Heth’s Faux Life : What he found or always woke up to…

We got whispered about Heth’s Faux Life and it seem really so obvious.. Why does he even bother who really cares what you wake up to really?

Who found this diamond ring for Heth? Google and any other reverse image search proves something different. He certainly loves to imply that he lives a high class real life to his followers by indirectly saying that these images are his.

Like this one!

It’s quite comical considering that this one isn’t even from the same continent that he claims it to be!

And when questioned about a place, he instantly backtracks from his earlier statement.As the actual image was taken from this link


8 thoughts on “Heth’s Faux Life : What he found or always woke up to…

  1. Heth lies about everything…He brags about being retired from Berkeley University. What a joke! He can’t even afford to buy a new computer and rolls his own ciggs. His Spirit award that he” woke up to” a few months ago? Well that is a made up award by himself, there is not a spirit award in SL…If you click on the Trophy he says he won from that, then you can see he made it himself.
    He lives in his own little world, and some believe all his lies. He just needs to crawl in a hole somewhere and go away!

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  2. The people who live in West Virginia unfortunately are quite poor – possibly the poorest in our nation per capita – so if he does live there, I wouldnt go bragging about it. In the last example he does he specifically write that it is one of his homes and them changes his tune after Danny questions him.

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