Meet Rosehanry!

Lets use this opportunity to meet one of Second Life finest : Rosehanry.
Who once claims she is deep in love with Bram
and shockingly was once Bella Ambrosio who was deep in love with Soul
And also married to Katie!!

and also married to Ben!

Final Verdict : She’s been having a really busy Second Life πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ
Images : Flickr and Flickr

Creator reselling her own gachas for thousands

When a Gacha Creator becomes a Re-seller.. that what we call “the Hustle n strong“.LOL

Creator Elvina Ewing – owner of Caverna Obscura is reselling her very own gachas plucked straight out of her gacha machine for thousands of Linden dollars. This is extremely gross and unethical and defies what a gacha is.

Contacted both the creator Elvina and Nicci Nitely who runs Fantasy Gacha Carnival for clarification about her event and if this is something allowed, both have refused to respond for comment or clarification.
This personifies GREED and this behavior should be known by customers and the Second Life community.


Source : Marketplace

Strange Blogger Claims Creation Rights / Files DMCA against “concept theft.”

We got whispered about this resident who seem to be creating a great stare amongst top artist, bloggers and photographer in Second and her rampage on Concept theft and creation rights in Second Life is fascinating. Read below whispers:

This has been going down on Twitter. Strange Blogger has been targeting very popular bloggers for “stealing concept art” that is used for “RL portfolio.”

However, this same person is claiming on her new Artist Page that she used Photoshop, Zbrush, and Blender to create everything even though she is clearly wearing brand such as Cureless and Nerolab.

She’s also stolen art by to promote her clubct-03

Extreme backlash including from a blogger with a Law Degree.


Source: Flickr

LΙͺᴅᴅᴏ Bᴀʏ GΚŸα΄α΄ α΄‡Κ€ (adrioe resident) -PLEX owner in copybotter – reseller drama

We just got whispered about some huge copybotting drama between Paperbag and PLEX. Read below 

Tonight I received a msg from new incognito account about PLEX store the person compares 2 botted layers at Photoshop i GUESS of old hair base from Paperbag and new one from PLEX called Yolanda setup for Applique January round.

The screen which I got shows 2 layers one by one from some graphic program


this person also sent me this: left from paperbag right from plex

Due to many weird situations at SL i decided to check it by myself.I do own old paperbag hairbase as tattoo layer so i did personal compare of PPl and Plex

For me it looks clear. I do hair bases since years here and honestly it is impossible to set all at the same space, hair to hair, baby-hair to baby-hair, scalp border etc. just no.. another thing is that to prove me some things she showed me screen when she uses a stolen skin of NEW Faces store

link from the convo:


her other ‘proves”


This is what people are doing when they’re stressed, oh well.. As you see at the corner you have new faces logo – I know Gwen personal and she doesn’t resell her textures nowhere let’s be honest we know whats going on beginning of my convo

(just to screen that i past same links here)
Please don’t ask me who did the screens of botted hair bases, account have one day and i have nothing to do with. I would believe that she got stolen template or something, anything. But she tries to prove me at STOLEN SKIN template that she painted it alone. makes no sense. Please warn your friends and event owners.

Do not support botters.

Cease and Desist – Model Giving Back

The past weeks has been a cease and desist as well as a DMCA take down week for us at the whisperer and we are really getting tired from the bullying.

Just as we were about to lick our wounds and count our loses, we get this beautiful and hilarious one and we couldn’t help but share to Β all our fans and readers

Enjoy πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.


Dani Plassitz Celebration of Life

We got whispered and below is the whisper observations at the memorial of Dani Plassitz. In our opinion, this could likely be due to lag or some rezzing problem and also a lesson learnt to all modeling industries for another day.

Today I attended the Celebration of Life for Dani Plassitz. This was supposed to be a celebration of her life and time in Second Life and the many people she touched in her time. However, from what I witnessed, it was extremely disrespectful to her memory.
The styles and designs I saw on the runway displayed the talent of Ms. Plassitz and her attention to detail. I wish that I could say that the models that were in the ‘show’ had her same attitude toward professionalism and attention to detail. What I saw was sloppy and unprofessional and did NOT do Ms. Plassitz any justice.
Here are a few sample images of the sloppiness that I saw on the runway:


Please understand that there were many other issues with models that I was NOT able to get pictures of. There were some models that did do justice to the clothing, but the show as a whole was in poor taste, in my opinion.

How Ms. Plassitz touched the lives of so many was a testament to her giving nature. However, when you have a model giving a speech that is questionable, that does not honor the memory of Ms. Plassitz.
Here is the quote from the show:
Dani said, ” (name deleted) look on the wall.” Where I replied, “ok Dani how come”., followed by looking on the wall when I saw that the 7th Anniversary dressed was named after me, I remember thinking how does she do it where the style of the gown reeks (name deleted).”

Reeks?! In a memorial? Poor taste in my opinion. This celebration could have been much more professional in it’s attitude and in it’s presentation.

Heth’s Faux Life : What he found or always woke up to…

We got whispered about Heth’s Faux Life and it seem really so obvious.. Why does he even bother who really cares what you wake up to really?

Who found this diamond ring for Heth? Google and any other reverse image search proves something different. He certainly loves to imply that he lives a high class real life to his followers by indirectly saying that these images are his.

Like this one!

It’s quite comical considering that this one isn’t even from the same continent that he claims it to be!

And when questioned about a place, he instantly backtracks from his earlier statement.As the actual image was taken from this link