Copybot Drama – David Cooper (Owner Doux) drops Video on how to make hair to prove a point that Hervé Faenzo (Owner Murray) claims are wrong!🙈

This copy bot drama has been on full blast all through the weekend where Hervé Faenzo (Owner of Murray) has been sending out texture proof  with clips of past conversations on her Facebook page to prove that David Cooper (owner of Doux ) actually copybotted both  Murray and Rowne.The story out there is kind of complicated as everyone has an opinion on what is going on with these two designers.

Whereas on David’s Facebook page he seem too quiet or probably post and delete them and act all quiet 😊 . Then wakes up after a flu and decide to finally silence all my dropping a video on how to make hair 😂. Guess it your turn Murray to drop a video 🙈.



The whisperer’s thought – Does a video really clear the underlining fact that he actually did copy those hair? or is Murray overacting on something that could easily be a coincidence.?

The entire stories and comments are on their Facebook pages :  Herves and David

Side Gig : For those trying to make hair you can watch the free video by David Cooper on making Hair LOL

2 thoughts on “Copybot Drama – David Cooper (Owner Doux) drops Video on how to make hair to prove a point that Hervé Faenzo (Owner Murray) claims are wrong!🙈

  1. Well , everyone is talking about the Textures, but has anyone looked at his Mesh Items ? Hmm if you have a look at Swallow’s Mesh Ears and then take a look at David’s then you might see a lot of similarity’s and i highly doubt Swallow copied from him, especially not since they came out with those Ears at The Arcade! A few weeks later David made Mesh Ears which look exactly like Swallows Ears!!
    Yes I am aware that he could have purchased Full Perm Mesh Ears, so correct me if I am wrong, but I am certain that Swallow makes Original Mesh.
    There are also similarity with his Eyes to other well known Creators who make some of the best Eyes in SL….

    So maybe he did steal the hair textures and did not use them in his Doux Hair, but I am pretty convinced that he did copy and sold other people’s mesh items!!


  2. The drama with these two designers is really sad. I looked and evaluated this whole situation in a non-biased point of view after reading all the comments about the SL secrets post all the way to the Facebook posts and comments. It’s obvious that Herve was provoked to release a statement publicly about David Cooper after reading the SL secret from this week and receiving messages about it. Reading Herve’s post, he only confirms that David Cooper has stolen his hair textures in the past and sold them to another creator who was also creating hair. Looking at the solid evidence Herve provided, it also seems as if David had the intention to sell hair with the stolen textures and claim it as his own until he was caught. It also brought suspicion to me if all of the allegations towards David we’re actually true. Many of us were angry with David, especially creators. Being somewhat of a creator myself, I understand why someone would be angry after someone stole their textures with the intention to sell them and claim them as their own. But because David never used the textures in his new hairs from Doux, a lot of people decided to shop from Doux and L’etre again. The issue with me is, a thief is a thief no matter what the situation is. If David stole the textures then he is a thief, it is a shame because David is so talented with so much potential but it is never okay to steal someone else’s hard work. I watched his video on creating hair textures but it didn’t prove anything but the fact that he uses real life sources to create his hair textures and that is okay. I think it’s up to ones character and opinions to determine whats right or wrong in this situation but for me, if you stole something, you’re a thief. It doesn’t matter if you sold it or not. I don’t think that it was an appropriate time for Herve to make such a statement, he should’ve made it earlier. Or he shouldn’t have confronted David at all until David released hairs with his textures so he can file a DMCA against David. But with that being said, I hope that David will face the proper consequences for his actions and I hope that both Herve and David move on and increase and improve from this situation.

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