There is a New Baby in town – Hikaru Enimo very own Marcusgay, Mr. Lambert move over😊

Hikaru Enimo and Marcusgay Lefevre seem to be the new couple on the block, they have both been seen sharing intimate moment on Hikaru’s Flickr pages – perfect picture baby.. yes baby .. Love it baby … *rolling eyes*πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„.


Seems Mr.Lambert – Owner of Essences who was the former ohh baby, yes baby has moved on or is Mr. Lambert actually Marcusgay in disguise *coughs*.

Image : Flickr

8 thoughts on “There is a New Baby in town – Hikaru Enimo very own Marcusgay, Mr. Lambert move over😊

  1. Shame on all of you! bunch of fuckin haters! Is it any of your biz if Hika is a male or a female? It fuckin shouldn’t be! You all are hypocrites! #1 you all have had sex with the same sex at some point in SL I guarantee it assholes! None the less what of it!?! Are you a bigot? Cuz wow! What decade are you even in you fuckin skin heads. And don’t give me any of your dumb shit about his personal life either I know exactly half you bitches are the rejects that either wanted some of that Hika and didn’t get a piece or you are just jelly lil whores. So what is the issue then? Oh his abilities…whelp guess what i dont see none of you blazing forward to share your images of how much better you are than him? And btw…Hika has been in SL for a long ass time working his ass off at his abilities! Does some of it rub off when your with some one who also has talents? yep sure does! So the fuck what? More than I can say for your momma’s manners rubbing off on you sluts! So shut the fuck up. Mind your own. Put away your pissy claws. And own that he ain’t yours……oh and btw, last time I checked you don’t have to follow him if you don’t really care? All these entries look like bitter lil closet watchers who got ditched cause they were phyco bitches. Even if he was a she, SHE IS BETTER THAN YOU LIL SLUGSβ™₯


  2. Ever notice that everyone Hikaru screws around with is a much better photographer than she is and after every breakup her photography style becomes similar to each of her exes? Feel free to compare her flickr to each of these exes during the times she dated them. Kalli, Petra, Inka to name a few. Altho it seems to be that Petra contributed the most to Hikaru’S desire to use people to find out their photography secrets. Gotta give her credit for her ability to use people and to fool them.


    • It’s obvious Hikaru dates Photographers to improve her photoshop skills then dumps them to find another victim. Biggest user and yet these Photographers allow themselves to be used so not sure whether to laugh at them or cry for them.


    • LMAO, true. One of HER previous SL partners – Hikaru’s I mean – Kalli Destiny proved Hikaru is a RL woman. Mr Lambert seems to be a woman too, Marcus uses SL voice but we never know if that’s not morphed. So both Hikaru aka previous Natascha Schumann in SL and Mr Lambert are RL women. Claps for Chilicalifornia who soon started to say who he is in RL and is not ashamed of it and plays fair in SL. Some people are insane.


      • yes Hikaru lied to Kalli for a long time that she was an european young guy. Only for Kalli to finally prove that he was actually an elderly asian woman ,nothing wrong with being either. But i think its the way this person has decieved people over and over that puts this huge stain on the kind of person she is.


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