Denial has lead Bootney Blessed and Stella Mahogany down the Aisle!

Denial has  finally lead these two down the aisle. On several occasion we have been whispered that our previous post on these two was a slander and Stella has made it a constant duty to tell her friends that the blog was only out to slander her and Bootney. She once told her friends that she would never date the ex of Neva because she considered both Bootney and Neva friends.


She even disclosed how she used to live on the Neva’s sim and how kind the two of them treated her. That they were all good friends and hung out together. She was adamant saying all the rumors were lies.

From the mails we received, her friends seem to have defended her but in the end we suppose she was the LIAR. A Whisper once ask this question to us ” I am not sure how a friend can date another friend’s ex but this is SL right?”

We are so glad she answered her very own questions: This is SL😊.

Images : Flickr and Flickr

7 thoughts on “Denial has lead Bootney Blessed and Stella Mahogany down the Aisle!

  1. Who cares? They waited long enough and nothing in SL lasts anyway. Neva’s been getting her pussy dipped by Keon for awhile so everyone’s moved the fuck on. Next secret, please.


    • It seems the “whisperer” is close to Neva as “they” never whisper a bad word against her.

      Selective whispers more like it


  2. Shows her for the liar she really is!
    Gotta laugh that she’s now made herself blonde and adopted a style similar to Neva’s after always previously having been a brunette!
    Just for the record she never hung out with Boo and Neva she just desperately wanted to.
    Big Daddys was never their scene! LOL


    • Stella is an artistic fckr and Boo is a chef fckr.
      Things are difficult for me because of this as I don’t want to be disloyal to Neva but it’s difficult deciding whose ass I’m not going to lick anymore.
      Maybe I can keep both happy and they won’t notice just like I do with Ella because she doesn’t notice my love notes to Maya.
      As long as I get faves who gives a fck.


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