To Worship or Not; At the Altar of Seraphim

Life is all abuzz of the reign of Seraphim and we have been whispered that Delicate Flower (awylder) unleashes terror on her followers by often denying them coverage on the Seraphim website. Seraphim is run by Delicate Flower (awylder) and her partner Heidi and for those who don’t know, Seraphim is said to be the place to go for publicity on second life businesses, events, sales, promos etc. And it also houses a huge database of information for shoppers.


One, two, three reports and a host of other whispers speak of Delicate Flowers rudeness and poor customer communication. They say she unleashes terror on those who go to Seraphim for coverage; as she realizes her power over them and chooses to wield it to their favour or not.

A particular whisper talks about how she resisted and constantly denied them coverage but allowed them pay for sticky ads without explaining their rationale or giving weak excuses for refusing them coverage. What made it difficult and hurtful was when Delicate Flower after refusing them coverage on Seraphim, approached them privately informing them of a new magazine dedicated to event culture and invited them to be promotional partners. You can follow the whole story here: Petit Chat’s Blog


What we at the whisperers would like to know is this: Is Seraphim being used as a platform for Delicate Flower to settle scores or is she displaying an uncurbed hunger for Ls? Or could this really only be a problem created by a cumbersome and difficult selection process? We leave you to decide for yourselves; and to educate the whisperer if need be.

Images : Petit Chat’s and  Seraphim

10 thoughts on “To Worship or Not; At the Altar of Seraphim

  1. Oh please you pay and you get a mini logo. And if you are new the arrogant turds dont even message you back. Everyone knows about their horrible communication with fellow residents. Disgusting really.


  2. I for one am a huge fan of seraphim. I don’t see any indication that they don’t advertise for unpopular events. Matter of fact, I see crappy events advertised on there all the time. It’s up to me to partake and go or not. If it looks like a duck, its probably a duck. IMO this has been exasperated by emotion because parties involved can’t operate in a business manner, because guess what…Seraphim is a business too.


  3. I read the original complaint from Pink Rayne and felt for them, until I read the whole conversation she posted on her blog, then realized it was two people who had a very bad idea for a very pointless event that no one went to and now want to cry and blame the advertisers. I also felt they harassed the staff at Seraphim and were the ones who were abusive, I for one looked at the add which WAS highly promoted on the front page, took one look and vetoed the whole thing as it looked basically like crap, like the ones they held in the past, with cheap horrible items.
    I am usually all for the little guys in these things but I feel they acted immature and childish and this was also reflected in the quality level of their event.

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  4. News flash, Seraphim is 100% within their own right to accept and deny anyone they do not want to cater too – simple as that. If your event is sucking due to your lack of promotion on your own part, that is on you. Do not blame Seraphim, that is on your shoulders. I think they, meaning Inspiration, should have thought about the designers and potential costumers before thinking of their fame and fortune. Because the framing of this story looks to make the reader see Del as evil and Pink as the victim. Now, to get to the slue of word twisting and such on the hyperlink provided. From reading that Pink posted, Del was simply inquiring if InspirationSL would like to participate with this new venture she was doing, Spotlight. Which is obviously a totally separate entity from Seraphim. Pink, obviously cannot distinguish between the two brands as she repeated asked why she wasn’t feature by Seraphim. It seems that Pink took the chance to twist what Del had said into something negative. The example is that Del invited Inspiration to advertise inside their inaugural issue. And possibly Pink is reading that as, Inspiration was not good enough to promote through Seraphim, though we did pay for advertisement on their website to run during the duration of our round, but obviously they just want out money so we can advertise in their magazine. Now, I will side with Pink on this one issue. Seraphim and Spotlight are two separately different brands, true. But the termination of a partnership between Inspiration and Seraphim – after they have finished with their already paid agreement of promotion – wouldn’t make sense if Del was keeping the two brands separate from each other. Because then that is taking how Pink reacted to the conversation, and applied that feeling into Seraphim, which had nothing to do with the conversation at hand. It was Pink, he brought up Seraphim and was angry about that. But again, Del can do what she wants since Seraphim is her’s. I do not work for Serpahim nor do I work for Inspiration, totally a independent individual. But what I got from this article and subsequently Pink’s outcry is that Pink is hurt that Seraphim wouldn’t cover Inspiration to the same extend as another event in Second Life. And when Del asked if they would like to have an advertisement space in Spotlight, Pink was upset that “now” Inspiration was good enough to advertise with – which could mean, in Pink’s mind, money. Now, its no secret Lindens are used as the official currency in Second Life. If you want something in Second Life, you usually need to pay for it. Any service is replied, usually with lindens. So i find it extremely hilarious that Pink is upset that Del would be asking for money in return for advertising space in Spotlight. I am sure Pink had some kind of monetary transaction with the designer’s inside her event, or the land the event is on, or the staff she employs. So to the money aspect of this, i write it off as cheapness on the part of Pink. Seraphim did in-fact promote Inspiration on their website through a Sticky Ad, you can see the ad posted on the hyperlink above. So Seraphim did what they were paid for. Beyond that, it is Seraphim choice if they would like to cover an event or something along those lines. I do have to say this, I find it extremely disturbing the kind of language Pink used at the end of her post. she purposefully, calling Del something outside of her name, in addition to calling her a profane name and a compulsive liar. It just seems extremely low class on Pink’s part. So to Pink, I would say, maybe don’t blast anyone but yourself for what transpired between your event and Seraphim, it just makes you look petty and a bit “Trump-ish” with your attitude and deliverance toward the end of your article/post. To Del, be careful next time when dealing with events you may not have covered as throughly as other; when you try and do business with them again. It’s just sad that Pink had to start this whole thing by posting private conversations to the public and expect, some kind of revenge against Del. Then to finish with such an ugly display of Pink character and arrogance is extremely off-putting.

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  5. Seraphim sucks when it comes to cover new events–they wont cover them at all, not even a damn poster and a slurl of the event, even if you are willing to pay them. A friend of mine had paid them to have her event listed as a sticky and the same thing, they sent her a long notecard that their goal is to cover high traffic events and events that give them hits on the blog..if this is the case, why bother to even have sticky ads?? They did refund my friend’s money but what a waste of time. This site has gone down hill since Vixen Thibedeau sold it to Del, now they are hawking some other magazine site, where they want you to pay triple the price to have advertisements. And if they supposedly only want events that give them hits, why are they covering Penumbra Fashion Week? Which by all accounts from both designers, visitors, and some models, that event has been a disaster all week.


    • As if they are working hard covering the same thing over and over again. I quit looking up Seraphim. It got boring. And yes they consider 1 poster upload a lot of work haha. I agree with you 100% and I have seen the advertisement ridicule first hand. Other blogs do much better work and guess what, for free even. Shame on all who follow those lazy people.


  6. I’ve been silent so far, but I really am tired of this juvenile behavior. Trinity is as rude as they come, I had problems with her last year, before PinkRayne joined her. She sent PinkRayne (who was pleasant with me) back this year to request coverage and advertising, so she knew exactly what she got into and wasn’t deceived on how we work. Yes, we took her money, we are a business, are you kidding? We also make very clear in our communications about advertising that purchasing ads does not guarantee coverage. If that is not to your liking, you are free not to purchase ads, it really is that simple. Improve your event instead of inventing some kind of vendetta and conspiracy against you – we don’t huddle together in a dark cabbal to secretly steer the happenings in the event world to our maximum advantage, and Del is not the evil mastermind behind our machinations. Move on already, this is getting tediuous.

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    • We also make very clear in our communications about advertising that purchasing ads does not guarantee coverage.

      So excuse me: maybe you can say to your customers then: purchase my clothing but there is no guarantee it is in the box.

      Bad business. Shameful infact.


  7. I find it hilarious how Trinity calls Del rude and yet she is the one doing all the childish name calling.

    Seraphim is a business and not a charity. They did not have to pay for the stickies, they chose to. No gun was held to their heads. They got coverage, just not full gallery coverage. Guess what, neither do a lot of other events and you do not see them crying like little bitches.

    And come on, a magazine dedicated to showcasing events….why wouldn’t Del assume an event organiser might be interested in checking it out. A “thanks, but we’re not happy with your service so no thanks”, would have been the polite thing to do, not this boo hooing and misinformation all over Flickr and their blog.

    And lastly, Del does not use Seraphim to settle scores, cos frankly she too lazy to be bothered keeping any.

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  8. Well we don’t need three guesses to know that this has been whispered by Pink Rayne or Trinity Yazimoto!
    These two need to get over their butt hurt and move on.

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