Cease and Desist – Model Giving Back

The past weeks has been a cease and desist as well as a DMCA take down week for us at the whisperer and we are really getting tired from the bullying.

Just as we were about to lick our wounds and count our loses, we get this beautiful and hilarious one and we couldn’t help but share to  all our fans and readers

Enjoy 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂.


33 thoughts on “Cease and Desist – Model Giving Back

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  2. I’m sorry, I can’t be the only one that thinks “Models Give Back” is one of the stupidest names anyone could give a group. It’s just so terrible not to mention laughable. Who would take you in the real with a name like that? Your name alone is a joke. Now, stop being so salty about people not liking you. You are grown ass women and men, probably mostly men in RL lol, but my point is why take to sending out fake letters from a lawyer? Weak, so so weak. Put your big boy pants on, and get over it. Not everyone is going to like you and so what if they don’t. Don’t be scummy and send fake shit like that. Grow a pair of tits already

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  3. So many points i will just number them:

    1. MGB is a not for profit charity organization in secondlife and does shows to support breast cancer and other charities. MGB chose to honor a beloved secondlife designer/friend who worked numerous times with MGB.

    Choosing to slam an agency who’s sole purpose is to contribute to charity is pretty pathetic no matter if you have a bone to pick with anyone involved or not. If you have issues with MGB as a whole its as simple as IMing someone to share your grievances.

    2. People who tell people to get a life usually do not have one of there own. People do virtual modeling to have fun. People play sl to have fun. What ever makes you happy makes you happy, harping on peoples choices on what they choose to do in this virtual world is judgmental and silly as we are all different people and play secondlife differently.

    3. I dont hide, nevah will .. who ever writhes this blog or who ever whispered… you might fear backlash however I feel people should own up to what they do.

    4. nit pic my grammar cuz i don’t give a fuk =)

    feel free to call me if you have the balls .. maybe we can get your concerns figured out
    (916) 905-4622


    • When there is the threat of backlash just for not agreeing with someone else why should we reveal ourselves? Honestly, the fact that you say that leads me tl think you would be that petty


      • There is a very big difference between, “I don’t agree with you and here is why,” and the snarky, petty, nasty and inflammatory remarks and personal attacks posted on this rag. You would do well to learn that difference. Once again, I will say that if you must hide what you are doing, then you should not be doing it. The fact that you have stated yourself that you fear the threat of backlash over what you say tells me you know what you’re doing is wrong. Since you continue to do it regardless of that knowledge, what does that say about you? Be an adult, address your issues face to face with the person(s) with whom you have a problem, and stop taking “anonymous” potshots at people. It makes you look like a prepubescent drama queen, and trust me on this… it’s not a good look.


        • LOL @ you telling anyone “it’s not a good look” OMFG I just looked on your blog at your pictures, 1976 called and they want their clothes back!
          Have you heard of mesh heads and bento, did you know that mesh bodies are available?
          Lets not get started on your ridiculously long skinny legs shall we! LMFAO


          • A few things on that, lovie. 1. In order for your comments to be hurtful to me, I have to actually care about what you think, and the truth is … I don’t. You’re not even a blip on my radar. 2. Clearly you are blind as a bat. That I do not choose to be a clone of everyone else does not mean my head is not mesh. Not that that’s any of your concern, of course, but I do pity the fact that you cannot tell the difference between system and mesh. 3. I’m sure if your name were known to the creators of those brand new clothes they would be more than happy to remove you from their groups. 4. The only people whose opinions matter to me are those for whom I blog. You’re obviously not one of them. And 5. This isn’t about me. It’s about all you people hiding behind your screens slinging insults at people like 5-year-olds on a playground. I have said it repeatedly, and allow me to reiterate, since obviously your mommy failed to teach you any better – if you have to hide it, it’s wrong. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. And finally, be careful what you say because one day it will all come back to bite you in the ass, and I guarantee it’ll leave a mark.


            • A few things back to you lovey!!
              I can tell the difference between system and mesh apart from when it’s obviously badly done such as in your case!
              I know Lam Erin and Journey Mclagen of Prism and I do not believe that they would ever remove someone from their group because they didn’t like the styling of one of their bloggers and neither would any other creator, your obviously very deluded.
              Also please don’t leave vague threats where violence is implied or I will report you to the creators you blog for and Linden Labs.


              • Clearly you need to go take a remedial reading course and really work on your reading comprehension, because this is twice now that you have completely misunderstood what was actually being said. There was no “threat of violence,” explicit or implied. Perhaps I should use less allegory in my writing in order to make it easier for you to understand. As for who you know… I’m sure they’d be more than thrilled to know you called their work old and outdated (please see your 1976 remark from earlier). I don’t care who you are, who you think you are, or who you know. The fact remains you are, like so many others on this site, a nameless, faceless bully, and once I hit post on this comment, it is the last few seconds of my time that I will allow you to waste. Do have a lovely day, a nice life, and enjoy your trolling. Report away, honey.


            • I will leave this in response to your last comment about what ones momma taught. My Momma taught me ther eis a time and place for everything. That means there is a time and place to use your real name and there is a time and place to remain anonymous. You have to know when it is that time and place. And seeing as how my mom works for OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in the United states which Supports Anonymous reporting of situations i would say, your momma taught you to be an enabler instead of a resolution to the problem, and that is EXACTLY what you sound like.


              • No, my momma taught me the difference between right and wrong. She taught me how to behave in an ethical manner and to have respect for the feelings, thoughts and beliefs of others. She taught me to stand up for what is right and not be afraid to let my voice be heard, and to defend those who are persecuted for no other reason than the fact they exist. There is an enormous difference between being a whistleblower in real life and having to do that anonymously for fear of financial and/or physical backlash and what most of you people do here. If you cannot see that… well… as unfortunate and sad as it is, there’s not much I can do about it.

                Once again, you all know it is wrong to repeatedly launch personal attacks on people over things that more often than not are none of your business, and yet you do it, and you do it anonymously so you can run back to Second Life and pretend to be what your actions here clearly show you are not. It truly is pitiful – and juvenile – and pathetic. If you truly were “Concerned,” you’d be doing as I am and calling for a stop to it.

                On that note, I am done with this. I’ve wasted enough of my time trying to educate and talk sense into the unteachable, and I won’t be beating my head against this brick wall any further. It’s like being stuck in an endless loop of “Mean Girls” with a bunch of people who should know better.


        • Yeah because the ONLY time people talk anonymously is when what they have to say is something wrong. NEWS Flash it’s not. However people choose to speak where they know they will actually be heard. If it were only wrong stuff that was said offices would not have policies for people coming forward to report things anonymously so that one does not fear retribution. But i bet you think that’s wrong to have that to. While yes this may be a rag sight, not everyone who comments anonymously is doing so maliciously, but second life is their jobs they make their RL living on there. If i was a business owner and someone said something negative about my business here i would be trying to look at it and see what happened to cause this instead of crying that someone said something bad and that they all need to stop.


      • lmao okay.. If thats how you reddit let that be how you read it .. but … you don’t know me thats the point… if you want to say things thats fine but this site is NOT the best way to be respected…say what you gotta say to who you gotta say it to…


    • No one is disputing what MGB does, they are disputing the quality of their shows and the organization of the recent tribute show. Just because an organization or a person is doing something for charity does not excuse a lack of caring about standards, appearance, and quality. The entire purpose of this website is to comment anonymously. If you choose to post your SL name, along with your RL number, that is YOUR business no one elses, but dont bash anyone for using an anonymous site anonymously.


      • lets see ..I didn’t bash I made a statement… doesn’t matter what I type because everyone reads between there own lines we all do…… i’m done. HOWEVER… I have noticed that its always the same people over and over whom people have opinions about …I think it is highly suspect..So regardless of opinions since everyone has one it is a little unnerving .. which leads to my observation that someone has a personal vendetta against several people.. Those can only be resolved with face to face communication or avatar to avatar etc etc.. until that happens we will continue to see the same people getting dragged though the mud …and that was the point i was trying to make. anonymous or not … if its something that is making you feel that much hate toward a person or agency talk is the only remedy.. if not you continue the cycle and nothing ever gets resolved. IJS.. ok done .. much love , Vann


  4. Yes, a regular person can draft their own cease and desist letters but the majority of REAL LIFE companies or individuals usually hire a lawyer to send it via certified U.S mail and not through email. Take this for what it is – a threat that is full of fluff and feathers.


  5. When someone is obsessed on being a “virtual model” there is something wrong , usually very low self confidence in real life. Instead of walking your avatar down a make believe Barbie run way in a Barbie world , go spend time and work on your REAL self, start exercising and set goals so you do feel better- because one day SL will close and your virtual Barbie catwalk will be nothing but a memory while you wasted your RL


    • So let’s see if we can come to a conclusion:

      Here our friend Jess better known as the business sucker of shit, who does not have enough education to write something with foundation and cummon sense, come here tell us all a story, of a pretty barbie!! and that barbie wants to be virtual model that have low self confidence in her real life and also that she believes in Barbie runs!!! in Barbie world!! instead of her spending more time in her real life … why? I ask myself: 😛 OHHH !! because our friend Jess better known as the business sucker of shit said that SL will close and her virtual Barbie catwalk will be nothing but a memory while she wasted her precious RL !!


      Seriously… what the fuck do you think you are to come here on this site talk about the life of others?

      Who do you think you are ?? You really should close the rattle… whore.!

      I have always been the advocate of each one lives the way they want regardless of whether they are right or not. Each of us has a life and that life is ours! So we can live the way we really want!.

      Jess grow the fuck up !


      • Awe Topo,
        Truth hurts, doesn’t it – and education- please …. I didn’t use the words Cummon sense- you did, along with other grammatical errors of yours. And yes, someday Second Life will close. You best get your chubby buns off your computer seat and get a life instead of living through a wanna be “model” Avatar.


  6. When you care more about the comments that have been posted on a website about your business instead of the reputation and continued actions of some of the models you employ shows quite a bit of what is really important to you. Please put on your big girl panties and understand that the comments may actually be coming from people who have had some interaction with Models Giving back and they were very unhappy with what was presented to them. That does not make their comments unverified, unfounded and untrue…. that is actually quite the opposite.


    • It makes them unverified when they hide behind anonymity on the internet. If you have truly had bad interactions in the past with Models Giving Back and are truly speaking from a place of “This is my negative experience…” then let your name be seen so that your issues can actually be FIXED, rather than simply coming here to bitch and cry about them anonymously in some trash blog.


      • I’m not saying that MY experience with them has actually been negative. I personally have not had any interaction with them. However it is a possibility that some of those individuals who made comments might have. There is a reason i used the handle “Think about this” I’m just asking people to consider a possibility. Just like did you stop to think that maybe they have not come out to use their real names in their critique because of possible backlash for saying something negative about the group using their own name? Again, think about it. There are reasons people do the things they do, or say what they say, or even use a pseudo name instead of their real name, and fear is one of those. Fear that if they bring up an issue that not only will it not be fixed, but that they themselves will be bullied by supporters of the organization in question, or their business will be black listed by not just the group in question, but other groups that are involved with that group. I’m not saying members of MGB would do such a thing (though there is at least one who is in fact that petty) but other groups have and will do that to an individual or business. Because people use pseudo names does not make the comments untrue, unverified or unfounded, but it does mean that there is something that these people could be scared of, OR that yes they are assholes just wanting to cause drama, but to assume it’s the second reason, really does not help anyone.


        • Exactly think about this…I have had dealings with MGB in the past, I was a creator in their 2015 Rock Your Rack event and I was not satisfied with what I saw. I even voiced my concerns to Jamee Sandalwood and they were ignored. From what I have been told by many in SL, is that Jamee does not like to be told anything that can improve things, she is quite stubborn, and always thinks she knows best. I simply just decided I would no longer support Rock Your Rack after how I was treated. Trust me, there are many other creators out there who will not have anything to do with Rock Your Rack, due to the lack of quality in shows, the expensive price for stores, lack of promotions, and the attitudes of Jamee and some of her staff.


  7. The SL famous need to do this : Go to a very public area ( in RL, ) shout as loud as you can :” I am the designer of ——– or owner of ——— In the virtual game that is called Second Life. I am a very important person.” Next they should look left,right and center. Exactly , no one cares , no one would even come and help them should they start crying about deformation of their SL Avatar. Because NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FUCK who they are in real life , and last i checked real life is the only thing that matters.If people would stop blowing hot air up these kind of insecure mentally challenged “famous people” of SL they would not even think that they can pull these stunts.

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      • Themoreyouknow. Opps looks like I hit a nerve there . I guess you tried my suggestion and it didn’t work. No one cares about your sl status lmao. Or that you scroll gossip sights to correct spelling errors rofl.


    • Just like if someone famous only in another country came to America and said the same thing? You people hide behind being anonymous, but guess what, you are sitting at your computer just like the rest of us, logging into an SL Viewer.


  8. Hands Jamee some tissues and a lollipop….now be a big girl and go and take a nap…this will all be over in the morning….


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