Morph pictures the new portrait πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Not so much a morph fans but we got whispered and see below.

Since when morph pictures have become a new trend?Β Check this profile out but before you doing it, make sure you have a place to sit onΒ πŸ˜‚

Feels like a HORROR MOVIE

What do you think about morph and this Flickr page?

Image : β€ͺFlickr

22 thoughts on “Morph pictures the new portrait πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  2. I will admit, she does amazing work from the editing that I’m seeing but, I’m not a huge fan of morphing. The issue I have with the people who morph is, usually they are taking photography from the net, usually modeling shots and fashion shots that RL professional photographers have taken, and then use those to create the morphs. If this person has all the releases and permissions to use this work, good on her but let’s be realistic, she probably doesn’t have that or at least for all those photos I seen on her Flickr. In SL I hear about copybotters, people stealing other peoples work, artists and creators upset (rightly so), because their hard work is being used by someone else and it’s killing their income due to this. They have every reason to be upset but, so are the artists who’s work is being used here, if permission is not given. That is someone’s bread and butter in real life. They work hard to create these photos. I do not even see any credit being given to the original artists on any of those pieces either, which by rights, should be done as well. Am I a fan of morphing? No, because to create work like this, it usually means that an image was stolen from someone else, namely a real life photographer and money is being made because no morpher, as a rule, ever does this for free.

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    • Nikita is doing a pic for me soon and before asking her I saw on her profile She doesn’t claim the original pics are hers, and She charges us for the work she puts into each picture. I understand stealing work isn’t cool but she’s MORPHING!! That’s the whole concept. NIKITA keep doing Your thing, you got haters that means you’re doing something right !!


      • wow, you gotta be a moron if you dont understand that when she charges you for a picture when 80% of the picture is work she stole from someone, shes commiting an IP infridgment crime.


  3. As much as I have to admit this lady does by far the best job I’ve ever seen done on morphs, however it still stands to reason, does she purchase the rights to the real photographs she uses? Does she get the real life photographers permission to alter their photograph? I, myself, am not a fan of morphs as i agree with what NoMorphs! said above, we spend so much money making our avatars perfect, shouldn’t that be what we are showcasing? To each their own. I guess it’s just some peoples’ thing. I in no way bash the artist, yes I say artist, because to make them look as flawless as she does, takes real talent and skill. I respect her ability. I just worry that she is using copyright material illegally.


  4. To start with, the woman is stealing other rl photographers work and then shtiting on them, so please. Dont let the fact that you ppl that lick each other arses on flickr and exchange favs so you feel like a big man/girl blind you to this point. A pofessional photographer worked hard to get those pictrues taken, she has no right to sue them as she sees fit. Calling her an artist is a joke, to say the very least.


    • Hahaha i meant ‘use’, not sue, who could eventually sue anone here, are the photographers who actually own the intelectual property of the original images, as the untalented woman even has the cheek to sign the pictures, it is, indeed, hilarious.


      • Because i am a rl photographer, and this does not amuse me for a second. And idiots like you that use words such as ‘hater’ are really the reason what this woman does is even being discussed here. If she didnt charge….. Ok. But.. she charges, shes a fraud and a thief. Period.


        • This person needs to look up the definition of morph. A computer animation mixed with an image. Doubt she’s selling her pictures when she’s done.


  5. Jess can create images that not only look awesome, but exist purely from editing on her phone. She’s talented and can do what many can’t manage at their PC on Photoshop. Clearly there’s a lot of interest from her stats and also the variety of people willing to be morphed, including myself. The beauty of Flickr is that you can choose what you want on your stream… so if morphing isn’t your thing, then don’t follow that user. Simple. Don’t see the need for bitchiness, but people get jealous I guess!

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  6. I think Nikita RAWKS… morphing can be really terrible (it mostly is) .. but not in this case.. im a fan! ❀ Condidering how much she improved in such a short time, I think an artist to keep your eye on. Great talent for composition, perspective, filtering and blending it all… πŸ™‚ Hey Nikita, sweetie.. your doing fantastic! You made it to "the gossips" There is no better (free) advertisement! wootwootwooot

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  7. Angi manners does it with hair and backgrounds. I think it depends how you do it. a lot of these are really nice. It’s just her method of expression. Like painting, some use oil paints some water colors. I personally think it’s kinda cool and creepy, but in an interesting way. Probably not for everyone but it still has you talking about it, which is the purpose of art.

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  8. SL is about avatars βœ“
    RL is about human beings βœ“
    Anything different from this means CREEPY.

    So please, don’t. It’s. NOT. COOL.


  9. I don’t get the appeal of morphs. In SL we spend so much money making our avis gorgeous through skins, mesh, eyes, hair etc and then there are awesome poses and accessories that I don’t see why anyone would paste their avi face onto a RL pic. It just ends up looking like a freakish botched plastic surgery picture.


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