Ava Jhamin & L’Amour Modeling Productions has bogus charity event which does not exist! 😳

We just got whispered about a Charity events organized by Ava Jhamin which seem not to exist but from what we see on the poster- National Breast Cancer Foundation, the charity does exist but kind of different from the press release which say otherwise – National Cancer Association. Well we are not judges just read below for yourself and make up your mind!

Ava Jhamin has a “fundraiser” for the National Cancer Association and says that all donations will go to this charity. This may sound like a good idea except this “charity” does not exist under the Charity Navigator. (the charity is not listed here) 

and also was not found here: IRS search for national cancer

It’s a shame that reputable brands such as Chop Zuey continue to associate with Ava Jhamin and her “modeling” agency. Below is the official notice:
” L’Amour Productions Presents   

           The Greatest Show In Second Life

                           CIRQUE DE L’AMOUR
Come see acts for a cause. The most unusual and fun acts you have ever 

seen in a Cirque show of any kind. See the Leozeb being tamed, the 

Trapeze Triplets. Think you might know guess again….weird, unusual  

is what it’s all about.
All monies to go to the National Cancer Association.
Designer Auction come bid on some amazing gifts.
Chop Zuey – Jewelry sets in the main tent.
Wellens Photography – Pictrure done by Crista Wellens -Side show area.
Face Paint – Eyeshadows for Lelutka and Catwa heads -Side Show area. 

Bring the whole family ride the family friend carousels, jump into a box right by 

entrance take pictures all over.
When: September 24, 2016
Where: Playa de Amadores
Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. all day fun!!!”

22 thoughts on “Ava Jhamin & L’Amour Modeling Productions has bogus charity event which does not exist! 😳

  1. I don’t know what this site has against Ava but I really think you need to move on. Ava has always been nothing but supportive to me. It was my pleasure to spend my time doing this show. As my mother is facing her third bout of cancer, the first 2 were breast cancer, I take extreme offense at the idea that ANYONE would claim they are raising money when they are not. Ava has always been genuine with me and I have no reason whatsoever to believe she is not being genuine here. I also hate these posts where you have no proof at all. We all know people can be catty and hide behind the anonymity of the internet but come on, this was way below the belt even for this site.

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    • Guess you should read the post before making your comment. Most of the stories here are whispered and if you read this particular post , you will note the whisperer said the breast cancer does exist though different from the press release and you should judge for yourselves. So how is that anything against anyone.. I think the site is just been objective.

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  2. Thunderous applause to Ava Jhamin (aka) Daughter of Xavier Thiebaud owner of The A List! And royal family of Second Life. Founders and creators and influenced the culture of the grid. Beta 2002 baby… Now I’ve laid down the credentials of our family heritage Clearly Ava is doing something right for all this attention!!! I always say the higher the mountain you climb the more enemies hide in the shadows to attack. Usually those who are inferior and suffer from jealousy and tiny minds. Doing their best to make an in world version of TMZ. Oh I’m sorry…. I should not be saying that. Even TMZ has some standards and transparency. You go baby girl, after all no one ever bothers people who are on the bottom or un important. Social Climbers are desperate enough to do anything, even create a lame blog with a vain attempt to solicit attention and only believable b6 the inferior weak and petty minds who believe it. Sincerely: XavierThiebaud.

    Ancient proverbs say: Those with forked tongues, speak only lies and hide beneath the shadows

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    • Thuderous applause to Xavier Thiebaud, a delusional egomaniac, all hail the King of the Noobs! Now that we have established neither you nor yours have any real grounding in reality or contemporary SL society.. Good for you that you were around for SL during the beta days. I am sorry to hear that you have not evolved with the rest of the SL community and neither has Ava.


    • lmao sooooooooo much at the whole “royal family of SL” thing.

      Sorry love, never heard of you or any of your “A listers”….so get the fuck over yourself!!!


  3. Wow, the grid must be empty of green eyes, as much jealousy as I see printed here as “fact.” It was a legitimate fundraiser, and Ava is one of the most influential people in the modeling world. Guess this proves that she’s really made it, with all the nastiness and pettiness of the comments here; it’s truly sad, what little minds with less imagination and no success at all get into. Why not try to do something amazing yourself and quit living to smear those who are more successful and productive than you?

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    • Influential?? Sure if you want to look like SL 2007. The event may have been somewhat legitimate but Ava is not influential, look at her Flickr and her avatar, the modeling world thinks shes a joke. Only models who are washed up and can’t find work elsewhere, due to their own failings think that Ava and her “modeling” company are worth anything.

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      • Proof? Show me quotes that prove she is considered a joke by the modeling community. I certainly won’t take the word of someone who hides behind “anonymous.” Not only that, but I know for a fact that many other influential people in the modeling world hold Ava in high regard. Get out behind your mask of anonymity, prove to me you know what you’re talking about, and maybe I’ll take you seriously.

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      • To quote you, “The event may have been somewhat legitimate ”
        no it was legitimate fundraiser and this post needs to be retracted with an apology from either the site admin / webmaster or the spiteful nut job who whispered this irate pack of bullshit lies needs to write in with an apology or BOTH !

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  4. I normally do not give this kind of crap any response, but I have to weigh in on it also. I was part of this fund-raiser & I know for a fact that it did go to the charity. You people need to get your facts straight before you go around trying to talk crap about people. As for Ava being an ancient dinosaur, so what if she is or isn’t. I would stand beside that dinosaur any day over all of you. Ava is a great person & I guess it just proves a point that she must be doing something right to be getting all of this attention. Sooooo get over yourselves & find someone else to pick on because those of us that know Ava will stand beside her.

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    • I agree, Resmay, and I only hope Ava finds out who is responsible for this rag because, while the occasional character assassination attempts may be amusing in their stupidity, this blatant accusation of fraud with no basis in fact crosses the line from amusing to unlawful. A lawsuit is in order here.

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  5. Another thing. …I do not care how YOU feel about a person…. Something as hurtful as saying someone is stealing when all they are trying to do is a good deed is beyond spiteful and is downright evil.

    Whoever whispered this is simply a hateful poor excuse for a human being… PERIOD.
    I know you do not care who’s feeling you hurt … because its nothing but a sad boost to your own pathetic ego. No mater how you feel about someone .. no matter what problem you have with them.. this was just beyond …. Normally I do not say anything but taking a good deed and trying to turn it into something like this hurts the event as a whole and the people who put in there time and effort to support donating in second life.

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  6. You people are pathetic! How DARE you spread such slanderous LIES about someone. I don’t know what your issue is with Ava Jhamin is, nor do I particularly care, but I know it to be FACT that every last cent – some nearly 60K lindens went DIRECTLY to Models Giving Back for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I’ve seen the transaction history. I know what was done. The only reason I was not involved with this event myself was I simply did not have the time to do it. Was there an error in the announcement? Yes. It was an error of words, nothing more. The fact remains that this event did happen, every linden did go to MGB for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and shame on each and every one of you who has the audacity to spew such hatred toward someone who has done nothing but good with this event. Pathetic, irresponsible, venomous vitriol is all you seem capable of spewing here.

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  7. The actual notice that went out did have a typo and had the charity listed incorrectly.However, it was a legitimate fundraiser for Brest cancer. The typo was an error on the flyer that is all. This event actually was linked to ROCK YOUR RACK and the money was going toward the same charity as the donation vendors were in fact linked to the ones used for ROCK YOUR RACK.

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    • I just seen that…you’re right its a typo. I think you need to have a real life name to find out who gave so you can look them up in the IRS charity.


  8. Ouch…damn I would love to have all that money Ava ” probably” got…lololol I would ” probably” spend it all or ” probably” or maybe I can just ask them if I can have some. Naw, I should just ask her in person what happened to it. And not listen/read this crazy ass drama shit. To funny…stop it.


    • I’ve known her for a very long time(Ava)and it is funny that this page always talks about her. I think who ever is writing this web site has it out for her. why hide behind a screen?

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  9. Why do people still associate themselves with this woman? She’s an ancient dinosaur, who like Hethween, is a narcissistic sociopath. I’m not surprised that Chop Zuey continues to support and employ her, she makes jewelery only grannies could love. Like always loves like. Someone really should AR granny Jhamin though for fraud or whatever the SL equivalent option is.


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