See who stop blogging to focus on Love – Keely Mistwood πŸ˜Š

Even though SL comes with some of the craziness of on and off relationships, someone has been enjoying new love😊.The famous blogger and photographer Keely Mistwood has hooked up with Robert Eroic Dupea and for some reason she stopped blogging some time later. Check their Flickrs pages for more juicy pics of them both.



Images :Β KeelyΒ andΒ Robert

Source : Blog

11 thoughts on “See who stop blogging to focus on Love – Keely Mistwood πŸ˜Š

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  2. So obvious who is liked by the whisperer and who isn’t. This article is just stupid. Who seriously gives a fuck? Give it a week or two and they will both be back on the slut wagon.


    • I have to agree with you anonymous.
      I lol’d when I read “check their Flickrs for more juicy pics of them both” as if we’re a bunch of pervs!
      She’s more famous for being a well oiled fuck machine than a blogger.

      *waits for Beth to come along! LOL


    • I couldn’t care less what you think but I see someone liked your comment who doesn’t even take time to get over one partner before moving on to another. Oh and even had someone collared before moving on to his current partner. I bet she doesn’t know that! Now that’s good gossip!

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      • I know I know! it was Fido! Seems these gossip sites are kind of boring this week, such a lack of juicy material. You know there are too many SL events when the unemployed bloggers are too busy blogging their free loot to talk trash!


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