Hot New Couple Alert -ARnnO PLAneR and A IM EE C Strutting it all on Flickrs!

After his previous failed relationship with Lona Lenroy and the obvious display of their on and off relationship/frienship, finally ARnnO seem to have found love with Aimeec after proclaiming on his flickr page some few days ago that he is Learning to Love, seem afterward Love shows up on his door step as seen all over their flickr.😜

Image : A IM EE C and ARnnO

9 thoughts on “Hot New Couple Alert -ARnnO PLAneR and A IM EE C Strutting it all on Flickrs!

  1. How many times will you show off this spammed monkey? Ripped Winkler if you spent as much time creating then you did spamming, perhaps you wouldn’t need to keep showing that god-aweful monkey!


  2. I have always found it sad how quickly some women (and men) will take off their knickers for just the hope of some social climbing. I have found it equally sad how some men (and women) are too blind to see that they’re simply just another notch on the bedpost for someone’s journey to SLebrity status.

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  3. Two three lines about lona fake lenroy. “A sucker for anybody who has a name in sl (she is a nobody) a classic social climber, if theres such a thing in sl”. “Fake” is her secondname, it wont suprise me if she is not made of plastic. And lastly, avoid this person at all cost, VERY TOXIC.

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    • This Aimee person is another wannabe whose trying to up her profile by hanging onto Arnno’s coat tails and also setting up home in Neva Estates in an effort to hang with the cool kids! *yawns*


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