Hethwen Collinwood (Hethwen Resident) Fired as owner of the Ascendent companies.

This was shared on Facebook Post by Tam Gregg (Owner of Ascendent )

Dear Models,

Recently, one individual has decided to break the contract with the other owners. This former owner, continues to comport himself, his business, and his personal activities, in a completely unprofessional way, and has decided to take it upon himself to:

1. Steal the land from the other owners, by changing the group in the middle of the night without prior authorization or without the consent of the other owners.

2. As of this notecard, has failed to reimburse the other owners for the land tier payments that were made to him. Tiers were paid until January 10th.

3. Ejected models and staff from the Ascendent Groups without the authorization or consent of the other owners.

4. Has failed to leave the groups as an owner.

5. Has stated that Ascendent is closing down. Ascendent will continue to operate under the other owners.

6. Has removed Popper Tigerpaw from her role as Ms. Metaverse, without approval from the rest of the board.

7. Has summarily continued to harass and bully the other owners to his will.

8. Continues to eject people from his clothing group without cause and failing to reimburse them for the money that was paid to join the group. (this is an unfair and unprofessional practice, and again goes against what ASCENDENT companies stand for)

It is for these reasons that Hethwen Collinwood (hethwen resident) is no longer an owner of the Ascendent companies and does NOT speak for the other owners, nor to the business of the Ascendent companies.

If you have need of any information about ASCENDENT Companies, please contact one of the following individuals, or to be added to the new ASCENDENT groups.

Gavin Myer (gavinmyer resident)
Katie Michelle Fagan (katiemichelle resident)
Popper Tigerpaw
Lorelei Maggs
Cyle Parx
Elita Wardell


Hethween can also be fired LOL!


Source : Facebook

13 thoughts on “Hethwen Collinwood (Hethwen Resident) Fired as owner of the Ascendent companies.

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  2. Not surprised here since Heth is obviously a control freak who just simply has to be the boss of everything and everyone or else the world must be conspiring against him. He will do anything in his power to subvert anyone who stands in his way.


  3. Now that is some funny shit, Heth being fired.
    Maybe people need to alittle research or ask around before going into business with this creature.
    SL is his RL. He has no RL, and spends every waking moment in SL. He lies about who and what he is in RL. He thinks it impresses people. Most of us just shakes our heads and rolls our eyes.
    SL would be a far better place if he were gone. Not sure how Linden Labs has not already banned him for several fraud, and abuse reports.


  4. Heth is a has been. He tries to latch on to others in order to keep his name alive. But anyone who knows him or has worked with him knows what he is about. Have you seen his clothes? Rolls eyes.
    Really glad these other owners stood up to him, because Heth thinks he controls everything and everyone. Wonder if they sounded like Trump when they said ” Heth, you are fired!”
    He has treated people horrible for a long time now. He has lied and created drama on so many. And somehow he still convinces people that he is the good guy. His lies are that good.

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  5. just so we all get this right….

    Hethwen Collinwood entered in to an agreement with Katie Michelle, Gavin Myer, Popper Tigerwood and Lorelei Maggs to become owners of Ascendent with the agreement of SMA and Metaverse would be closed to unite as one… well with looking into things Metaverse was never closed..they had an agreement to let hethwen keep the Miss and Mr Metaverse Pagent.. Then Hethwen felt he was sole owner of Ascendent which he most definitely was not, there are 5 owners.. You all know in Business you can’t be a sole owner when there are 4 others involved.. This is why things had to end… For Hethwen to do the things he is doing now is to create drama and we will not be involved in that… Hethwen took it upon himself to go after a meeting that was not resolved and change the land group in the middle of the night when the other owners were off line, not saying a word to them… They also paid the tier on that land, He would have them pay him so there was no record it was going to tier.. Other then a note card he could have said they made… the tier was paid by some that was till Jan 10th they never saw that money back and were banned from the land that they paid for… More Drama from Hethwen that did not have to happen… all he had to do is be a man and do the right thing and that was to leave the other owners groups and not touch them… Instead he chooses to kick everyone from them… he did not pay for these groups one of the other owners did… So when Hethwen thinks he is solo owner he needs to go…. Here is the new group to join if you would like to be part of what the other 4 owners have always done, and will always be here for you… secondlife:///app/group/0fe5b512-5d37-d77d-e55d-bd0c6124e6fb/about

    We all welcome you back home..


  6. I am a model and I’ve worked with both the old SMA agency/New Ascendent agency, and metaverse. They are as different as night and day. Heth is always creating drama as well as going out of his way to hurt others. Sma and ascendent are professionals who care about the models. No way to even compare the 2. Heth will get what is coming to him. His name has been bad in the modeling world for a while and he only keeps digging his hole deeper.

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    • i understand Heth’s drama more than some as well, as Mr. Metaverse 2016, i had him come at me and start a drama over comments i didnt even know about within my time line on FB. when i spoke and it was shown to me i however dealt to it. but to yell and scream at me right after i buried a rl son was crossing a line.and to say my SL commitment to a title was more important than my RL situation was wrong. I stepped down from my role as Mr Metaverse as i did not need that treatment, not during a difficult time in my life already. I was never FIRED from that role to make things clear here to some. and i still hold those note cards to this day. I just honestly think that Heth is a man that can be your best friend and buddy as long as you are playing by his rules, but the moment you dissapoint him in the slightest way, he is a rabid dog that will turn on you in a heartbeat. telling people you care for them as individuals and think of them as family and then turn around and say to you you are no friend to me is morally wrong in my opinion. I wish him and all those who treated me with disrespect and indignity all the best in SL, but i can honestly see why these owners stood up and said enough is enough..well done. Hugs to you all and Good Luck in future growth of your companies

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  7. I have just come to the conclusion that all SL modeling agencies are jokes, all pageants are jokes but oh do I love to read about their drama, so thanks for quality entertainment everyone!


    • This site makes the sl modeling world out to be more important than it should be. I couldn’t agree more, I learned the hard way that it’s all a big joke, the people involved too deeply in it are mostly big phoneys who cheat, lie, gossip-monger and sleep their way to the top. You’re never allowed to speak your mind on anything or be true to your feelings, beliefs or your identity because you’re an owned property once you join agencies or pageants. You sign over your freedom, your soul. It was hard on my mental health. Wait, come to think of it, it’s really no wonder at all that the shit-sucking vultures and leeches of this site obsess over it so much. They fit right in. It’s the slwhisperer’s kind of world, for sure. Shit attracts flies. I’m just so relieved to be done with it and completely over it now. I feel so freed. I now spend all my time in the art scene with the real creative people who actually contribute something important and lasting in SL.


  8. Anyone who gets into business with Hethwen deserves what they get. I am sorry, but he’s got one of the worst reputations in SL and he is worse than a subpar designer


    • So are three other people on that list. They where in another “Modeling” group called SMA and jumped ship when shit was not going their way, pulling the poor me card BS, and oh hey looks like they are at it again, trying to take over shit that was not something they owned to start with. Really wish we can like have like group black lists that sync up with each other’s block/security what ever.


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