Creator reselling her own gachas for thousands

When a Gacha Creator becomes a Re-seller.. that what we call “the Hustle n strong“.LOL

Creator Elvina Ewing – owner of Caverna Obscura is reselling her very own gachas plucked straight out of her gacha machine for thousands of Linden dollars. This is extremely gross and unethical and defies what a gacha is.

Contacted both the creator Elvina and Nicci Nitely who runs Fantasy Gacha Carnival for clarification about her event and if this is something allowed, both have refused to respond for comment or clarification.
This personifies GREED and this behavior should be known by customers and the Second Life community.


Source : Marketplace

8 thoughts on “Creator reselling her own gachas for thousands

  1. I actually reported that shop to Daz3d a few times and renderosity for stolen and/or copied meshes/textures, not surprised they would pull something like this too.

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  2. I’ve always said, and still do, I would rather pay extra for a product which I really want – instead of ‘playing’ gacha. So if creators sell their rares, for whatever amount, I would be considering a purchase. However…..this option would have to be offered at the event and not afterwards, when so many ppl have already played the machine trying to obtain the stuff they wanted. You either offer it on the spot, or just don’t. This example seems bad practice to me and if I were a gacha-player, I would feel scammed.

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  3. This defies what a gacha is. Can we say GREED??!! Gachas suck but after an event to resell your rares after people HAD to play these stupid machines to get an outfit? SRSLY??

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