Really! Was Luxebox’s logo created with a Kit ?

We at the whispers always¬†admired the Luxebox’s¬†¬†Logo with¬†all those¬†glitters and simplicity¬†¬†and just like someone heard our thoughts, we got whispered about the actual source of their Logo and we must admit the founders of Luxebox SL¬†are sooooo talented and you can definitely see that¬†in the creation of their Logo ūüėÄ



Images: Creative Market and LuxeBox SL

4 thoughts on “Really! Was Luxebox’s logo created with a Kit ?

  1. This is basic creation and totally normal for small artists and businesses. A lot of creative use that site and assuming they purchased its legit.

    Seems to be a dumb whisper ?


  2. As long they actually purchased that kit I don’t see an issue with it creative market sells kits like that for people to use… I make labels for my IRL business with these kits because I want to spend more time actually making the products and less time in PS making graphics for said products. As long you buy the proper license why bitch about this?


  3. This is a really stupid whisper, so they used a template to make a log. What is the big deal?! People use templates every day to make clothing in Second Life and I do not see anyone complaining. Get a life people!

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