Ever Amaranthine has a new beau – LUX .. what went wrong with Dusty?😳

Ever and Dusty relationship is over as Ever Amaranthine is seen to flaunt a new beau – Lux who is more generous with featuring her on his Flickr post than her and Dusty likewise with another called Yala. BUT one must wonders what must have gone wrong between her and Dusty Pedroia – all those pictures , long dramatic comments 🙄 and big plans of getting married and now he’s dumped her and got someone else called Yala or probably she’s moved on so quickly?


They both seem to carry it well as she still leave her long and lengthy comment on Dusty Flickr post as well as the new Girlfriend Yala and vice versa 🙄

Images : Flickr and Flickr

9 thoughts on “Ever Amaranthine has a new beau – LUX .. what went wrong with Dusty?😳

    • That would be flickr whore Isla Grace. Middle aged housewife with kids and all she does is post porn pictures all day and for every hundredth like promises to show some RL cleavage. Trust me, this British wanna be porn star is not even attractive in RL- but what makes her the ugliest is spending all her day with her random fucks on SL and spends no time with her kids- that is what a fat salty Housewive is!!


  1. What went wrong is that they were both so busy ass licking on Flickr they didn’t have time to have cyber sex but Ever got horny one night when Dusty wasn’t around and she got it on with Lux it was all over pretty quickly as she only had a very limited time as there were quite a few new pictures coming up on her feed and she needed to comment badly.


  2. Ever could never be seen as anything other than whiter than white as that would mean her halo would slip and she’d not be seen as perfect but no ones perfect are they?
    Here is a woman who spends absolutely hours upon hours on Flickr leaving comments on everything surely that can’t be the actions of someone who has a real life? Even on Christmas today she didn’t let up with the comments. Is it addiction or fear she’ll lose her fan base and faves, who knows but it’s pretty pathetic as at the end of the day does it matter if she gets 99 or 999 faves? there’s no prize!


      • Well I kinda guessed she didn’t have a life as anyone with a life wouldn’t have the time to do the obsessive commenting.
        Her and Brandong and Luna and many others spend their entire life on SL trying to be famous and having high numbers of faves on their pictures as if it will bring them some sort of reward when in reality the only reward their gonna get is obesity and back ache from sitting on their backsides so long.


        • It Felt Good On My Lips

          ” Ever Amaranthine 4d
          My dearest friend, it uplifts my heart to see the endearing strides you’re taking with your photography. The depth of field in your picture is so poignant and beautifully placed. The emphasis on your hand is striking, and the shadow it casts on your chest is tender and poetic. You know I have an especial fondness for redheads, and Ύαℓα (Yalafaeli resident) hair color is beautiful in this lighting. A very romantic and compelling image capturing your caring connection.”

          Really .. wtf.. pic have almost 400 favs. Even best SL artist won’t get that much favs


          • Yes really, it is from all the Ass kissing he is doing , but the thing which really gets me is, everyone is complaining about his Ass kissing and him getting 400+ faves but yet THEY ARE ALL still giving his no quality having , non Editing Skill showing what so ever Pictures those little Pink Stars…… Those Ass Kissers take the Fun out of Flickr!!


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