Bootney and Stella’s marriage over so soon …

Earlier this morning we got whispered about how this two newly wed / partnered – Bootney and Stella’s marriage seem to have hit the rocks. Both couples dissolved their partnership as seen on their Second Life Profile pages.

Bootney seem to have made a boo boo and now he is apologizing butt naked  by posting a picture on his Flickr page as seen below with capture “Im sorry” and “I Love You” which is now taken down from his FlickrπŸ™„ 

Stella also went ahead and changed her marriage relationship status from Facebook , and even when Bootney tagged her in that apology photo she removed her name from it.

She put up an angry meme which is still brewing. Took a picture on her Flickr pages that says … be a voice not an echo πŸ˜‚

Makes one wonder what might have gone wrong and doubt if Bootney can seriously keep a woman? We should now be expecting another friend in the clique as the new girl friend or boyfriend πŸ™„πŸ™„ .

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