Meet Rosehanry!

Lets use this opportunity to meet one of Second Life finest : Rosehanry.
Who once claims she is deep in love with Bram
and shockingly was once Bella Ambrosio who was deep in love with Soul
And also married to Katie!!

and also married to Ben!

Final Verdict : She’s been having a really busy Second Life πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ
Images : Flickr and Flickr

17 thoughts on “Meet Rosehanry!

  1. It’s funny when you got people on here not realizing that second life is no different than real life. you men wanting to be women in real life and woman wanting to be men in real life. You crazy ass people in real life sneaking and creeping on their real life spouses. So if you think second life is crazy. Then you must be living in a bubble. Because so is real life a crazy ass place, with the same people from second life in it.


  2. I’m not sure how but I stumbled across a blog written by Daze (daisy daze) and it made very interesting reading. She’s having a SL relationship with Owen Lander whose married in RL and he’s her Dom! lol
    She’d apologise profusely if she upset precious Owen and seemed to be sucked into trying to be an obedient little girl. All the time she’s living with her RL partner but moaning about him not understanding her blah blah.
    There were also some interesting thoughts about how she felt about Kate Bergdorf etc.,
    It gave me a good laugh but I worry for these people as they seem on the outside to be educated individuals but when they log into SL they become compete idiots with members of the opposite sex allowing them to control them etc.,


  3. Lots Shites onto SL now…. Tipically dat case! I was scrolling Flickr recently when I realized…Hey I know this Skill….was a man doing pictures under FANTA LOON username, he deleted his Flickr and came back under the same username but as a Woman… I mean WTF! Just saying…Poor Virtual World


    • All the good ones dropping off sl because they can see all these. Those who can think know putting genuine and honest effort in sl platform is not worth the time and doing at all.


    • Men who pretend to be women and women who are men – that sounds about right for SL.
      I think I read on here somewhere in comments that the boyfriend of Fanta is a RL woman.


  4. This is sad . Love in sl so rarely makes it to rl even though that is what most seem to aim for. When i scroll through second life facebook and see how many people have their real life details , pictures and more out there, obviously trying to catch someones attention on a more real life basis. It is just sad. I dont know the statistics on how long second life relations last but this story is just one of many. People change partners really fast. Real life love should be the ultimate goal but i dont believe that can be found through second life.


    • Aye, there is no such thing as second life Facebook. Facebook is for Real people not avatars and how their families, job and kids are. Those that are living their life as their avatar on facebook really need a seat in the therapists chair. It’s almost a mental illness that they need to live out every facet of their life as their avatar and can’t connect to reality. I really do feel sad for them and hope they get psychological help.


      • Well i use sl Facebook to promote what I make . There will be no use me posting that in Facebook that has my real life info lol. Slfb is a huge community where you can keep up with a lot of things that goes on in second life . But it’s also a place where people are looking for love where they get bullied stalked etc for having their real info there . People’s real info should be kept far away from anyone in second life. But those who post their real life must need the validation . That’s sad


  5. I feel sorry for anyone that needs “Sl Love”, and worse, real love on Second Life. You only are with your lover on a computer. You will never know who he/she is with once they log offline. I have heard from many stupid women that are with a man on SL and Actually believe the man is faithful then them once he goes offline. To these ladies… a man is going to want what woman is there for him physically in real life then on a virtual game. smarten up ladies!


    • Guys in SL does not need love, they just need to squirt rl. And they know all these stupid women are in desperation for love. So these guys/girls selling words they want to hear in order to get what they want. I know guys run multiple screen with alts and juggling all these women. And they are so stupid to believr they are the only love. Poor them really!!!! Again real life must be pretty sad to be in this stage of desperation


      • You are right. A girl I had known for awhile was with this man on SL for around 2 years. He also was engaged in real life but told her his financee and him slept in separate beds (right) and she believed him. He would play Second Life while at work and he would conviently need these 30 minute meetings and had to slip offline , and his second life partner would wait for him . Well, it turns out, one of his MANY partners found out about his original partner and messaged her. Low and behold, this guy had 5 Alts he juggled on different screens – playing all these pathetic women like fools. And he was even slick enough to go by their time zones, as his Alt order started with the first later zone. I really hope women get wise to what’s going on. A virtual I love you does not equate to love in Real Life- the life that matters.


  6. I feel pity for Rose as it seems she must lead a desperately lonely life in RL that she has to adopt alter ego’s and live out an utterly pointless existence in an addictive online game.
    Before any hate is directed at me I do play SL but use it as a creative outlet to make things not as an escape from my RL.


  7. Secondlife is really a great place to observe human behaviour and social anomality. Those who are hungry for fame and popularity. Those who are deeply in need for having virtual sex which I assume some sort of mastrubation. Those who are greedy for filling up their pocket, etc. These people abuse all the posibilities and loop holes they can ever seize. They seek opportunities to advance their need. They can not stop, greed had won them. Have we ever wonder what type of person or personality these people might be in real life. Bare in mind the real bill in life demand time and energy, unless if one live under social support in other words tax payers hand out. If this is the case, it is really a sad reality!

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