does nothing, but this time i will not stay quiet.

The popular store in SL known as L’etre has been accused of theft a couple times over now, and regardless of how many times he is accused and evidence is shown, the community continues to support him.

I am someone who has given this person my Mesh Head kit files in confidence thinking he was trustworthy. Only to find today after looking at an ad and buying his skin appliers that he has stolen my skin texture and used it for his own profit.

The image above CLEARLY shows my skins arm and side of the body which i have been using since 2013 and L’etres identical arm & side on the right. Take note the skintones are practically identical as well. I chose this piece of the skin to show because it is the most obvious sign of theft.

Filing a DMCA in Second Life would have been my first choice however most times it results in them removing the content only for the thief to throw it back up again.

So, if you care about making money so much David Cooper of L’etre, maybe you should spend more time trying to make original content, or maybe just be more diligent about your thievery, and cover up arm details the next time you yank someones work.

Not everyone on this game works as hard as others and its a dam shame the ones that do don’t get credit for that work. Event owners & customers beware, be a good person online & off.


Click Image for more or see link below

Source : Flickr

LTD’s Owner, Editorial Clarity & Others Blast RFL Of SL

Editorial Clarity, owner of LTD, is no fan of RFL of SL’s Home and Garden Coordinators, Cain Maven and Kaerri Rae. In a rant post on Facebook, Editorial stated:“It’s not often I get annoyed in Second Life anymore. I’ve been here for too long, lived many situations with many people, but at the last Home & Garden Expo I attended a voice panel discussion and was unexpectedly blasted in voice by one of the organizers. Not only attacking me, but LTD as a whole. And now, one year later, they expect me to support their event by giving them a free advertisement and promotion rights in my group? Listen, I’m all for supporting charity events, especially Home & Garden…but don’t try and tear me apart in front of a hundred people, on voice, try and humiliate me and then expect me to back you on your future endeavors. I will happily donate directly to Relay For Life on behalf of LTD. I will not be supporting you or your event.”

So looks like that LTD is not on the Home and Garden Bandwagon. Other creators chimed in, with one pointing out that RFL Of SL has never ever shared receipts or anything to verify that the actual lindens donated were going to the American Cancer Society, the parent charity of RFL Of SL. The same goes for their outfit in InWorldz, RFL Of IW.
The charity is currently rated a two start by Charity Navigator:

Many creators and businesses cringe at the start of RFL Of SL season, because the begging and whining for lindens, while guilt tripping people into fundraising via credit card, is a huge turn off for some.
Former big team coordinator Still Braveheart, blasted the charity a few years ago on her blog for the very same reasons we have mentioned: aggressive fundraising techniques, lack of transparency, discrimination by the committee over LGTB avatars, not holding events at times that benefit foreigners, and just making people feel 100% unwelcome.