BOSL Magazine’s Epic Failure for December

Considering the recent drama of BOSL with their now fired former Mr Virtual World- Paradox Messmer and current Miss Virtual World – Delypop Cresci not even wanting to attend events that she organized, they seriously need to look at another issue of theirs -The current December issue.

This magazine has the worst cover ever and is not really a magazine at 81 pages, its more of a pamphlet 🙈


Whats going on BOSL? you are supposed to be the best of SL, instead you seem to now be fighting for the position of WOSL=Worst of Second Life.

We know you can fix things we hear whispers that you are also fixing the current MVW pagaent so that Danity “no style, I will win because I am a Gracemont” Minx can win it.

Image : Magazine

35 thoughts on “BOSL Magazine’s Epic Failure for December

  1. I’m so done with SL magazines. The viewership is low to say the best. The view count on all the big names are very low versus the audience they are trying to reach. This last issue is a great example of that. it’s 28 pages of adds out of 81, that is 34%+ of the ‘magazine’

    Beyond that, it’s hardly relevant content to a lot of SL users. Also why does it always seems the pictures and print qualty of these magazines seem to be in such low resolution? Blurry adds and pictures? You’re kidding right? This is not being read in SL, it’s on normal screens with good resolution so we can see all the shitty details. GG.


  2. Do you lot need Glasses ? take a look at your miss virtual world that’s so ugly and creepy, there are far more lovely avatars in second life or do you need to go to spec saves you can buy glasses there!

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  3. This pamphlet is a painful joke. The company was already going downhill, when Frolic sold it and Reign continues to drive nails in the company coffin. Fortunately for her, her staff is composed of people so desperate for fame, they’ll literally fuck the decomposing corpse of the brand for some level of Z-List Slebrity status. Regarding Danity Mynx…… third time in a row trying for Miss Virtual World, last year she didn’t even make Top 13. Rumor has it last year, her and her lapdog of a partner, attempted to have her included in the Top 13 plus 1 because of some controversy regarding the judging for the Fash & Furious Challenge……….. which Danity completely sucked at, making this whole situation even more pathetic because she prides herself in being an urban androgynous model. I actually feel bad for her, I mean three times in a row vying for a crown? Well, Paradox got Mr VW, maybe Reign will feel bad for how pathetic Danity is and give her this one……. after all, she already is a pathetic lap dog too.


    • Laughs @comfortably Anonymous.. Lets talk about pathetic.. First get your facts straight.. You don’t know anything about what the hell you are talking about when it comes to BOSL Magazine…Seems like they continue to make the money behind the scenes and seems like they have the biggest syndicated blogs today, so please go and sit your ass down somewhere until you know what the hell you are talking about. Do you know the money that is being made behind the scenes? Do you know the numbers that continue to soar behind the scenes or are you another one that continues to talk out of your ass? Oh but wait, I apologize maybe this is your life of gloom that you have nothing else to do because all you do is sit home on your ass all day and make up crap for others to read so that you have some fun in your dreary life. Why don’t you get a life and go out and have some fun because it seems that you don’t know what the hell is going on behind BOSL, you don’t know Reign or anyone behind the scenes. The lapdog would seemingly be you for again laying on your ass and talking out of the left side of your neck on things you do not know. So when you make the money that these people make (which I know is FACT), then bring your ass back here and talk fact on fact. Otherwise take your “Lapdoggy” ass somewhere else and lay in a dog house where you belong….


      • Okay Khalied, at least when John Herring comes in to defend Kuntivate Magazine he had the balls to be himself. I didn’t mention shit about the money but if that’s how you want to go about it………. Of course you would know EXACTLY how BoSL is doing but let’s look at how your pamphlet did Nov. Twelve double page advertisements, at least three are unpaid for because they’re due to media partnerships. Six single page advertisements that the fools in your retail area get for free. You guys are definitely balling in that money. How else do you guys make money? All those fashion shows that designers pay for? Oh WAIT you NEVER do fashion shows except for your failed fucking fashion week turned weekend. Tell me more about how you make money? Oh YES those modeling classes you offer? That you keep giving out discounts because no one wants to take lessons from your ragged band of fashion orphans. SCALA & Ferosh are worth triple of you, a BLVD model is easy to spot a mile a way. Uncomfortable posing, overly accessorized and with a horrible fashion sense. You have the biggest syndicated blog today?! Is that so? You guys stack higher than LTD, Seraphim and almost every other fashion feed out there? Quit trying to front Khalied. Everyone knows Reign was hoodwinked by Frolic. And regarding my “Lapdoggy” ass, last I checked I’m not tossing Reign’s salad like you, always quick to defend with some bullshit stats and unfounded claims. And you want to talk fact on fact? I like how you make ZERO denial of how pathetic Danity Mynx is or anyone else on your fashion backwards staff.


        • So @Comfortably Anonymous.Since you like to name drop let’s go ahead and fix this right now. As you can see obviously that is not me because i have ZERO problems saying what i have to say out my own mouth not hiding behind a comfortably anonymous tag. So let’s clear a few things up. You don’t know me so don’t pretend to know anything about me or what i would or would not do or say. Secondly don’t put my name in your mouth unless you have the balls to stop hiding behind a tag and have a mature debate about your very off accusations.
          If you want to drag John into something he clearly has nothing to do with then you pretty much just told on yourself.
          So Next off thank for you close attention to how may advertisers and pages we have in our magazine. We are happy to say that we put out a magazine every month 85-100 page range and have been doing so consistently over the last year. It’s important to note that you do know i love dismissing bullcrap with facts so let’s tackle some of your obvious opinions.
          We don’t compete with other agency’s fashion shows websites or magazines. We do our own thing and don’t even look at what other people are doing. So there is no competition for us. We are our own competition. So basically your comparisons mean nothing as good as the other academies may be it’s funny we seem to get an awful lot of there graduates thru our academy. It’s a well an documented fact that alot of other “agencies” straight copied our old training but good for us we are about to drop a whole new level of training that no one is doing nor can do.
          As far as fashion feeds yes we do stack higher then those feeds. One thing you fail to remember is that we have been around close to 4 years steady with 3 feeds not just one and yes our traffic is insane from a SL perspective but the nice thing is for the last 4 years we haven’t charged people a dime to promote there blogs and showcase there work on our feeds.
          Finally I understand that you don’t know shit about me and you like to impress yourself with the amount of bullshit you can spew in one post but. Make this one thing clear. Neither Reign nor i rely on 1 Linden out of SL to support us in RL we do this cause we want to and for the people that are around us on a daily basis. We are both highly established professionals in our respective careers and have a long track record of bringing success and making alot of money so of course that work ethic pours over into SL. So how about you either use your real name and expose yourself for the pitiful attention seeking lame that you are or just shutup and stop trolling cause you don’t know me nor my wife and if i need to defend anyone i come out myself and do it. -Get Yo Life-


          • Hmmm let me weigh in here…a healthy magazine has ads because the advertisers want to be in the magazine and want their brand in that particular magazine. A lack of ads in your magazine means no one wants to advertise in your magazine aka “pamphlet.”

            You do not compete with other agency’s fashion shows websites or magazines–probably because you can’t and probably because the other agencies, websites, and magazines only see you as a joke and not a real competitor.

            As for graduates in your academy, there are still plenty of noobies out there who do not know any better and will take your academy course. Ava Jhamin’s L’Amour is proof of this concept so of course so is BOSL now. As for copying your old training, I seriously doubt it, but nice for you to admit that it is old and is not up to date.

            Fashion feeds stack higher, well hmmm, we only see hipster and horrible clothing since you changed it from your actual models blogging. I seriously doubt you get more hits than Designing SL, Living SL, LTD, Seraphim, etc to name a few. If you did you would have a ton of advertisers lined up to advertise in your pamphlet and on your website as those sites do.

            Well of course you and Reign do not live off SL, there is no money being made or coming in, you cannot live off nothing. You are only doing this to feed both of your over inflated egos, well we should say that Reign is doing it as we all know that you live off her and she foots the bill so that you will not leave. Of course she has to fund you, why else would you want to date someone who looks like more of a man than you do?

            And no I am not using my real life name, why should I? This is only SL right, so why are you so upset about what is being said? Why do you want attention? Is it time for another rant on Facebook? If you need help ranting take a clue out of your now fired MVW Paradox’s book.


            • Wow you really are pulling things out your ass huh. Well use your sl name then since you want to be a coward and talk shit from behind a wall. So actually i’m no longer going to provide you any information regarding what is and what is not done behind the scenes in bosl or mwv because you clearly are reaching to find out whats going on lol. And you won’t have that satisfaction keep guessing and keep watching us. You are pretty outta touch with whatever information you think you have because looking at that last post of yours your clearly out of the loop. If you like to think we make no money and have no traffic to our sites and that we give out all these free ads then do so. I could honestly care less because you are noone and you you arent even proud enough of the crap your posting to let all of these lovely people see your troll face lol. So with that this is probably the most attention you have gotten all year too bad you spent that time making an ass of yourself and clearly begging for attention from all the wrong people. So how about you go back to all those great people that your trying to name drop and hopefully they can make something outta ya good luck with yourself and hope you get some therapy on why it’s so important for you to hate on us. But we appreciate it we need to get our haters numbers up for the new year random person lmaooo -lame-


              • No I will not give you my SL name, why should I? So you can supposedly try and sue me as you have promised to sue Frolic all these years and even Paradox recently 😛 and this is an anonymous site so you have to be content with what everyone is saying. I could be your best friend or someone you hate or someone you love…you will never know…

                No one is watching you but you cannot ignore the fact when you release a cover such as the one on the pamphlet and it looks really shitty, no one can ignore that level of shittiness.

                So if you are making sooo much money, why not employ a graphic designer or a decent editor to proofread the magazine?

                And if I am so much a loser and a hater, why are you even responding? What does that make you?


            • What a troll i don’t need to rant. And i’m glad you think you know so much about my personal life lol. Now THAT’s funny. How about you say your sl name so we can do this properly but you wont because your lame and your life sucks lol. Keep watching us i have no need to rant on facebook because i have no time for losers. When you get some actual numbers to back up your claims from these feeds you think are doing so well. Come back and post em here. I’ll be glad to post ours. And thanks for letting the almost 140+ bloggers we have know that you called there blogs crap lol.Tell them who you are and watch you get shunted right outta sl lol. Btw put your rl face so we can see just how much of that elephants ass you portray mimics your face.But you wont because your a troll and are ashamed of your real life so you get on blogs under fake names to talk shit about people doing better then you. Good luck with that lame no name


              • I do not know about your personal life and nor do I care to, however everyone knows your reputation of being one of the biggest asses in Second Life and on social media. You supposedly dont have time for losers…so you dont have time for yourself then? Tsk tsk…I am not ashamed but you should be after all you have put your name on something so shitty and downcast as BOSL..


        • Again..You’re too damn funny here. So you think this is Khalied. Oh wait below you thought it was Crista? Damn, your zero for zero. Sorry love this aint Khalied and you apparently are some pathetic little person that apparently could not get close enough to Reign and she paid you no attention so of course you would say about other agencies. I am sure they would love to know you have brought them into this. Apparently, it seems that you are an “EPIC FAIL” yourself. Talk about hiding behind a name, well well, isnt this the kettle calling the pot black.. Cough it up you wanna be. Its apparent about the jealously here that you have for going after the “pamphlet”. Last time I looked a pamphlet is not made up of 81 pages so again here you go quoting crap you dont have any idea on. Or would it be that you have a magazine that you cant get off the ground because its a “pamphlet” hahahahah. Now as for tossing Reign’s salad, you better watch that statement although that would seem here by you mentioning that, you would LOVE too. Reign if you are reading this, you have a fan…Oh and lets point out that it seems that BOSL doesn have a good business sense because if you look around the business world many give discounts during certain times of the year you dumbass. I havent seen them do it consistently “ALL” the time, guess what you ignorant ass it would seem you don’t understand business at all. You see that it what is wrong with this damn Virtual World is that so many wear a tag called “CEO”, COO and don’t have the slightest clue on how to do crap. So stop with the trying to emulate real life if you don’t understand business models your sick ass. You need to go back to elementary and start over before coming here and posting again crap you do not know. Let’s see you mentioned about other feeds, hahah well I am sure that Khalied has his numbers together and since you seem to have all the other numbers oh wait, you don’t why do I even ask. You have nothing but your writing here to back you up which means absolutely nothing again. Oh yes, and you just put down every BLVD model which stupid ass is in all the agencies you just talked about so kudos to you for putting down All Agencies.. See when you open your mouth and don’t know what your talking about how your big ass foot goes straight in? Oh and lastly, Dani, whats Dani got to do with this. You cant find someone your own size to play with in your small size sandbox? I am sure she can outstyle you anyday. Toodles, have fun with your no life in a virtual world as we know since you have to take time to post here you have no real life and both lives really are unsuccessful that you have to attack people to make yourself look good. Go be comfortable sitting in your own crap..


          • Hmm talk about calling the kettle black as you are also hiding behind a name…have to love the hypocrisy :P…It isnt jealousy it is the truth and to be fair I do love pamphlets, don’t we all? I just dont like pamphlets that try to be magazines or purport to be.

            As for Reign’s salad…um didn’t know that men in drag have those, I would have thought she had more of a sausage…perhaps Mr. Jameson can shed some light on that aspect for those of you who are curious to know, I personally do not want to know..

            Sighs the real life aspect…businesses around the world can afford to give discounts because they are actually making money and thriving, BOSL is giving discounts because they cannot get any advertisers or models and even with the discounts no one wants to be part of it, as previously stated the only ones who are still with BOSL are those models who have no where else to go or simply want a title in their mind.

            As for putting down every single model, what models? They are not models without shows? They are simply names taking up group space on a roster that is going no where.

            Danity can out style anyone if the competition is to see who can be the Miss Hot Mess of 2017.

            Lastly in closing, stop saying that anyone who comments on this site has no life in a virtual world, as you are commenting also, so this would mean you are talking about yourself. You are attacking me so that means you have no real life and both your lives are unsuccessful also.


  4. @Rolls eyes and @SomeoneinSL;
    Haha, I find this roll so damn funny. Is it that you just were not chosen to be in the magazine because of what the hell you look like or your styling is poor? It seems there is a little bit of jealously going on here. If you don’t like something then keep it moving. Seems as though you are continuing to read the magazine whether you like it or not. Kudos to Reign for doing something that many magazines do not do and that is giving back to her staff which some of you dumb asses never do. It seems that its always about what someone can do for you and all you do is sit on your asses and complain. For once instead of trying to throw shade at someone or something try finding the goodness in it. If you don’t like it then walk on by and keep it going. I don’t see any facts above other than your own damn opinions. No one knows who is going to win MVW and just because someone works for an organization doesn’t always mean they will win. As we saw with the Mister’s who would have thought that outcome would have happened but I see Reign let it, bless her heart. So I wish you would stop instigating crap and find the facts for your opinions earned about five minutes of fame here. Look around the modeling industry is a dying breed, Second life is shifting so get a clue and follow what is trending. Secondlife has so many other dimensions other than fashion you simple minded morons and it would seem that it has been mentioned more times than one to my understanding that Miss Virtual World is not about how well you can “style” but the overall person and how they can represent. From what I have seen this past year hell the current Mister Virtual World and Miss Virtual World have not lived up to anything they were to do other than promoting their own damn selves and then get an attitude when things didn’t go THEIR way. Again, you wayward thinking people get a damn life, stop being so narcissistic and think about someone other than your damn selves for once. There is more to life than YOU….


    • I’m not a model, stylist, failed MVW contestant or anyone who ever would be featured in that publication, so your attacks and assumptions are wasted on me.

      I’m just someone who has been around the publication industry in SL for many many years, so can recognise crap when I see it, and BOSL magazine always has been crap. As the second eye roller said, under Frolic – when it should have been called “Best of Frolic Mills” since nearly every article in that magazine featured him in some way, or Reign – where nearly every article featured something BOSL related as well.

      Second Life has so much going on and is so much more than the modelling industry, MVW contests and the so-called “elite”. Something BOSL never acknowledged or bothered to embrace.

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and just cos you disagree with mine, it does not give you the right to resort to childish name calling. I happen to agree with you about the MVW winners, but nothing else you said, and you do not see me calling you names.


    • Who says I even want to be in that crap magazine?? And its obvious that this is another BOSL troll who continues to flag that dead horse that is BOSL now. Can you blame the MVW’s for not wanting to promote BOSL or anything to do with it? It is an embarrassment. The only ones who are still there are the people who cannot find a place to work else in SL. What has BLVD did this year? Nothing. What has this new agency did this year? Oh they did a “fashion weekend” that was crap, so crap in fact that Delypop, the coordinator did not even show up for it, she did another show instead. What has the magazine did this year? Other than serve as a rant outlet for Reign’s failed leadership and management style–nothing. For the record I did not read the magazine, I have had others tell me just how shitty it was and the latest cover was the shittiest of all. In fact if there were the Shittychoice Awards, BOSL would win in every single category.


      • So you don’t read the magazine but you troll that its so shitty because we didn’t win a SL Award show LMAOO yo yall are killing me with yall lameness. Just so you know that shitty little magazine wont a REAL life award and continues to bring in steady viewership from inside and outside of SL thanks for your opinion. When you growup and want to talk to us adults and not hide behind an anonymous tag and spew your obvious hateration then let daddy know 😀


        • Deary Daddy,
          This is your biggest cactus, Ms. Snooty-Twoboots I looked at your magazine, BOSL & VR. The third rebranding or so, right? Any who… from what I tell, you clearly have no idea what to do. For one… your leading is just atrocious on your “Magazine Team” spread. The leading you did play with has no cohesion among the rest of your issue… There is awkward spacing of the three people’s photos you cared to add to it. Not mention Daddy, that you bolded your family and friends… So that is funny in itself. Then the Editor Letter is just as messy. The first paragraph is already messed up with the, “selves why we judging when we have our own skeletons in the closet”? Makes no sense, hun. Than the ugly “M-Dashes” used with no spacing on either side of it. Little tip, maybe use a “N-Dash” instead, not as wide and throw in a few spaces in there for good measure. Don’t make me even talk about the lack of care in the aligning of the columns of text. I am no better then you Deary Daddy, but I have two eyes and can tell when someone didn’t cross their “T’s” and dot their “I’s”. Don’t take this personal, it’s just Second Life.


        • Oh please do tell which real life award?? We would all love to know and see this one and as you are a big fame whore, I am surprised it wasnt advertised in your pamphlet.


  5. Oh Deary dear dear…. I am guessing this has Dely and/or SaySay written all over it. Sadly Deary there is no way to rig said contest unless you are judging from the inside like Dely was and rigging it for her friends… the CEO of the company can’t rig it amazing how little people that have never judge contests try to talk smack… but no Deary Mr Gold knows it all… and like all transparent contests contestants have a right to see their scores to ensure no rigging happens unless its scoring perfect 10’s for people that don’t know how to walk (like Miss Italy that did a straight walk in a round runway making sure she fell of the stage not once but 4 times…and still got scored perfect 10)…. and correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Gracemont spelled completely wrong? LMAO oh deary dear dear…. remember the Dark ones knows it all…. So see you around Lucian *winks*


    • I do not think this has anything to do with Dely and/or SaySay. The fact remains that the BOSL magazine issue sucks this month and rumor has it that the contest this year is quite rigged, hence so many models dropped out. It has also been said that Danity will win because she is already working for BOSL and they want loyalty and people they can control Danity’s stylings are laughable. Her Canadian “outfit” was the biggest hot mess since the term hot mess was invented.


      • @SomeoneinSL ROFLMAO Oh Deary…. have you even done any research to see where the inspiration even came from? What’s that? Is that a no? Of course it’s a no deary because you talk before you can even think for an instant… here is a clue… google Miss Universe Canada…. The fact that when people say Canada first thing that comes to mind is maple syrup and hockey should be a clue as to what a national outfit should be… Oh deary dear dear i guess someone is a bit bitter that probably did not make it into the competition or is scoring a tad to low… but it’s alright. You are no longer in your realm you are now in mine… And as far as Dely is concerned… she is the one rigging the competition but people caught up to it real quick… So yes… Dely has been proven to flip flop and have favorites (her friends) in the competition that she wants them to win especially Miss Italy… Oh deary dear dear….


        • Oh another Danity troll who cannot see what a crap stylist she is and that the event is being rigged because of the family she is tied to and the fact that Reign wants a complacent workhorse that will sell their soul to the devil that is BOSL.


          • @SomeoneinSL ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! guess you don’t know that it’s 2 different companies … shows how much you know about the fashion world hmmmm Deary????? Sadly Deary get your facts straight Gracemounts Do not even work with BoSL they work with another fashion corporation


    • Crista, shut up. Anyone who has spoken to you for more than five minutes can tell your typing mannerisms and word usage. Didn’t you quit modeling (for the fifth time or something?)……. but I guess it’s not stopping you from attempting to troll. Next time, submit your comments, without talking like you…. deary.


      • Um… and I take it you talked less than 2 words with me or….? You gotta chill brother. I use my real name and dont really hide but SUUUUUREEEEE!

        For more drama reach me at

        Now, Comfortably Anonymous, any problem with me HAS to be addressed properly in a long and insulting FB rant like Im sure you like to elaborate (unless ure someone i like). And… when do I use “deary”? 😂😂😂😂 im 18 bro not 81. Wrong person try again kiss hugs


  6. Whether it was under Frolic or Reign it has never been “the best of SL”. We all know Avi choice awards is fixed for them to win cuz they pay to win.


    • Hi Rolls eyes more. Can you roll them to the back of your head lol. So obviously we don’t pay to win anything or else we would have won every year. Matter of fact we didn’t even want to participate this year but was still nominated some how funny how that goes. So what is it that you have to contribute since obviously watching what we do from the couch isn’t fun enough that you have to wake up early in the morning and come on a gossip blog to hate on BOSL lmaoo. Another one who needs to -Get yo Life- but thanks for watching more to see soon 😀


      • Sure you didn’t want to participate khalid, if yall didn’t want to particpate all ya had to do was tell them. But then again, you’ve always been one for the “center of attention crowd” even way back when your ass was in gor. At least that’s what your last 3 wives have had to say. So who’s ya side chick now and whens ya next wedding gonna be? Cause it’s about that time.


    • even under frolic bosl was just another name for crap
      guess they still wear layers with flexis and bracelets sized that a hippo could wear them

      but its funny to see them acting 😀


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