Empire Versus Reign – LuxeBox War!!!

We recently got whispered that something weird was going on with the Luxebox this month, Reign Kicked of the Luxe Box but the organizers of the Luxe Box replaced Reign with Empire and fans as well as some residents are not liking this move.. It has been creating a lot of heated arguments, bad comments in the groups and on social medias as well.


Take a peek at some of the group conversations ( Note conversation is not edited)

[11:17] ÐµÏ (duiwang): I hope reigns will be back no offenceto empire
[11:17] Xia Xevious: Reigns retired for good.
[11:17] eмρıяe (queenshop): No sorry 😞 i am the new sheostory
[11:18] eмρıяe (queenshop): sorry to tell you lol 😛
[11:20] Ashley Densu (jennifershelby): I thought we’d stick to good designers. reigh is da bomb. empire is meh
[11:20] ÐµÏ (duiwang): thinki will have to pass too just for October
[11:20] Dani Graphelle (danigraphix): yeah i don’t rly like empire shoes
[11:24] ÐµÏ (duiwang): yes there is nothing bad about your shoes empire , its just personal tastes is all. i just don’t like as many others in that group

Empire, must have ticked some bad nerves.. we always thought Empire was the best in the shoe story LOL seem she has a much bigger competitor.

8 thoughts on “Empire Versus Reign – LuxeBox War!!!

  1. Some organizers must check the fack to the real designers. In my humble opinion these style of designers should be at Luxe Boxe: kokoia,mutresse,shi,azoury,vale koer and certainly others ! But definitely not empire who don’t really know much about 3d.


  2. #oh come on. Anna Grey is not the Creator and designer of Empire Store. She is the face of empire , the “boss”. The Main designer of Empire is Beyonce Zane – quakestore resident Owner of Mundos, illusions Templates together with other secondary designers,csrs and more.

    #lolll. Both copy real products so most of the products look alike and usually are being released at the same time.

    #The best shoes? Maybe. Both stores have different quality. Some releases perhaps look different cause they are made from different designers. Also Reign used to purchase full permission items, “transform” them into something different and “released” them as originals, thats why her stuff look alike with a lot full perm products. Luxebox is an event which participants are mostly a qlique of “best friends” and it is widely known that Empire wasn’t chosen to participate with its value but it was “pushed” by its friend Blueberry. They were “forced” into Luxebox and Collabor88. And we all know that none of the event owners can deny a “favor” to their best friend, especially to someone like blueberry who brings the money on the table right?

    #Anonymous. No hate to Empire or Reign, We are just honest.


  3. I knew it! yes called that one when empire appeared out of the blue. nice try with the alt too. Dont all the shoes or most of them to me anyway, look like reign replicas in someone else’s “style?


  4. empire doesnt even make her own shoes. she hires zane for every release.. Why shes all about her herself as a shoe creator all the sudden is beyond me. Queen shop is “anna grey” you guys. the template using girl from whatever. sighs.


  5. Yanno seeing this blog for the first time and this will be my last I am super disappointed. Would be nice if people who dislike a brand would learn that it is fine to not like something. Although, My mother taught me that if you do not have anything nice to say it is best to say nothing at all. Empire and Reign both are amazing at what they do and seriously to have arguments over this sorta thing is grade school stuff. There are brands that I may or may not like per say but in a group or on any public forum, I would never lack class so much as to say I think they are meh or any variation of that. I know I wouldn’t enjoy someone doing that to me and I tend to like keeping on karma’s good side. I think people need a lesson on how to be kind to one another for real.

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  6. Empire has way higher quality items than Reign. It’s understandable those in the group are pro Reign right now because she’d been the shoe designer for 5 months. People are allergic to change. The attitude will change and Empire will prove to be the better choice.


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