Reverie Busted For Using PreFab Mesh for their Arcade Release!

Earlier today we got whispered about some huge drama with Reverie and some Mesh designer on both Plurk and Flickr which even lead to some residents initially suspecting  this was a copybotter offering free download of suspected copybot items.


When this was initially posted on the various social medias, the title and description of the post was called “download free” with “link soon” but later this was changed.Also comment made previously by Wayne Carr – Reverie’s CSR  and also Paola’s boyfriends was deleted from the posted.Well this must be some massive drama which was both publicly and privately managed.


See Flickr complete post below


The big question that keeps nagging on everyone mind is -What is Reverie actually using for their Arcade Release?Is it Prefab Mesh?

Source :Flickr and  Plurk 

3 thoughts on “Reverie Busted For Using PreFab Mesh for their Arcade Release!

  1. The ones that know “Pa” personally, knows she lies and steal. There are many stories going around about her past – legion(e) music ppl. And MANY people can’t be wrong.


  2. What makes me lol is how Flux calls herself a ‘Designer’ (and CEO, no less! lmao). No, Paolla, you look at pretty pictures of things online of items that someone ELSE has DESIGNED and made in real life, and you get some idiot to 3D model it for you so that you can sell it on SL. Not one item of your ‘brand’ have you created/modelled yourself, you simply are not that talented – and this is why you need someone else to do it for you. You boast of your RL ‘degrees’, but couldn’t even remember when asked where you got them from and what they were for in a recorded interview lol. Paolla, stop kidding yourself and the rest of the people that buy your stuff, you’re nothing but a glorified packager of someone else’s work. Items designed by someone else in RL, 3D models created by someone else, and packaged and sold in second life by you. Designer…lol yeah right.


  3. I have never used pre-fabs. But have used the help of ppl such as that person with rigging, modeling, etc…. As i am sure you know most brands that are owned by only one person and release as much as me, do.
    Every piece was picked and sometimes drawn by me, before the creation of the 3d version started. Those were just modelers who have been breaching contract and already using my netwok for their solo gain, when i let them go, this is what happened.

    Satisfied? You can ask them yourself if ANY item was a pre-fab, that would just help me as i already have lawyers on his case.

    Ps: About the link, they were blackmailing me to put all my work for free online. Not some stupid source of pre-fabs. And as son as my lawyer came play, of course, the idea of fighting me on what is also my Intellectual Property given for fee, without my consent was discarded. I will gladly show the Arcade and any other event owner my mood boards and references for creating whatever i put out at events using my OWN competence, as CEO, fashion designer and coordinator with 2 degrees in RL and 3d modeler myself.


    Jealousy is a bad thing


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