Lɪᴅᴅᴏ Bᴀʏ Gʟᴏᴠᴇʀ (adrioe resident) -PLEX owner in copybotter – reseller drama

We just got whispered about some huge copybotting drama between Paperbag and PLEX. Read below 

Tonight I received a msg from new incognito account about PLEX store the person compares 2 botted layers at Photoshop i GUESS of old hair base from Paperbag and new one from PLEX called Yolanda setup for Applique January round.

The screen which I got shows 2 layers one by one from some graphic program


this person also sent me this: left from paperbag right from plex

Due to many weird situations at SL i decided to check it by myself.I do own old paperbag hairbase as tattoo layer so i did personal compare of PPl and Plex

For me it looks clear. I do hair bases since years here and honestly it is impossible to set all at the same space, hair to hair, baby-hair to baby-hair, scalp border etc. just no.. another thing is that to prove me some things she showed me screen when she uses a stolen skin of NEW Faces store

link from the convo:


her other ‘proves”


This is what people are doing when they’re stressed, oh well.. As you see at the corner you have new faces logo – I know Gwen personal and she doesn’t resell her textures nowhere let’s be honest we know whats going on beginning of my convo

(just to screen that i past same links here)
Please don’t ask me who did the screens of botted hair bases, account have one day and i have nothing to do with. I would believe that she got stolen template or something, anything. But she tries to prove me at STOLEN SKIN template that she painted it alone. makes no sense. Please warn your friends and event owners.

Do not support botters.

2 thoughts on “Lɪᴅᴅᴏ Bᴀʏ Gʟᴏᴠᴇʀ (adrioe resident) -PLEX owner in copybotter – reseller drama

  1. Funny the owner of Plex called me a copybotter because someone sent me a texture of her skin for the hell of it. She called it her “custom” but it had The Skinnery logo on it. LOL She claims her ex sister Guiseppe made it… which makes her a copybotter as well.


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