Tadeu Gartner Plagiarizes and claims to own the copyright to it 😂😜🙈

We got whispered about Tadeu Gartner and his shape making business and we quickly went to check out which of his shape could really be worth 20000L 🙄 is that a mesh head or body? 😂. We don’t want to fall of our chairs today. Read whisper below:

I do not know which is more obnoxious, the fact that Tadeu Gartner thinks that someone will pay him up to 20,000 lindens so he can teach you how to style like him or the fact that he claims copyright for content that is not his own:

Information at the bottom of Tadeu’s notecard:

Copyright © 2016 [ Tadeu Gartner ] – All rights reserved.

It is extremely forbidden to copy this material. In case of infraction, will apply penalties under the laws of the penal code (articles 184-186) and in Law 961098. Questions, complaints, criticisms or suggestions?

✉ For an immediate response: tadeugartner@gmail.com

Copyrighted information from the notecard:

The simple shapes can be described by a modeling of curves and symmetry of the face. Most forms that occur in the physical world are complex.

They are called colloquial shape definition!

The form can be more defined loosely as “the appearance of something, especially to expose yours”.

This definition is consistent, the one that means that the form of a set depends not only on its size, shape, body weight position or orientation.

However, it not always imply an exact transformation.

Generally, I work with custom shapes where the indication is to know the specific point of which image you want to pass…

The information above is from this website: 

Yet Tadeu claims to own copyright to it😂.

Source : Liquisearch

MVW ‘s CEO Fires back at Ex Mr. Virtual World – Paradox Messmer after blackmail!

Ex Mr.Virtual World Paradox who recently got fired and posted discriminatory words all over his facebook page seems to have finally realised that Second Life is not all fun without a job or position. The question on our mind is why go with blackmailing to try and get your job/ position back?

Read below the words of the whisper as the drama unfold with Paradox’s blackmail and MVW’s CEO response on that blackmail.

Oh Deary…. Ex Mister Virtual World tries to blackmail BoSL into giving him back the title

Oh my Deary’s …. It seems Mr Drama Queen Paradox Messmer still does not understand that this is the sort of action that made him loose his title anyway…. Please deary just give up.. do us a favor log out of SL and go seek imidiate phsychologial help before you end up in a worse state then you already are…. Mr Gold would not want to see you like that…. but the dark one would enjoy it inmensely… It seems deary you do not understand you just commited career suicide so the fashion world will never want anything more to do with you, your drama and your blackmailing ways… Honestly deary… did you think by threatening a company they would just give you back the title? you are one sic demented puppy deary oh dear….. But as it turns out and to be expected Mr Messmer screwed up yet again …. what else is new deary’s? what is to be expected? LOL…. it seems Mr Paradox is trying to blackmail to get his title back and threatening to expose things of the entire fashion comunity yet he expects to keep working on it ? LOL oh deary you are one demented soul even more then the Dark one. ” [13:20] Paradox Messmer: (Saved Sat Nov 26 23:56:38 2016)Dear Reign…many people have come forward to support me after seeing what I shared about my title being taken from me on social media. I intend to go into greater depth about it on my blog and get some testimonials from Eleseren and others who got treated like shit and kicked out of your corrupt organization.[13:20] Paradox Messmer: (Saved Sat Nov 26 23:58:44 2016)Some have left your organization to show solidarity and others have shared they went through similar negative experiences with BOSL and MVW. I intend to expose what you’ve done to everyone I can. You should not be allowed to take away my crown just because I exercised my right to express my mind about politics and sexism and other subject matter.

[13:20] Paradox Messmer: (Saved Sat Nov 26 23:59:47 2016)The fact Is I earned that title fair and square, I worked my ass off to get that ,slaved at it for months, you can’t take it from me truly. In the eyes of so many, I’m the rightful Mr Virtual World 2016 and always will be.

[13:22] Reign Congrejo Jameson (reign.congrejo): thank you Paradox, I am sorry you feel that way however; getting people to be on your side if that is what makes you feel better then do just that. We have many more that support our efforts than what you are trying to do so I wish you the best in all your endeavors and the people will support you as well. Take care and good luck.” With the current statement released by the MVW CEO and pasted in Paradox’s facebook wall which we all know he will delete because it exposes him as a fraud and why he was terminated: MWV CEO’s statement to address mis information concerning the recent dismissal of the previous Mr VW and the crowning of his successor. This will provide as the official response to the allegations and will be the last statement made concerning this event.

When I logged into Second life today I was greeted with the message below from Mr. Paradox Messmer. What to some it may seem like a threatening message but to me I found merely a sad way of trying to explain a reason for his recent behavior and departure of the title of Mr. Virtual World. 

I have been silent up to this point because really the facts speak for themselves, but when you put such trash in my box then I must address in totality once and for all.

Mr. Messmer; It seems that you are forgetting that you were spoken to about these incidents that have taken place way before they happened. I sat you down and had a long talk with you about the expectations of being Mr. Virtual World. You made the promise that you would not do anything to jeopardize your title and if you had any questions you would come to me or any of the executives on my team for help.

I want to make certain items very clear. You were picked by a panel of judges based on your styling, your interviews and such and the scores proved you to win the competition fair and square. Realize just because you win and you do not conduct yourself in a manner that represents an organization or brand in the best light you can be let go. There are many businesses that do this on a daily basis so please keep the coy out of this and come to the realization that you did not do what was in the best interest of this organization. There are many things that I may want to talk about politically/sexually or otherwise but the platform in which I created is not the place for it to be done. We all have our ways of thinking but my organization is not the platform for you to share that in. Mr. Virtual World is a brand and many hold him to the utmost high. Designers have left because of the representation of you and all that you stand for. As you stated many are behind you and have left BOSL well on the other side of that pendulum many have returned knowing certain individuals are now gone and BOSL is heading in the right direction. 

People have the right to form their own opinions about BOSL and I but let’s be very clear here, the people in which you are talking about have a very skewed view due to the fact that they were in for only themselves and not for what the organization stood for; only to push themselves forward and what they could get out of it, never “what can I do to help push BOSL and themselves forward” but only what was good for them at that moment. So seems you are right in line for that same thing as you came to me in the same light. One must ask “why do you apply to be in such a competition?” Is it a mere to get your name out or is it to be part of something that you want to push and make better while also making yourself better?

Mr. Dox; you signed an agreement in which you agreed to no defamation of character in or after the competition so you have no grounds to stand on especially on what you posted below so truly you have no right to carry “Mr. Virtual World”. Now another point, my organization is a registered trademark in real life so you have no grounds to stand on any of this mumbo jumbo you claim and for all of this I could press serious charges against you in real life and by you living in Canada would not save your soul at all. So if you want to be transparent and keep writing and sharing, be ready to come out of the kiddy sand box and come play with the big boys in the high rise in the courts as I will sue you in court for slander and go after all that you are and all that you have.

….That is all” And of course since Mr Gold knows almost everything and the Dark One knows it all here is all the juicy evidence to back up the claim…..




So…. by all means Mr Paradox Messmer deary…. try to blackmail and slander some more… I would love to see them take you to court and leave you in the psych ward where you belong ….. Remember Deary…. We’re not in your kingdom anymore, you’re in mine.

EllaSparkss and Brandon Taselian Rumored to have Broken Up..

We got whispered that Brandon Taselian and EllaSparkss are no more an item. Ella removed his pick and words she wrote about him from her profile while Brandon simply just placed a link to Youtube which supposedly say how he is.



But Ella picture on Flickr says a lot about the situation but both seem to have dedicated their time and energy to play it out for everyone to think they are still together on Flickr. We just watch and see how long their games go on and anyone who has the juicy detail should come whisper.


Mr. Virtual World – Paradox Mesmer Gets Fired and displays Complete Meltdown on Facebook!

Yesterday we got whispered that Paradox Mesmer is not longer Mr Virtual World, a press release was sent out from BOSL but seem he isn’t taking this very well as his Facebook page has been on fire.

Oh deary, deary, deary, it seems that Mr Paradox Mesmer lives up to his reputation as an unbalanced drama starting drama craving individual and forces BoSL to take the decision to finally remove him from his title of Mr Virtual World. It was just released 
Way to go Reign for sticking to your ethics and giving Mr Drama queen a chance even though it cost you quite a few designers and sponsors to BoSL &CO. May a new age begging Deary!!!! Mr Gold is rooting for you!!

And of course deary’s it seem’s that Mr Drama Queen Paradox Mesmer lives up to his reputation by going to cry on Facebook about him being fired and even posted all the chat logs of said conversation… If i was the person that fired him I would look into pressing the matter of releasing chat logs against ToS and finally have and do us the favor of getting rid of said cry baby.
But here’s to you deary Mr. Bunin for being a good ol’ lad and explaining why he was finally fired!!!! 
Remember deary’s Mr Gold knows it all…. (and the Dark one knows everything~!) 
Hmmm …BOSL .. Seem you are ending the years with massive Drama all the way!!


Admittedly, there are a lot of events going on in Second Life and it could be hard keeping up with all of them especially if you are a super popular second life celebrity 😜 🙄 who has been put on a pedestal and given a crown to boot.

But how do we explain away an absence at your own event? Flaky? Forgetful? Unconcerned? Payback? Protest? Diva behavior? Fickle? Devious? We can go on and on

We will rather allow the Whisperer dish on this whisper:

“Current Miss Virtual World Delypop Cresci ignores her new role as COO for her new agency and chooses to do runway shows and admits to having favorites in the competition she is suppose to be judging fairly

========== ========= ==========

Oh Deary deary deary…… Amazing…. So it turns out my deary’s… That the current Miss Virtual world Delypop Cresci a.k.a Morgaine Muse and in Facebook Francesca Morgaine Muse gets handed the new modeling agency as the C.O.O. of BoSL New Faces 

and she decides to have a Fashion weekend for the launch of the new company 

 and to top it off she decides to do this with only 3 weeks prep time. 

Everything gets set up… They get 15 designers in less than 3 weeks and in the end Morgaine Muse decides to ditch her models, her designers , To not show up to a single show (even though she is the COO!!!!! of the company) and goes and does The Fantasy Angels show 

making sure that 1 of her shows for her new company started on the same day and she was already casted for the angel show!!!!!

 and also….. Also…. ALSO….. 

It has come to my ears (or eyes in these case deary’s) that She is scoring high almost perfect if not perfect 10’s for her best friends in the new MVW competition trying to rig the competition for her friends to ensure she chooses who wins the title this year. Even admitted that she had FAVORITES on the competition and that even knowing this and admiting it that her judging was “impartial”.

 “[14:09] Morgaine Muse (delypop.cresci): I have my favorites. But we all have our favorites. 

[14:11] Morgaine Muse (delypop.cresci): Competitors Best, not have never disappointed

[14:11] Morgaine Muse (delypop.cresci): This year there are two groups.

[14:12] Morgaine Muse (delypop.cresci): the best and the worst. there are no half measures

[14:13] Morgaine Muse (delypop.cresci): the best are always beautiful outfits. the worst are always bad outfits “

 (Amazing what you can get by eaves dropping on local chat …. hmmm?) Remember deary…. Mr Gold and the Dark One KNOWS IT ALL……”

Copybot Drama – David Cooper (Owner Doux) drops Video on how to make hair to prove a point that Hervé Faenzo (Owner Murray) claims are wrong!🙈

This copy bot drama has been on full blast all through the weekend where Hervé Faenzo (Owner of Murray) has been sending out texture proof  with clips of past conversations on her Facebook page to prove that David Cooper (owner of Doux ) actually copybotted both  Murray and Rowne.The story out there is kind of complicated as everyone has an opinion on what is going on with these two designers.

Whereas on David’s Facebook page he seem too quiet or probably post and delete them and act all quiet 😊 . Then wakes up after a flu and decide to finally silence all my dropping a video on how to make hair 😂. Guess it your turn Murray to drop a video 🙈.



The whisperer’s thought – Does a video really clear the underlining fact that he actually did copy those hair? or is Murray overacting on something that could easily be a coincidence.?

The entire stories and comments are on their Facebook pages :  Herves and David

Side Gig : For those trying to make hair you can watch the free video by David Cooper on making Hair LOL

Reverie Busted For Using PreFab Mesh for their Arcade Release!

Earlier today we got whispered about some huge drama with Reverie and some Mesh designer on both Plurk and Flickr which even lead to some residents initially suspecting  this was a copybotter offering free download of suspected copybot items.


When this was initially posted on the various social medias, the title and description of the post was called “download free” with “link soon” but later this was changed.Also comment made previously by Wayne Carr – Reverie’s CSR  and also Paola’s boyfriends was deleted from the posted.Well this must be some massive drama which was both publicly and privately managed.


See Flickr complete post below


The big question that keeps nagging on everyone mind is -What is Reverie actually using for their Arcade Release?Is it Prefab Mesh?

Source :Flickr and  Plurk 

Rose Highwater Fallout with Samanda, Closes Black Basalt Sim and Stella Mahogany is the new BFF!

We just got whispered that there seems to be some disagreement between Samanda Eddingham and Rose Highwater  which we are still yet to get the juice on *winks eyes * and strain ears to hear all the juice. Due to recent fallout she decided to closed her Black Basalt sim as seen in her display on Flickr.
Stella Mahogany  (the latest in a long line of ladies to be woo’d by Boo! – Bootney Blessed) has taken the bold step to become her bff since Sam seem not to be available or interested!
Images : Flickr and Flickr

There is a New Baby in town – Hikaru Enimo very own Marcusgay, Mr. Lambert move over😊

Hikaru Enimo and Marcusgay Lefevre seem to be the new couple on the block, they have both been seen sharing intimate moment on Hikaru’s Flickr pages – perfect picture baby.. yes baby .. Love it baby … *rolling eyes*🙄🙄🙄.


Seems Mr.Lambert – Owner of Essences who was the former ohh baby, yes baby has moved on or is Mr. Lambert actually Marcusgay in disguise *coughs*.

Image : Flickr