Enzo and Arol now in the Love Game! LOL

Latest news on Flickr LOL . Arol and Enzo are getting it all hot . Wow Enzo you seem to get around very fast with these ladies who seem to all be in same groups and are friends hmmm.

Lets give it a few days and Arol will be doing the closed eyes pics accompanied with a break-up tune. LOL


17 thoughts on “Enzo and Arol now in the Love Game! LOL

  1. Jesus, everyone knows Arol is Sweetoz! From the lazy stoned or closed eye, to the dangling cigarette, to the wart above the lip. She’s got quite a lot of scratches on her sl bedpost because she can’t get anything in RL! Old woman who blurs her Rl pic to look young…


  2. you are maybe happy both sl and rl but this stays pathetic.. gossips? that’s for old women who have nothing to do and a low level intellect. the idiots of villages are also happy. enjoy your hapiness :p


    • Oh yeah we have to be jealous. Is that really all you can come up with.
      If he’s so nice he doesn’t seem to be able to keep a woman very long.


      • why don’t you put your personal life on blast so we can all put in our two cents as to how pathetic and miserable a person you are that all you have to do with your time is sit behind a computer and talk trash about everyone else and yes you must be jealous of lots of people since you spend most your time stalking others just to try and attempt to make yourself feel better its a joke and your a joke 😀


        • I don’t put my “personal life on blast” as I keep my personal life personal!!
          I don’t broadcast it all over Flickr and then expect people not to have an opinion or comment on it.
          Yes, I sit behind a computer as do you, and I come on here for the gossip and a laugh.
          I’m not miserable, I am extremely happy in both my SL and my RL.
          I’m definitely not jealous, I actually find these women who continually get with different guys pathetic, and feel sorry for them that they have to find their self worth in a guy.
          I don’t “stalk” anyone, these people have their most private moments in their relationship displayed on Flickr for everyone to see.
          The only joke about this is their behaviour and yours as wow
          you seem really angry about some comments on a gossip site.


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