Concept} – Haaaa! Guess we can watch your latest designs from Design Connected?


Images : Design Connected and Concept}

5 thoughts on “Concept} – Haaaa! Guess we can watch your latest designs from Design Connected?

  1. Picking up ideas from RL is one thing, trying to create a model that looks realistic is too, using models from a website and violating their EULA and the TOS is another. This store owner is doing just that and is making a profit with it. He or she evolved from doing basics to using content purchased on a 3D model website. How is that creative and original? Is it fair to hard working creators who do spend hours and hours to create their own content? Or to buyers who most likely will lose the item they paid for when the rightful owners of these models file a DMCA?
    The quality and complexity of several of these models is quite different compared to his or her regular models. And don’t tell me when you are ‘inspired’ by a furniture piece from RL you recreate each fold or wrinkle exactly the same as shown on a commercial 3d model website or this person was fighting with verts, edges and maps. Come on …. get real here and stop defending it by stating this is envy or claim it’s 100% original. It is 100% original, but by another 3D artist who should be informed someone is using and making a profit with his/her intellectual property.


  2. It’s funny, this kind of blogs always seemed authentic garbage, but seeing this already, the concept of “junk” falls short (perhaps you contrast that kind of news, somehow, to know whether they are true or they are not? before publishing I try pounding her existence to people who only spends time in SL to create things?

    I’m still to see one truly original designer 100% in SL, they all have some sort of inspiration, or almost everyone at some point can mimic some real creation (it is the most logical in the world), but that does not mean they are copying anything or who does not deserve the recognition they deserve.

    Creations Concept, I know that are original, and not only that, but it also happens to be one of the mejres designers of furniture and decoration of all SL, happens, that bothers some kind of “failed” or ” useless “that comes just to make a fucking coffee table?

    Perhaps, they should devote their free painful to learn to do things with quality, before wasting their energies, discrediting talented people real time. 😉


  3. I know how Concept works and his creations are 100% original. Of course his designs looks so realistic and similar as other RL and/or 3D models where “as all the SL creators” search inspirations to bring inworld and try that SL looks as similar as possible to real life. SL creators don´t have to reinvent the wheel and has all the merit when they (we) spend hours and hours in the 3D software fighting with verts, edges and maps to try to do the best. I find very unpleasant how this post try to scupper the work of people who are simply trying to create and maintain an honest business in SL where I’m sure that there are a lot of really shits that maybe would need to be ejected


  4. Well, that is news?
    All the creators (furniture, hair, clothes, poses) pick up ideas of RL, thats not a new thing.
    Im a big fan of Concept Furniture from the beginning, and let me tell you the furniture is showed on photos here is VERY OLD …lol.. How many time you were looking to find this? xd
    I think that Concept began as all the stores, doing basic things, and exactly like RL furniture …but since long time has evolved over and now is one of the best shops you can find inworld, very creative and original, different from the rest.
    if you want criticize something please do for current things……xd
    this smells of envy


  5. few annoyances you’ve had to look comparisons of very old objects of Concept, great researchment denoting interest and jealousy by designers who succeed in SL. You still have much to do with the rest of the creators, very entertaining way to spend your free time 😂😂😂


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