The Book of Daniel: Farewell Chapter.☹️️😩

This was posted in Neva Crystall’s Flickr Page and we sympathize with the family and friends…

Dear friends,

With broken hearts we announce you that, despite all our efforts to help Daniel fight the battle of his life, despite all his huge efforts to stay here with us and his loved ones, he had to leave us behind yesterday morning, October 28th.

Its very hard for us to write these words to you as we cant believe yet that our dear friend is no longer with us but please know that, he left this world knowing that all of you here tried your best to help him succeed. He felt blessed and so did we. Your help was not in vain even so we lost this battle. There is still a broken heart left behind, his wife Anais, whom we will continue to support.

Daniel was a talented man and a great friend, who loved SL and making beautiful things for all of us to enjoy at his store, Zerkalo. He was a fighter and tried his best until the very end but unfortunately he just had to go away..hopefully to a better place.

Farewell dear friend and may you find your peace.

Source : Flickr 

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  1. I had to pinch myself in front of the outburst of violence here. I am feeling desperately sad because no need to dig up all the dirt here : this is a serious issue. Smart people should have tried to solve this in private.


    • Where’s the violence ? I see people who are frustrated ,by the lack of common sense ,to the fact that ,when a big amount of money is given to a cause ,there need to be receipts out there , that the organizers will be in possession of . These receipts just need to be out there for anyone to see. Just like we need to see proof of what we are giving Money too. It’s very simple. But I see some of you here are trying to switch this around to take the heat of the event organizers ,who clearly have a reason for not giving any proof of the cause or the receipts. Big red warning sign . And I would be careful to involve myself or visit these organizers events in the future .


      • If you cannot understand my feelings, I cannot help you. Most of the comments are aggressive without resolving anything. It doesn’t help to demonise and to say that people are monsters.
        Virtual anonymity sometimes take us to the dark side of the internet.


      • Wow, so strange that, except here, nobody is pointing this around sl. No blog, no group chat. I do not know how many anonymous posts you have made here hehe.
        Angry people are not always wise – Jane Austen
        Good luck !


  2. How sick are people in SL using the dead of a human being for bashing people.
    How sad must your real life be to be such an ugly person in a second life.
    This man died due to a very bad illness, can you haters even imagine what this means?
    Nobody has to care about, nobody had to support the fundraiser event, nobody has to like any of his friends like Keon or Neva, but please!! go your way then and dont throw dirt on others. I like what Neva and Keon did, because even in SL is friendship precious.

    I am not a SL-celeb, nor am i in any way famous. I am just a SL resident like thousand others, and i am totally sad about you bad people out there.

    Always remember, having such a bad bad attitude and such a missleading mind is the worse illness.

    I never saw Daniel or Anais, but i prayed for them past days just because of humanity.
    Ever heared this word, haters?


    • Here’s the deal: Everybody who participated and donated money to this event have heard someone was very ill due to a brain cancer. To me sounds fair enough (like every fundraising event as Relay for Life, Hair Fair and others) to either make publicly know every single receips or income reports as a matter of respect to every single person who joined the cause and donate their money. This is how you run an event, and i’m pretty sure it works for rl as well.
      What people are claiming here is their right to know if they have been fooled or not. Simple as that.
      However, it seems to me the event organizers rather have their reputation trashed than bringing all the evidences up. If there’s no proof, there’s a reason to people bitch about it. You can’t create an event such as it was “The Book of Daniel” without thinking of all details, including posting the income statements. It sounds completely amateur not to.


    • How sick are people using the dead to make money ? Thats the question you need to be asking. But i know you wont. You are one of those blind bats . Most of SL did not know this man, thats why first of all there should have been some EVIDENCE of his illness all the way through. But blind bats are too scared to ask the real questions, and these scammers just love to keep you blind bats around them. Why wouldnt they ? They never have get to answer to anyone while they scam people . People are not ruthless , they will support honest causes,thats why charity is huge all around the world . But people will ask questions when someone is fooling around with a large amount of money that they cant prove was spend on what it was meant for. So please spare us the blind bat dramatics by trying to make us feel bad for wanting transparency and proof. Keon got busted . He would rather sit on a blog barking about him being the new saint of everything, instead of coming up with the receipts . Thats the real issue here . You will not make me feel bad ever for asking questions where such a huge amount of money went, never ever never. So to all the members of the blind bat fan club/xenga groupies :try again.


  3. The people who defend this type of scamming (it’s what it is till proved otherwised ) are guilty by association. To say someone is dying and not giving any proof of this For then to collect money to a supppsed treatment and again not giving any proof is what fraud looks like all through the internet. But Keon must have thought everyone on second life to be fools as he is using death to make money. Just like all the other fraudsters throughout the internet. Of course had this been real there would be all kinds of proof. just like there is on real charity events and collections for good causes. Fan club you need to stick my the xengas and be the blind bats that you are. They need you now more than ever. Maybe set up a gofund me page for the xengas ?


    • Don’t know why you talk and talk and having so lot of free hate. If Keon said you can just IM him and he will send you proove…. what are you waiting for ? Better spending time to have your proove than spend time to vomit here. You don’t care to know if it’s true or not. You are just here for hate. No more.

      Just ask him, and you will know. Easy, right ?
      It’s exactly what I did.


      • What do you wait : Why do you not tell your friend Keon to shut everyone up : he could just post the proof. That way saving everyones time . But i can see you and him prefer talking around this subject. To save his skin and not being labelled an event scammer he should be desperate to prove everyone wrong. Why is he trying to avoid this ? It is not proffesional to ask your customers to message you about proof,but i know expecting any type of proffesionalism from him and his adoring blind bat fan club is too much. His events are already dying out, i mean there is Uber Kustom 9 and others who has the real talent , they do not scam people . They do not need to create several events just stay relevant. Word gets around when people act suspicious with other peoples money ,even in Second Life.


  4. Cute. The xenga fan club has arrived. Still avoiding the subject of receipts I see. So let’s avoid all those events they are trying to juggle while saving the rest of the world. I’m amused that xengas has such audacity to act so beyond everything and everyone. When their events are boring af. That’s why they keep creating new events like the chapter four couple to try to stay relevant. Well keep your receipts . Action speaks louder than words. But words does get around when people have that scam label attached to them.


  5. Keon Xenga says:
    I don’t give a fuck about all this, I just laugh about your little people’s problems, cos I just don’t care. So go ahead and cry. Please cry me a river cos honestly I’ve never ever cared for anyone in SL and I’m never intending to.


  6. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. The man isn’t even cold in a grave and you’re all picking up gossip and fighting like sad little fucks with no morality or real lives. Instead of ripping each other apart over shit nothing the fuck to do with you, counter arguing your point, actions and beliefs over he said/she said. Go back to the original posting of the thread which was the death of a well respected and creative soul on an social app. One who is mourned by his wife, his real life family and friends and those who knew him online. You’re all picking at a pile of shit nothing the fuck to do with the thread but trying to weigh in on a personal argument between other players for kudos. Fucking lame cunts the lot of you.
    Really is no wonder Secondlife gets such a bad reputation from those left and those who don’t play it when they can access sites like this and see the pathetic comments on what was a posting of respect to one lost!

    RIP Daniel. I for one shall miss your amazing work.

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  7. Really? A young man died all you discuss is where the fucking money is went? Are you serious? Money that bring him not back??? This is not the right time and ofc not the right place to discuss this shit. Shame on you. Rest in peace Daniel and I hope Anais won’t read this ugly comments here.

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  8. 22 July –
    “Our dear friend Daniel Estro, 29 years old, (co-owner of Zerkalo, Shiny Shabby and The Crossroads) has cancer and desperately needs our help. The fight for his life began when doctors discovered a malignant tumor in his brain, about 7 centimeters in diameter. Daniel underwent life-threatening surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery went well. However, several weeks later what was left of the tumor spread throughout his brain and started affecting his brain function.. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy.”

    The Event takes place from 10th – 20th September.

    21 Sept –
    Letter from Anais.
    The situation is a bit better now – as many of you know Daniel regained consciousness. We have already gone through 3 courses of chemotherapy and one course of radiotherapy since July and are now having additional tests done, which will show what needs to be done next. Please pray for us if you believe.

    Reading these 2 extracts from Neva’s Flickr it appears Daniel has had to chemo and radiotherapy BEFORE the event took place.
    So what exactly was the money for?


    • Wikipedia – The Constitution of the Russian Federation has provided all citizens the right to free healthcare under Mandatory Medical Insurance since 1996.

      Perhaps their friend did not have a proper health insurance? Or because of his illness their income from SL dropped and they were in need of financial support for their loss of income. But should the community donate for that?
      I believe it’s perfectly legit to ask for receipts and Keon’s respond is very offensive. For as long as they refuse to show anything it’s all guessing. Reading his responds he’s trying to make up excuses as to why they can not show anything. He should not use his grief for the loss of his friend as an excuse for his refusal to answer legitimate questions in regards to their fund raiser. Their friend’s doctor will not provide any detailed information because he or she has to respect the doctor – patient privilege. Strangely enough Keon believes that’s not applicable but similar privilege reasons do apply to him as the organizer and he can not provide a bit more detailed information as to where the money really went (only 374,73 USD in payments for Linden transactions based on the L$ 2.800.000 that was donated). They have not not thought it through how legitimate fundraisers in SL can work. Eventually the community will ask questions and has the right to answers. Otherwise this will only be perceived as another shady fundraiser.

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  9. SayingWhatIThink who said you were Skippy in the first place? Why write that? YET HE IS A PERSON WHO WOULD STOOP TO THE LEVEL TO PULL THIS EXACT CRAP ON HERE.

    SayingWhatIThink — what did you do for Daniel and his wife? You willingly participated and gave money to an event? What else? Why attack someone who took the time to organize an event with his partner and attempt to do something? If you want proof of something get ass off the forum and go ask Keon for the proof using your REAL SECOND LIFE NAME. Stop hiding behind your fake one.
    Someone died you small time ignorant fuck and you taint his name and the people who attempted to do something.

    And if you aren’t Skippy go ask him what he did for Neva and Keon compared to what they gave him. Skippy is a fraudulent no talent piss ant that only wants to befriend creators to get free product. Anyone can see that his overly positive act is FAKE. And if you really got to know him he isn’t nice. He is a manipulator a fake a fraud a person who takes everything he can get from big creators and he actually thought Neva would be his mommy forever in a game. What 50 year old gets bent out of shape after losing his SL mommy to the point that he needs to begin trash talking? The guy needs fucking psych help and to get out of this game. If he had a bad childhood that’s sad but to come in here and compensate for it and to get mad when he loses his SL MOMMY is stupid. The guy is actually earning more and more enemies and people who secretly dislike the fraudulent idiot every single day.

    Neva — seriously release all of the information about this Skippy guy where he is demanding that he get paid more money even though you gave him everything you could. There are ways that you can legally do this to show people who this fucker really is and how he operates under the fraudulent innocence of a child avatar. I am a creator. You think creators do not discuss things among each other? He will not ask you for your product up front he hints about it constantly until you feel you have to finally give into the CHILD. No one says no to the child. The moment you say no to the child you are a bad bad person in the eyes of not only him but everyone else who thinks this OLD MAN is actually a child.


    • I hope Neva show the person Skippy Beresford really is. If not her then let Keon do it. I think it is time. There is something not right about him.


      • Like to see that also. I know both sides. Got them both on my friends list. I dislike him more every day. I feel I cannot delete him due to the fit throwing that would occur after.


    • Fraud?
      If you care to read below someone said that my comment had to come from someone like Skippy hiding behind false names! I merely verified I am not Skippy!
      What a laugh you are, telling me not to hide behind a fake name and yet that’s exactly what you’re doing!!
      You said you’re a content creator, well come on tell us who you are or are you scared people will stop buying your shit now they’ve seen what an aggressive nasty person you really are?
      Yeah he died, people die every day and people get told they’ve got cancer every day, from babies to old people, this is life, it’s a bitch and we die.
      Get this through your thick skull will you.
      I never attacked Keon.
      Keon was the one being passive aggressive and you’ll see this if again you care to read his replies, also Keon is more than able to reply to my questions by himself so I’m not sure why you’re here at all.
      It seems to me that people are trying to make this all about Skippy to deflect the spotlight from the actual question I raised.
      Again if you don’t like Skippy remove him and block him it’s that easy and you’ll never have to hear from him again.


        • Please use the same email if you expect to be taken seriously as the colour icon of this comment doesn’t match the first comment.
          I’ve asked Keon for the answers and I’m still waiting.
          They made everything about Daniels illness and death public knowledge so why not the receipts?


  10. The yearly hair event gives to a great cause every year. They have been doing this for years. And every year we the customers get to see the results and the thank you letter from the organizations . It is very normal Keon to show receipts unless there is something to hide. And people should not have to message you about that. You really need to take a few lessons in business management and pr.


  11. I get that keon is here to teach us about cancer ,receipts and being such a great preacher. Seriously Keon had you been had you any class or dignity your event would not be tainted by your condecending words to very valid questions. I live in the real world where they is fraud cancer death and everything else good and bad. And yes it means asking questions when proof is being hidden away . You could have avoided all of this by being upfront shown receipts ( like someone else said they could be edited/blurred out personal details ) But no you are of the defence. Why ? If there is nothing to hide why not just show the outcome ? Why did people wait til now after this sad ending ? Because i for one would have thought it obvious that you at some point would come up with some details , some evidence . That is why people are asking you questions. If i was part of giving money to a cause i need to see what my part of the money went to. THAT IS CALLED BEING SMART .


  12. In answer to your response Keon.
    I’ve been affected by cancer, losing 2 close family members to it and everyone on this earth has been affected by someone dying.
    My heart goes out to Anais, their families and friends, but the sad reality is that many people use situations exactly like these to defraud others.
    I’m not saying that is what happened here or accusing anyone, but I do feel that receipts should have been shown.
    Both yourself and Neva (who put up all the posts on Flickr and arranged the event, but seems to be staying quiet now) are very adept at editing pictures so I don’t see why the receipts could not have been slightly edited so that the real life names didn’t show, as has been done many many times before during charity events in SL.
    I won’t be contacting you in private as this matter has been displayed all over social media, as were details of his illness and death, and yet the receipts you want to keep private?!
    I never mentioned this before now because my hope was that we’d hear from Daniel when he recovered and be shown evidence that supported the facts as to where all this money went, but sadly now that’s not going to happen.
    Maybe I have chosen the wrong time to bring this to your attention but there was never going to be a right time with regard to such a delicate situation.
    You claim that “we will be here for anyone” does this mean that the next time one of the residents of SL falls on difficult times they should come to yourselves and you’ll raise funds for them too, and yet again the people who donate will not see any evidence of exactly where the lindens went, as I for one will not be contributing to anything unless there is more transparency.
    I calculated that the total amount raised was over 10,000 USD so please correct me if I’m wrong and tell me exactly how many USD it actually was.
    As said above I know from experience how much cancer treatments cost. I also know clinics do not take money without issuing receipts which are clearly dated.
    Anais has been left out of this Keon. Yourself and mainly Neva were the ones who arranged all this but also the ones who failed to display the most important details.

    In answer to these people who are trying to divert this onto Skippy Beresford.
    I am not Skippy, I am a concerned resident of SL.
    If you don’t like what he does on his Flickr then un-follow him or even block him if it upsets you so much.
    If his behaviour annoys you in SL then block him there too and you’ll never have to see or hear from him again, but don’t come here blaming him for something he’s had no part in with no evidence to back up your statements.

    In answer to the Brandon comments.
    Again please stop trying to divert the situation.
    This is about a hell of a lot of money going out of SL, lots of it from people who might not be able to afford it, and no receipts being shown for it.
    And if the real Brandon does have anything to say then he’s more than capable of speaking for himself JS!


    • “My heart goes out to Anais, their families and friends, but the sad reality is that many people use situations exactly like these to defraud others.” – Im sorry to say that you have no heart. You started this topic with this ” Do they want us to contribute to the funeral now as well as his treatment?” – I dont need to explain further more.

      If you consider me or Neva capable to edit receipts, then why do you even expect us to post them in public? If i give you the contact from the hospital in Moscow where Daniel spent his last months until 28th of oct when he passed away will you call? This cannot be edited. If you think hard that we frauded anyone, in the day of the burial…need i say more? You have already said it all and i have no words for such behaviours..too low, even for someone who “hates” everyone around. You had months to doubt us, to ask for evidence and you didnt. You chose yesterday, Daniels burial day to try break us down. So be it, there is a karma but let me tell you this: you cannot break us down and do you know why? Because we did nothing bad, we stood behind our friends and behind everyone who ever needed us and we will do it again and again, as much as we have to.

      You have calculated 10.000 USD now let me ask you this: Have you ever put Lindens to Real? Have you ever dealt with Rates and LL taxes? But okay i can promise you this: will gather all receipts and will make you a total cost which will be for 3 types of treatments, weekly tests, surgery and months of hospitalizing and if “I’ve been affected by cancer, losing 2 close family members to it” is true, i cannot understand why i need to explain this as you should have known by now what cancer treatments mean financially. Every person who has really dealt with this horrible disease had no question regarding the expenses. Actually, nobody did except for you…You who appear out of the blue, in Daniel’s burial day saying “Do they want us to contribute to the funeral now as well as his treatment?” No further words needed, your intention was more than obvious so dont try to back up now, hiding behind a heart that you do NOT possess.

      The people who know us, may they be friends or not so close, know that we are always willing to help as much as we can, when we are needed. We are humans above all and we strongly believe in “what you give, is what you get” and this is why i sleep very good at night.

      In conclusion and this will be my last reply on this topic ( it’s a waste of time to fight against cruel attacks because, this is what this is..a low attack and as someone has said reading your concerns about the funeral money ” this is the lowest thing ive seen in SL..and i’ve seen a lot” if you have any doubts at all, please give up on anonimity and contact me, i will give you everything you need. Will not post on Flickr real data as it is not normal to do so and im sure you know this..and also you said it loud and clear that we edit..alright my friend but we do have options that cannot be edited..what do you have? Frustrations and lack of humanity…im sorry for this, but dont even dare put it on people that never did you anything and also, never asked you for anything.

      Now please continue but unless you truly seek for real evidence, not just what is it that you are doing here, i suggest you get some theraphy for yourself. I will even support you with a fundraising event, i didnt lie when i said, if i can help, i will.

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      • When I said “you could edit the receipts” I meant that you could blank out real life names and locations but still show amounts.
        I have seen this done before.
        If the name was blanked out then it wouldn’t be possible to call the Hospital but also due to data protection laws which I presume exist in Moscow as in the rest of the world the Hospital would not be able to give out information on their patients even if I did call!

        You could also have set up a just giving page where people could have clearly seen exactly what they were giving to and where it was going but for whatever reason you chose not to.

        The virtual world of Second Life is synonymous with people playing liars and cheats as is the internet itself and yet you expect people to believe that yourself and Neva are some type of Saintly beings who are happy to raise money for anyone in need! Yeah right!
        I’m sorry Keon but your previous track record and Neva’s do not back this up.
        For all I know Daniel could be alive and well and holidaying in the Caribbean.
        I’d also be interested to know what Lindens Labs thoughts are about all this cash being donated by residents but no receipts being shown. All we have is your word that this isn’t a scam and sadly because of your position in SL people have rushed blindly to give their time and donate without questioning if all this is legit.
        If what you have done is so good then you should have no problem with accountability and transparency yet you twist things around putting the blame on me saying this is the lowest thing you’ve seen on SL etc., by me asking a simple question about receipts!

        I don’t need therapy but thank you for the offer of funding it.


        • “For all I know Daniel could be alive and well and holidaying in the Caribbean.” – You have said it all, once more.

          Please contact Linden Lab, you should have done it in the first place and not start this outraging BS and with this i am done.

          May you get in life what you offer.


          • Yeah because if I’d gone straight to Linden Labs then it wouldn’t have came to the attention of the public in such a bad way for you would it Keon?

            You’ve been playing SL long enough to know the levels to which people stoop and it wouldn’t be the first or last time someone has lied about having a terminal disease or even dying but yet again we are supposed to just believe everything you say with no question!
            Well I’m sorry I don’t.
            All I have been is assertive in asking pertinent questions and all you have been is passive aggressive.


        • “For all I know Daniel could be alive and well and holidaying in the Caribbean.” – You have said it all, once more. – SayingWhatIThink

          You are nothing but a shitty person. Why would you even go there? I hope you make your true identity known on this forum. Keep talking and we will figure out who you really are. Can’t wait.


      • If only you’d be honest about this but sadly I know you’re not. You’d make a good politician though, gaining popularity out of other people’s misery. Love ‘K’


    • well, after having read the whole comments of this post i d just say that you “sayingwhatithink” are the perfect illustration that sometimes thinking can go wrong and in those case it’s always better to shut your mouth. You are the shame of humanity, and when i read you i feel shameful to be the same specy than you. I think animals would react with more humanity than you do.
      Im wondering in the name of what are you asking receipts ?
      Did you lost money ? did you only give money ?
      You are a customer ? Well you got the item you paid for. it doesnt entitle you to be so rude with the event coordinators.
      you are one of the designers ? I am too.. noone forced us. We were given the choice to give 50-75 or 100 % of our sales. We did by our won.
      The book of Daniel is not RFL it has not the same big organization to help. Its just a bunch of ppl trying the impossible in order to help their dear friend.
      You are not customer, nor designer ? then you gave no money, i wonder what gives you the idea you are entitled to ask receipt. You are not. not your business. And you can go and cry everywhere , you are just pathetic .
      So unless you are one of the designers, and then it would be nice to know your name so i will make sure to never shop in ur store anymore, the reciept are not your business.
      Instead try to educate your humanity.
      I hope you will never have to face the same situation with a friend or a relative, but yeah… as you show a total lack of empathy this cant happen anyway bec i dont think you are even able to worry for anyone.


  13. I do not see why it is strange to ask question about the validity of where the money went from this event. Yes i think there should have been receipts shown and no people should not have to message you for that. There is fraud everywhere we look these days so do not get offended when people react this way. It is not a personal thing but believe me every person on this earth has been affected by someone dying . And no we can not all set up an event or gofundme page but i personally think it is wonderful that you guys did that.But i also feel that there should be more transparency when it involves such a great amount of money. It was a great event for sure. But yes people will ask questions when there is no actual proof. And you as the event organizers should know that receipts needed to be shown before people on blogs starts asking you about it. It just is not classy at all and by not being open and tranparent with this great amount of money, you are taking away the focus from the actual cause. Not proferssional at all.


    • I do not mind people asking question but if by “Do they want us to contribute to the funeral now as well as his treatment?” you understand concerns about the validity of where the money went, then i must be living in a world with different principles and values.

      You and many others hide your comments behind “Anonymous” to protect a “secondlife profile” and in the same time, expect us to publish Real names and social security number of real people in flickr. I think that is even against the law. Flickr contains milions of people that had nothing to do with our cause so i do not see any reason to publish such private data.

      It is why i said and i repeat myself, should anyone who contributed to the event and wants to see the receipts or to investigate the validity of the money, please contact us we can and will help you – by receipts and hospital papers and not only…can give you information about the Hospital and direct you to the doctor who was in charge. They cannot lie as its against the law.

      What more transparency do you need now? We have made public all that we could without putting them in danger by exposing in a social media data such as, real name, address and security number. Not professional right? I guess the word “professional” has different meanings then.

      And yet, really amazing how you sincere and concerned people come into a site that had nothing to do with Daniel’s cause to express sympathy by throwing words like “Do they want us to contribute to the funeral now as well as his treatment? ” and minutes later “My heart goes out to Anais, their families and friends, but the sad reality is that many people use situations exactly like these to defraud others.” but not even once came to us and asked for EVIDENCE. You never seek for the truth, you seek for destryoing the only thing that was good in all this: the humanity of most of the people in SL. And this we will not forget, no matter how many of you may come now, hours after Daniel was put to can try and keep trying…


      • What a pile of bullshit!

        “It is why i said and i repeat myself, should anyone who contributed to the event and wants to see the receipts or to investigate the validity of the money, please contact us we can and will help you – by receipts and hospital papers and not only…can give you information about the Hospital and direct you to the doctor who was in charge. They cannot lie as its against the law.”

        So let me get this right – you’ll show the receipts and hospital papers, give information about the hospital and direct anyone who contacts you to the doctor in charge BUT surely this information contains their real names? but you also say

        “We have made public all that we could without putting them in danger by exposing in a social media data such as, real name,”

        So you’ll divulge this information about the hospital to anyone and share their names?
        You seem to be contradicting yourself Keon!
        What if the majority of people who contributed to the event decide to contact you?
        Will you show everyone?
        What’s to stop them making a screenshot of it and sharing?


      • Please stop with this Skippyness. Why are you making him relevant anywhere ? This is what he wants. He thrive on you fools posting about him . Then he can take on his victim role. Now Keon ( Skippys ex daddy ) , why are you here trying to be alll huffy and puffy when everyone just really want to know : Where is the receipts ? You dont have them ? Ok. Then i am sorry it will be known around SL how you guys are trying to cheat people out of money without showing receipts. That is how this works. No one in their right frame of mind is going to give money to a good course without knowing the what ,where ,who ,when . And they will need to see the legitimacy of what the money was used for, in form of a letter or receipt. You can not try and pull a fast one here making us out to be insensire to your friends loss. But you on the other hand is smearing this whole mess all over her loss by not being truthful and honest. You should have come forward a long time ago , when you set up this whole thing letting people know that naturally proof will be given after the event of what the money was spend on. But now people will start asking questions. Thats on you for not being a upfront.So you can jump around pulling the last few hairs out of your scalp , talking about humanity trying to make yourself a saint . But till you learn how to run an event that is not out to extract money from people on maybe false pretenses ? ( we are still to have this confirmed ) your name is going into the great big book of scammers of SL. So please prove people wrong .


  14. Do they want us to contribute to the funeral now as well as his treatment?
    Are we even sure the money for his treatment was used genuinely because we were never shown receipts!
    Sorry to appear harsh but there are lots of people going through tough times who aren’t friends with the big fish in SL and just have to get by best they can.
    I found it strange that Anais took the time to fave pictures on her Flickr but never took the time to say thank you on her or Daniels stream.
    I’ll await the backlash of hate that will come in reply now shall I?


    • No, we dont want you to contribute to anything as we didnt want anything from people like you ever. We asked for help with the treatment and we found amazing feedback from people we didnt even meet and for that we are more than grateful and, unlike others, we will not forget. We will be here for anyone who supported us and our friends, whenever it will be the case ( i hope though, nobody has to go through what these 2 wonderful young friends had to ).

      If you contributed to Daniel’s cause and wish to see receipts, please contact us in private as i cant imagine how do you expect to publish in flickr, real data about any of them. I can understand that nowadays, when many people are trying to make money in any way possible, suspicious questions may appear. However, i cannot understand why you had to bring this up in these tragic moments.

      Anais did thank all of those who participated..if you would have taken time to follow the line, you would have seen but alright, follow this link:

      The Book of Daniel | fundraising event is now closed. We Thanks to All who help to make it happen!

      As you can see, the ammount of money raised was made public and no, wasnt 10.000 USD but was a huge help and if you consider this too much for Cancer treatments ( there wasnt just 1), please make a fast research on how expensive they are.

      You mentioned that Anais took the time to fave some pictures…yes ..time was everything she had. She lived in the hospital for the last 3 or 4 months, holding the Daniel’s hand from morning til morning , day after day, month after month until the last minute. Should we ask her to stop living? Should we judge anyone who tries for a moment to break out of the reality? Should we bury Anais too today along with Daniel?
      No my friend, we will support her and we will keep her alive because its what Daniel would have wished also.

      “I’ll await the backlash of hate that will come in reply now shall I?” – Life is too short to spend it on hating..especially ones who find moments like these to question up everything. Why now? Why not before paying? ( if you did ) See, this is truly sad but well…even so we lost our friend, even so some of you might question our efforts to save him, we thank you if you took part in this.

      In the end, i ask you from the bottom of my heart to leave her out of this..if you could see the truth, you would know that she doesnt deserve this. She has been through hell the last 6 months and now is even worse. If you or anyone needs “receipts” please contact me anytime, we have absolutely nothing to hide.

      Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

      • And also dear SayingWhatIThink, it’s not about “big fish in SL”, its about humanity..and if you or anyone have tough times, instead of trying to break others down, come to us..we will help you as much as we can…but how can we help if we dont know?

        And its not about anything else but..humanity..we will all have bad times at some point, sooner or later…and its why is important to give a helping hand to whomever needs.

        We have the luck yes to know some designers because we collaborate but trust me, many of those who participated, we absolutely dont know. Were just other people trying to give their best of help towards other people.


        • Wish Skippy Beresford would stop posting negative on fake names. Only would this come from one like him or one posing as a child in SL when he is nothing but low talent grown man in rl. No one else would have anything bad to say about this event and money raised than him. He post fake quotes on his picture page Flickr but really if you read deeper he is but mean spirit in shadows.

          Whisperer Challenge – find out who Skippy Beresford really is. Look into him. Is he really great person or just someone who favs everything to get favs in return thousands of them, uses over positive quotes to hide negative comments and uses creators befriends and takes.

          Please Skippy don’t make this guys death all about you to your friends. The ones you still have.


          • Never liked Skippy the creepy fucker. He is the Walmart greeter of SL. If you do not know what Walmart greeters are they stand at the entrance of the store and make sure to say HI to everyone entering. Everyone who went to Black Milk had to listen to him greet every. single. person. entering the sim. What gives? He needed attention so badly that he could not stand to just dance and relax like everyone else.

            Shabby event was the same. Every Shabby round you could find him in the sim pretending to be doing something while doing nothing. And of course the official Walmart greeter once more. Greeting everyone coming into the sim. Whats more? Shabby propaganda in his pics on flickr. Take a look. Go to his albums and he has all of his dreaded propaganda in there. More attention seeking. I ask, what did he actually do at that event than be the official greeter?

            He never quotes words on Flickr. I agree some of the things he posts seem shady.

            I do not miss Skippy Beresford at Black Milk. I do not miss Skippy Beresford at Shabby.
            Thank GODS the fucking child is gone. And 40? No. The man is in his 50s I think.
            50 year old playing a kid in SL because of he grows up he will be just like the rest of us. He will have to actually make good art instead of being the LITTLE PRINCE which he ripped from a story.

            Good on Neva to get rid of that brat. Now lets see how long he can last on his own without the money and fortune of someone who worked for it. He did no work.


              • Right on to the two posts above. The Little Prince is a story written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Skippy Beresford has taken on that character in Second Life stealing it and making it his own through photos. As if he has that right? He is not The Little Prince. Skippy or the 50 whatever year old man playing Skippy is a sad man living out his childhood in a game attempting to gain free product and linden. Maybe the idiot should make up his own stories and stop stealing the ideas of others. Agree take away the child avatar and the feelings given to others cuz of the avatar and you got nothing but a creep at the computer.


              • The “brandon” you are intending to pose as would never say anything like you just said.
                The “brandon” you are intending to pose as knows more about what is going on than you will ever know.
                The “brandon” you are intending to pose as has Keon (and Neva’s) back 100% and would fight people like you for them…with all he has inside him.
                The “brandon” you are intending to pose as thinks you should seek psychiatric support as this “brandon” knows who you really are…
                And finally – the “brandon” you are intending to pose as thinks you should put your hate aside for even a moment and think of someone else in this world who is suffering greatly over a huge personal loss.


      • To people : if you did not believe that this fund raising was for a real reason, why you went to buy? And if you did not buy, why you comment ?

        What kind of receipt do Keon owe you ? anything can be done in photoshop so easily. Real privacy and you don’t even dare to sign with your SL name your own comments…

        Don’t you think Zerkalo is not good enough to keep earning money by working in SL? So why would they fake this ? Seriously?

        Why going on Keon or Skippy? You like them or not, go to your own life maybe?

        Were you forced to do something?

        To Keon, Skippy, Neva : Hugs after reading this…

        To Anais: I know you for so many years my friend, I hope you courage and strength thru this, and sends you tons of Love (actually hoping you don’t read this somehow).


        • Awwwww, this is so cute.
          Has it ever come to your mind Keon especially has a history of doing this? I guess not … so dream on ❤


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