Christmas Laugh – What Remain? ðŸ˜‚😂

Looking at this photo on Flickr of Cindering, it looks like she needs to do something and the title is ” What Remains”  and the best answer that came to mind was “Wipe your bottom” 😂

For those who celebrate Christmas.. we wish all a beautiful and merry celebration as we all gear toward the new years.

Image : Flickr

4 thoughts on “Christmas Laugh – What Remain? ðŸ˜‚😂

  1. you say merry christmas and happy new year yet you mock someones art and try to embarass them? we should be wishing YOU the merry christmas..get a kinder heart, GRINCH.

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    • Cindering Blocks who isn’t actually called anything remotely close to her Flickr name and who hides her true id for reasons only known to her.
      I recently saw her take snaps on her actual ava not the one she hides on.


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