Spoonful of Sugar Charity Event is Tanking πŸ˜³

We got whispered that the Spoonful of Sugar charity event is tanking in fact merchants can barely make any sales. The whisperer even demanded that we go check the vendors and that this event is also not affiliated with the actual Doctors Without Borders, so think twice before you shop.

Event founder Ever Courtois was said to have sent out the message below to the events designers about how they can promote the event:
“You know I don’t think I have ever seen a more generous group of designers. Some of you are IMing me to tell me you aren’t selling enough to help MSF…sheesh. 

We finally got the SL events thing ironed out so those are up and running and the Firestorm MOTD will help keep traffic coming during the quieter weekdays ahead. 

Also, heres great idea to boost shopping in your store!  

Spontaneous Buy two get one Free mini Events

During some slow times at a RFL Event Mika of Luxe Paris and I did this – we held a spontaneous Two-for event in our shops at the event. We shouted out to people on the sim and to our group that for one hour, ( say 1 PM to 2 PM SL – you decide what works for you) anyone who bought two items for (in this case MSF) for either 100% or 50% got one free (of approximate value). We just hung out and handed them out as people bought. We challenged other creators to do the same It was a blast and drew some great traffic. IM me with questions if interested and get ready to hear that challenge go up from us!

Got a great idea? Run it by me!

❀ Ever”


Ever wants the designers to be like RFL, yet on their website, they want to try and do things differently than RFL:

“..What about other charities such as Relay For Life? The SL Community is a huge contributor to RFL and numerous other charities looking for cures. We are proud to be a very active part of that, but why stop there?In more fortunate, developed countries, we fight the good fight daily for the survivors and victims of so many, as yet, incurable illnesses. When we DO find those precious cures and treatments, it is only fair that EVERYONE should have rapid and effective access to them, right?No matter where we live, we face the threat of disease. Disease knows no borders. Certainly the fight against them shouldn’t. MSF/Doctors Without Borders is already working globally and without bias to help us all..” 

Source : SOS link

One thought on “Spoonful of Sugar Charity Event is Tanking πŸ˜³

  1. Ever Courtois is a disgustingly nooby woman, who is a clothing factory for avatars who enjoy buying clothes at the dollar store in real life. I will say that the Doctors Without Borders charity really does amazing work, and I sincerely hope that the money raised is actually going to them. They have raised over 3 million lindens (I wonder how much of that is from fees to join the event) so I wouldnt say the event is actually tanking.


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