Calling Out Lazy Group Admins and Group Spammers on Flickr!

Seem this is becoming an unbearable task for both the Flickr group admin as lot of people wants their photos to be seen but ignore the group rules. Well we don’t belong to any flickr group admins nor do we own a flickr groupπŸ˜œπŸ™ˆ . We only just got whispered about all lazy group admins and group spammers enjoy the read below and post your comments away.

How about instead of calling out the fame whores and butt lickers of Flickr, you call out the lazy group admins and idiots who add their pictures to every group they are in instead of taking the time to actually pick the groups their pictures are appropriate for. Below are a selection from the group “Female Face – Close ups” and I am sure you will agree, none of those four are female face – close ups. 

Ian’s Photo in 388 groups

 Karla’s photo in 244 groups

 Shana’s photo in 273 groups

My personal fav though…  Thyaralove’s photo in 415 groups

If you are going to make a Flickr group and make rules and conditions for adding pictures, then make sure your members stick to them!

And Flickr members, stop spamming your shit in groups where your pictures do not belong!

2 thoughts on “Calling Out Lazy Group Admins and Group Spammers on Flickr!

  1. I’ve been an admin for Flickr groups and call me lazy: but I’ve given up on pointing people to the rules and themes. I’ve closed groups, simply because I found it a burden to spend hours and hours to go through all off-topic/theme pics ppl kept submitting. I can and will now spend my time with more fun stuff to do, other than dismissing the flood of pics in a flickr-group, just because people do not care. You call it lazy, I call it: tired as fuck.

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