Pupito Helstein of Chapter Four, Ionic and Lost&Found – What Kind of Game are you playing with Designers?

Considering we have so many events running non stop in Second Life, some of the owners of these events are taking advantage of the designers which is sad considering without the designers must of these event wont happen. We get that fact that most events owners also wants originality but from what was whispered about Pupito Helstein of Chapter Four, Ionic and Lost&Found, he seem to be handling his events wrongly as more designers are complaining of his attitude toward them. Below is a detailed story about such occurrences 

Normally this is not my style, to put someone on blast. However, I feel strongly that this person’s response and reaction to our conversation was grossly overdramatic and uncalled for, and even further stole 3,000 L$ from me. First off, I will admit that I made the mistake of gambling 3k by not fully investigating into this event or understanding how it was run. Secondly, when I RECEIVED an invite from Pupito Helstein, owner of The Chapter Four, *Ionic* and Lost & Found, I made the bad presumption that as an event owner and semi prominent business person in SL, he/she/they would choose designers that they have actually looked into, and designers that do work that accommodate to what they seek for their event. With that being said, I DID look over the rules of the event- which are written in very poor and unclear English. I decided to apply, excited to be invited to a big event. The fee was 3,000 L$ and I was nervous to pay such a heavy fee, but I decided to make the gamble.

Fast to today, set-up day. I messaged the owner, Pupito, asking if we can include an old release with the new ones we put out. He said no, it must be all new and *original mesh*. Mind you here, is the verbage from the rules notecard I received:

LOST & FOUND is a Themed EVENT –Imagine Lost & Found as a vintage look Flea Market, where every designer spot can become a mini “yard-sale” market. But ofc all the items must be new release and original.

At Lost & Found everything can be sold, its just like a retro market. From antiquities to vintage.

We let the designers be free to choose what to sell.”

Now to me,it says “all items must be new release and original” <=== My presumption here was that it must be your original work, (IE: Don’t be trying to resell a crappy recolor of a template, design, or someone else’s work, etc.) It does NOT say original mesh in this notecard. Check out the screenshot:

With that being said, when he said to me in IMs “original mesh”, me being the HONEST person I am, I clarified with him and said, “okay well I am sorry that I missed that, if you would prefer for me to withdraw I can pick up what I set out if you can refund my entry fee?”. His immediate response was to tell me he would not refund me, because it was in the rules, and I agreed to the rules, and I quote “u are the wrong one”. I asked him why he would invite a store without seeing if they qualified for his event, and his response was to eject me from the groups and kick me off the sim as I stood there trying to sort out what was happening. I’ve included what I said at the end of the conversation, but his only response was to send me a screenshot of a small part of the invite where it notes original mesh, but again, as I stated, the RULE notecard doesn’t show this.

So to recap, I made an error in judgement. I spoke to the owner, politely, and calmly to try to work out the error. In less than five minutes, he shut me down and made it clear he was going to walk off with my 3k, ejected me from the sim and event and all he had to offer was a screenshot of one notecard, making no note to the conflicts between his other notecards.

If you are going to run an event, you should not invite designers that do not me your criteria. I understand if they APPLY on their own and there is an issue, but I was INVITED by him. Also, if someone comes to you and is honest and polite, to shut them down and eject them instantly is just clear proof you are desperate to make it out with whatever linden you can. This is unprofessional, and tactless. If anything, he could’ve offered a partial refund or at least spoke to me a little longer that 2 minutes about it and given me a chance to pick up my display and leave peacefully. I made no disrespectful remarks, I did not pose a threat. This reaction was over dramatic and uncalled for.

On an end note, I do not recommend doing business with Pupito Helstein or any of his/her/their affiliations. It is clear he/she/they doesn’t have any business skill, or people skill for that matter. I hope others do not experience this sort of behavior as I did, and it sucks that I am at a financial loss because of it (it may not seem like much but right now any penny spent is cringe worthy for me). Please take my mistake as a lesson and avoid getting yourself scammed and used by this person.

[17:30] abιgaιℓ cℓare ωıℓѕση-нaηηᴜ ღ (ophelia.viper): Why would you invite a store without checking how they do their products then?

[17:31] Pupito Helstein: You have been ejected from ‘**The Chapter Four** Designers’ by Pupito Helstein.

[17:31] abιgaιℓ cℓare ωıℓѕση-нaηηᴜ ღ (ophelia.viper): No offense sir, but your rules are not clearly written, I am not sure if english isn’t your first language. I apologize for confusion on my part, but I’m confused as to why you’d send an invite without checking?

[17:31] abιgaιℓ cℓare ωıℓѕση-нaηηᴜ ღ (ophelia.viper): and now you’re going to rip me off 3k?

[17:31] Pupito Helstein: You have been ejected from ‘LOST & FOUND Designers’ by Pupito Helstein.

[17:32] abιgaιℓ cℓare ωıℓѕση-нaηηᴜ ღ (ophelia.viper): Okay well thank you for handling that very rudely, I will be sure to let my friends know how you run your events and business. Have a wonderful day.

[17:40] abιgaιℓ cℓare ωıℓѕση-нaηηᴜ ღ (ophelia.viper): What you just did was very unprofessional and poor tact. Your rules have many grammatical errors, and maybe english is not your first language, and that is okay. But I came to you, polite over a clear misunderstanding. There was no need to be rude, and as a business person you should’ve offered a refund, or at least partial. Even further, to kick me out as I was standing on sim was uncalled for. I was in no way disrespectful, rude, or threatening. I was honest and polite with you, and would expect the same back. Since you cannot be professional, I will be letting my friends and everyone know of this poor interaction. You are now blocked.

Also sad is the fact that we also got whispered that apparently there were a few others kicked out while there are some designers such as posemakers using fullperm propers that were allowed to stay in and have been at the event for months even though they do not create their own mesh.Example is the store “Come Soon” which uses templates off MP but is still a reoccurring designer. So the big question is does it seems like they picks and chooses who them want or they don’t want to be confronted or they simply cannot read their own rules???

13 thoughts on “Pupito Helstein of Chapter Four, Ionic and Lost&Found – What Kind of Game are you playing with Designers?

  1. Same happened to me … but he did not kick me out of the (bloggers) group. Anyway I lost my 3k and he let me stay in the group to get the goodies from other designers. His words that it would cover the 3k I lost. That is kinda funny because he dont have to pay for the items that other designer were sending. The thing is, lesson learned never deal with him again because it will never change. And still a lot of designers think his events are amazing.


  2. I was kicked at the time and did not get my money again. I got everything sent back and did not know why. I got panicked and did not get a proper explanation. The 3k linden I did not get back.

    – No answer
    – No refund
    – group kicked
    – stuff send back to me

    Feb. Round.

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  3. I am not afraid to say my name. I am one of the owners of Entice. He did something even worse than this a few months ago which is why we quit and will never go back to his events. You can see all the drama here. https://thewhisperer.wordpress.com/2017/05/06/chapter-four-makes-money-from-designers-free-gift%F0%9F%98%82%F0%9F%A4%A3%F0%9F%98%9C/ Also, I would like to add that a full month after we left his event, he was still sending harassing messages to us. I ended up having to report him to LL for harassment. I beg all designers to just stop going to his events….customers too. If everyone leaves, the other events that you are in will do better and you won’t be supporting thieves.


  4. This entire paragraph is EXACTLY what happened to me, except I never even received an official event invite. I just got an IM from the guy asking if I would join. I woke up the day of the event to find my booth returned to me, ejected from the group and a message from him in all caps, NO TEMPLATES! I wrote him a professional NC pleading for a reason to all this and received no answer. I even had another run in with him at a later date on social media and he raged at me and told me I was rude and that I was a liar. LOL…right. I promise you, I have better things to do than join up events just so I can lose 3K and start shit drama with people.

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  5. All i keep hearing about this couple (pupito and iakua) both from designers and from costumers is that they are terrible, they are terrible people and they don’t even create their own original mesh (which is ironic considering this story). Unfortunately i haven’t only heard these things from one person, or two… Many more. I truely don’t understand how they keep doing little stupid events and opening more shops and shit.
    When is karma going to kick them in the face?

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  6. this fool is a scam artist. He is lucky there is so many designers out there because he goes through them real fast, and as soon as they find out what a total bitch he is they pack up and leave. Its very well known how he acts and behaves towards everyone. The best way of shitting this clown up is by not turning up to any of his events. Tell your friends especially if they are a designer . Popitu should come with a warning .

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  7. Hello .Im not gonna tell you who i am , but let me tell you one thing. This is really rude of you what u guys writing about him! He is nice person and im sorry if u couldnt see him in this way. Btw who the fuck are you to talk so bad shit about person u dont know ?
    He have clarly rules at event . If designers cant follow this well im sorry . Cmon guys grown up and start to mind of your own buisnes. I know my english is crap but i know u understand what im trying to say. !!!!


    • Your English is crap just like pupitos. Funny that. Maybe if you / pupuputitoo would learn english so you could type up the rules for everyone to understand in clear English. Then avoiding problems like the ones mentioned above.


  8. Okay, I was keeping my thoughts to myself, but today was the last straw. I’ve been an avid event shopper for the last year. I go to all events, and even was continuing at Lost & Found, not to support the event organizer but the stores in the event. Today while shopping, was most of the way through when suddenly I was teleported home, when I tried to return to the event, was told I’m banned from the region! My only guess is they banned me because my wife is someone they kicked out and kept her 3k because she uses templates. And like this person said, she was invited, and nowhere did it say it had to be original mesh in the invite. This all happened a month ago, and I went to last month’s event fine. In fact I was most of the way through shopping this months event when I got banned. I messaged Pupito directly and asked why I was banned, but was ignored. He is very rude, and I will not ever buy anything from him or any of his associated stores or events ever again. I strongly recommend people not waste their money buying into their events. Do the math, all you creators are making them rich while they treat your customers so incredibly rudely. They have about 50-75 stores at each event, Lost & Found and Chapter 4..3k a pop. That’s 300-450k a month they are making off all of you.

    I took a screen shot if anyone wants to see it, it’s on my facebook, my name is Cei Cariad. Feel free to have a look, you’ll also see the way he talked to me when he kicked my wife from the event.


  9. He needs the designers so desperately, the reason they run so many events, chap4, lost and found, forest, etc is becaus eno event owner want anything to do with them, they were even able to fool some event owner by making a second brand (Heideki) and weere able to get people who are sick of the way they work towork with them, thye got one round of arcade, 50l FRIDAY, ETC UNDER THAT NAME UNTILL PEOPLE DISCOVERED IT WAS THEM, untill this day they use this brand to double dip at their events even events like the forest where at the evnt all designers share the profits of the tickets and the people get the items for free. They need the designers there to bring people in so they can make a dime. Or they are out of luck and no one else will do business with them in sl, why anyone still pay for their overprice gachas, (they ONLY make gachas to milk peoples money) and why some designers still support their events knowing what they have done to their peers in the past, is something i dont understand, while you are at it, whisperer, google ‘lakua arriaga inka mexicola’ and see what pupitos partners has done to the owner of essences and how pupito after that proceeded to frief her sim to try to get her out of business in sl. They are leeches, and scum.

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  10. That is a horrible way to conduct business, so I have to ask, why are designers still willing to work with this asshat? There is a wide variety of different events that are out there, that are run by people that are much nicer I’m sure. The only way I can see for someone like this guy to get the message that his behavior is not acceptable is the designers sticking together and refusing to work with him till his attitude adjusts.

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