Mara Charisma and Zedekiah Partnership seem to be Over, Done, Finish ….😏🙄

Mara Charisma who was partnered with Zedekiah, it seems their relationship has gone bad very quickly.
Mara isnt taking this so well as she displays her disgust at him on her Flickr pics.

We got whispered that not long ago, Mara badly wanted to get down with Magivor who was having a secret affairs with Pixie Poison which Mara was not happy about at all.

Who will be the next…?😜🙈

Images : Flickr and  Flickr and Flickr 

The Book of Daniel: Farewell Chapter.☹️️😩

This was posted in Neva Crystall’s Flickr Page and we sympathize with the family and friends…

Dear friends,

With broken hearts we announce you that, despite all our efforts to help Daniel fight the battle of his life, despite all his huge efforts to stay here with us and his loved ones, he had to leave us behind yesterday morning, October 28th.

Its very hard for us to write these words to you as we cant believe yet that our dear friend is no longer with us but please know that, he left this world knowing that all of you here tried your best to help him succeed. He felt blessed and so did we. Your help was not in vain even so we lost this battle. There is still a broken heart left behind, his wife Anais, whom we will continue to support.

Daniel was a talented man and a great friend, who loved SL and making beautiful things for all of us to enjoy at his store, Zerkalo. He was a fighter and tried his best until the very end but unfortunately he just had to go away..hopefully to a better place.

Farewell dear friend and may you find your peace.

Source : Flickr 

Ava at it again, threatens and bullies another Agency owner 😂😂😂

We got whispered weeks ago about Ava 🙄 who feels she is the answer to Second Life modeling and Fashion industry. 

She was engaged in an exchanges of notecard conversation with Deloreen – Owner of Marquesse Modeling School who feels she is been threatened and bullied by Ava.

 This fracas was simply based on model contract shared to models in Marquesse and even if the contract was good or bad, really isnt it suppose to be up to the model to either agree or disagree?

See below for more :
… This is going on for 2 days now. She sent me a NC out of the blue telling me how wrong I am to offer contracts to our agency models. Since I told her friendly it’s none of her business she started threatening me…

You can also share your thought with the whisperer on what you think about models signing contracts in Second Life.

To Worship or Not; At the Altar of Seraphim

Life is all abuzz of the reign of Seraphim and we have been whispered that Delicate Flower (awylder) unleashes terror on her followers by often denying them coverage on the Seraphim website. Seraphim is run by Delicate Flower (awylder) and her partner Heidi and for those who don’t know, Seraphim is said to be the place to go for publicity on second life businesses, events, sales, promos etc. And it also houses a huge database of information for shoppers.


One, two, three reports and a host of other whispers speak of Delicate Flowers rudeness and poor customer communication. They say she unleashes terror on those who go to Seraphim for coverage; as she realizes her power over them and chooses to wield it to their favour or not.

A particular whisper talks about how she resisted and constantly denied them coverage but allowed them pay for sticky ads without explaining their rationale or giving weak excuses for refusing them coverage. What made it difficult and hurtful was when Delicate Flower after refusing them coverage on Seraphim, approached them privately informing them of a new magazine dedicated to event culture and invited them to be promotional partners. You can follow the whole story here: Petit Chat’s Blog


What we at the whisperers would like to know is this: Is Seraphim being used as a platform for Delicate Flower to settle scores or is she displaying an uncurbed hunger for Ls? Or could this really only be a problem created by a cumbersome and difficult selection process? We leave you to decide for yourselves; and to educate the whisperer if need be.

Images : Petit Chat’s and  Seraphim

Second Life Magazine Hall of Shame 🙈

October ushered in some pretty pathetic second life magazines such as SMA Glam October edition.😳

SMA Glam’s issue this month has numerous grammatical and spelling errors, plus their modeling images are so horrible,over stretched, not editing, or anything. At 50 pages this is most likely a brochure than a magazine🙄

Not to be outdone for the title of worst magazine is the new Marvellous Magazine, which takes off where left off (🙄 yes that out of date site, Moolto ☹️️

Bad font and the images make this a bad read.

Sources: Marvelous and SMA GLAM

Pupito Helstein of Chapter Four, Ionic and Lost&Found – What Kind of Game are you playing with Designers?

Considering we have so many events running non stop in Second Life, some of the owners of these events are taking advantage of the designers which is sad considering without the designers must of these event wont happen. We get that fact that most events owners also wants originality but from what was whispered about Pupito Helstein of Chapter Four, Ionic and Lost&Found, he seem to be handling his events wrongly as more designers are complaining of his attitude toward them. Below is a detailed story about such occurrences 

Normally this is not my style, to put someone on blast. However, I feel strongly that this person’s response and reaction to our conversation was grossly overdramatic and uncalled for, and even further stole 3,000 L$ from me. First off, I will admit that I made the mistake of gambling 3k by not fully investigating into this event or understanding how it was run. Secondly, when I RECEIVED an invite from Pupito Helstein, owner of The Chapter Four, *Ionic* and Lost & Found, I made the bad presumption that as an event owner and semi prominent business person in SL, he/she/they would choose designers that they have actually looked into, and designers that do work that accommodate to what they seek for their event. With that being said, I DID look over the rules of the event- which are written in very poor and unclear English. I decided to apply, excited to be invited to a big event. The fee was 3,000 L$ and I was nervous to pay such a heavy fee, but I decided to make the gamble.

Fast to today, set-up day. I messaged the owner, Pupito, asking if we can include an old release with the new ones we put out. He said no, it must be all new and *original mesh*. Mind you here, is the verbage from the rules notecard I received:

LOST & FOUND is a Themed EVENT –Imagine Lost & Found as a vintage look Flea Market, where every designer spot can become a mini “yard-sale” market. But ofc all the items must be new release and original.

At Lost & Found everything can be sold, its just like a retro market. From antiquities to vintage.

We let the designers be free to choose what to sell.”

Now to me,it says “all items must be new release and original” <=== My presumption here was that it must be your original work, (IE: Don’t be trying to resell a crappy recolor of a template, design, or someone else’s work, etc.) It does NOT say original mesh in this notecard. Check out the screenshot:

With that being said, when he said to me in IMs “original mesh”, me being the HONEST person I am, I clarified with him and said, “okay well I am sorry that I missed that, if you would prefer for me to withdraw I can pick up what I set out if you can refund my entry fee?”. His immediate response was to tell me he would not refund me, because it was in the rules, and I agreed to the rules, and I quote “u are the wrong one”. I asked him why he would invite a store without seeing if they qualified for his event, and his response was to eject me from the groups and kick me off the sim as I stood there trying to sort out what was happening. I’ve included what I said at the end of the conversation, but his only response was to send me a screenshot of a small part of the invite where it notes original mesh, but again, as I stated, the RULE notecard doesn’t show this.

So to recap, I made an error in judgement. I spoke to the owner, politely, and calmly to try to work out the error. In less than five minutes, he shut me down and made it clear he was going to walk off with my 3k, ejected me from the sim and event and all he had to offer was a screenshot of one notecard, making no note to the conflicts between his other notecards.

If you are going to run an event, you should not invite designers that do not me your criteria. I understand if they APPLY on their own and there is an issue, but I was INVITED by him. Also, if someone comes to you and is honest and polite, to shut them down and eject them instantly is just clear proof you are desperate to make it out with whatever linden you can. This is unprofessional, and tactless. If anything, he could’ve offered a partial refund or at least spoke to me a little longer that 2 minutes about it and given me a chance to pick up my display and leave peacefully. I made no disrespectful remarks, I did not pose a threat. This reaction was over dramatic and uncalled for.

On an end note, I do not recommend doing business with Pupito Helstein or any of his/her/their affiliations. It is clear he/she/they doesn’t have any business skill, or people skill for that matter. I hope others do not experience this sort of behavior as I did, and it sucks that I am at a financial loss because of it (it may not seem like much but right now any penny spent is cringe worthy for me). Please take my mistake as a lesson and avoid getting yourself scammed and used by this person.

[17:30] abιgaιℓ cℓare ωıℓѕση-нaηηᴜ ღ (ophelia.viper): Why would you invite a store without checking how they do their products then?

[17:31] Pupito Helstein: You have been ejected from ‘**The Chapter Four** Designers’ by Pupito Helstein.

[17:31] abιgaιℓ cℓare ωıℓѕση-нaηηᴜ ღ (ophelia.viper): No offense sir, but your rules are not clearly written, I am not sure if english isn’t your first language. I apologize for confusion on my part, but I’m confused as to why you’d send an invite without checking?

[17:31] abιgaιℓ cℓare ωıℓѕση-нaηηᴜ ღ (ophelia.viper): and now you’re going to rip me off 3k?

[17:31] Pupito Helstein: You have been ejected from ‘LOST & FOUND Designers’ by Pupito Helstein.

[17:32] abιgaιℓ cℓare ωıℓѕση-нaηηᴜ ღ (ophelia.viper): Okay well thank you for handling that very rudely, I will be sure to let my friends know how you run your events and business. Have a wonderful day.

[17:40] abιgaιℓ cℓare ωıℓѕση-нaηηᴜ ღ (ophelia.viper): What you just did was very unprofessional and poor tact. Your rules have many grammatical errors, and maybe english is not your first language, and that is okay. But I came to you, polite over a clear misunderstanding. There was no need to be rude, and as a business person you should’ve offered a refund, or at least partial. Even further, to kick me out as I was standing on sim was uncalled for. I was in no way disrespectful, rude, or threatening. I was honest and polite with you, and would expect the same back. Since you cannot be professional, I will be letting my friends and everyone know of this poor interaction. You are now blocked.

Also sad is the fact that we also got whispered that apparently there were a few others kicked out while there are some designers such as posemakers using fullperm propers that were allowed to stay in and have been at the event for months even though they do not create their own mesh.Example is the store “Come Soon” which uses templates off MP but is still a reoccurring designer. So the big question is does it seems like they picks and chooses who them want or they don’t want to be confronted or they simply cannot read their own rules???

Morph – At what stage does it become Stealing?

Okay a few days ago we posted about Nikita and her “morphs” and a lot of people had various comments both good and bad.

We also got whispered about this guy also doing “morphs” but basically stealing copyrighted digital art and pasting SL heads on them. Whenever he is confronted he simply just deletes the comments. He tried to backtrack and give credit but most of the ones he credited were the wrong artist. 90% of his photos can be reverse imaged searched to the original.
See some few examples.


The big question still remains at what stage does a morph become stealing, because looking at these photos, he gives credit to the original artist which might have actually happened after been confronted a lot of times, but still the watermarks from the photos disappears .Those that makes his photos qualified or accepted?