EllaSparkss and Brandon Taselian Rumored to have Broken Up..

We got whispered that Brandon Taselian and EllaSparkss are no more an item. Ella removed his pick and words she wrote about him from her profile while Brandon simply just placed a link to Youtube which supposedly say how he is.



But Ella picture on Flickr says a lot about the situation but both seem to have dedicated their time and energy to play it out for everyone to think they are still together on Flickr. We just watch and see how long their games go on and anyone who has the juicy detail should come whisper.


21 thoughts on “EllaSparkss and Brandon Taselian Rumored to have Broken Up..

  1. Can we now get back to the important stuff such as where are the receipts for the Book Of Daniel or has everyone forgotten about them?
    Eh Keon?


  2. Brandon barely acknowledges Ella on flickr she’s just another “fckr” of many. Clearly she’s just to stupid to see it Mi mayaaaa xoxoxoxo Mi Branditoooooo xoxoxox maybe Ella just enjoys being publicly made to look like a pathetic idiot.


    • Picture after picture I see these two loving all over each other while Ella gets a lol and an xo. Read his and Ella comments to each other she kisses and babes him and he just laughs at her. Pathetic


  3. His faves start to get lower and he revives his relationship with Ella.
    Pathetic fckr who spends so long working on his pictures he’s lost touch with reality.


  4. Can we really blame Ella for leaving?Brandong has been deepthroating anyone with any “fame” attached to them since day 1, his biggest competitor being a 7 year old avatar who like to point and shout: “Shippppppppp”, while scratching his old 77 year old long balls in RL.

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