Strange Blogger Claims Creation Rights / Files DMCA against “concept theft.”

We got whispered about this resident who seem to be creating a great stare amongst top artist, bloggers and photographer in Second and her rampage on Concept theft and creation rights in Second Life is fascinating. Read below whispers:

This has been going down on Twitter. Strange Blogger has been targeting very popular bloggers for “stealing concept art” that is used for “RL portfolio.”

However, this same person is claiming on her new Artist Page that she used Photoshop, Zbrush, and Blender to create everything even though she is clearly wearing brand such as Cureless and Nerolab.

She’s also stolen art by to promote her clubct-03

Extreme backlash including from a blogger with a Law Degree.


Source: Flickr

6 thoughts on “Strange Blogger Claims Creation Rights / Files DMCA against “concept theft.”

  1. Dear Whisperer,
    I know you are meant to be a source of gossip, intrigue, etc. like you said in your disclaimer. The way you started writing this post seems like that way as you intended… sounding like a juicy mysterious gossip. However, if that was suppose to be your intention when you wrote your words, perhaps you should have done it too with your screen shots. You could have censored all the names including even the person being gossiped.


  2. Oh yeah and while we’re on the subject of plagiarism Sian X isn’t alone.
    Samanda Eddingham continually uses others textures without credit and never respects their Copyright.
    Prime example –
    Background - The Sun
    Bear Necessities


  3. If this person wants to post her deluded outburst and issue threats on HER stream then why don’t you all just quietly unfollow her and move on?
    What a bunch of fcking know it all’s, spouting vitriol at her in the usual pack mentality that SL so aptly breeds.
    Picking on one person isn’t cool no matter what she’s said!
    Why wasn’t anger directed at Brandon Taselian and Thalia Heckroth when they filed DMCA’s against the Whisperer for posting gossip (which happened to be the truth) and displaying some petty pictures taken in a virtual world?
    Could someone clarify if certain SL residents are above being gossiped about because others are scared of the backlash that comes from naming the ‘cool kids’?


    • In essence your thoughts are completely correct in that the “gang mentality” in SL is strong and often misguided. However, in this case, this OP and DMCA filer, Sain, is clearly way out of touch with reality and asked for the backlash. This is not just a simple example of a “she said he said” situation like we often see in SL but rather a real life effort by someone with no justification to seek legal avenues against what appears to be imaginary threats. For what? There seems to be no clue. While I do not encourage others who are slinging mental issues or cruelty towards this person, people certainly have the right to defend their integrity when legally threatened. Further, in looking at the names of the people who were cited by the filer it is even more bizarre as they all seem to be out of the fray residents who are far removed from fame, gangs, or drama in the grid. It’s all very odd indeed.


      • I saw that Flit had been cited and I now see she’s retaliated in a very childish manner saying the OP needs a “bitch slap” and Skippy who is always proclaiming how kind we all need to be to one another tells her it’s a “cool response”!!!!
        In the original post Oakley calls her a “BITCH”
        Blanche also made a special posting on her stream saying she needed her fucking virtual face and her real life face slapped and was supported of course by Brandong.
        Defending your integrity is one thing but making violent threats is quite another.
        If these people have done nothing wrong then they’ve nothing to worry about but what they do need to worry about now is if Flickr take a look at these comments and close their accounts as they don’t take kindly to bullying.


        • true that in responding this way is the wrong approach even if this person was wayyyy off base. A lot of emotions here for sure but ya still wanna avoid physical threats and screams of mental illness. Seems like the others mentioned though by this person are oblivious of the drama going on or hopefully responding the right way in quietly filing the dmca responses and shrugging it off.


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