Metaverse Owned by Hethwen Resident is in Disarray ๐Ÿ™„

We got whispered a few days ago that Metaverse owner, Hethwen Resident, aka owner of Hethwen Couture has fired two key people: FalinaKatze Resident and Issy Flatly. And we were told that act of his was clearly due to Heth’s egomaniac attitude.ย Heth is also said to be known for his spats, after all he got into it with EvaKelini and a slew of other people

We realized that he posted on his FB page that people felt he was ignorant guess this is related to the above.We at the whisperer have been trying to get the proper juice on this story, anyone with the juicer or the fruit come spill to us๐Ÿ™ˆ


Source : Facebook

7 thoughts on “Metaverse Owned by Hethwen Resident is in Disarray ๐Ÿ™„

  1. i was at the meeting when Falina stood up and said I QUIT.. it was a board meeting where heth and Popper tried get my title taken from me all over a picture that didnt suit Heths taste. He didnt fire her.. she literally stood up and said I QUIT and left.. now Issy was fired cause she stood up to how heth was treating falina. he said Falina wasnt doing her job and blah blah.. that was a lie. falina begged for him to help out on things such as sponsors and things. Heth said he had them and never shared em with her.. ALSO on another Note. HETH NEVER PAID HIS PEOPLE.. so why the heck would anyone put up with someone treating them the way he sat there and did in that meeting without standing and saying you know what IM DONE.. Falina did what she had to do. and i do not blame her one bit as i sat right there and heard the whole thing…PS i kept my title and that only upset heth and popper that they was out voted by myself, falina and Issy. see this is what i mean by when he dont get his way he turns on you like a rabid dog…he will never learn that when you treat people with respect, you get respect in return.. you treat them like slaves and trash, well karma heth.. karma thats all i can say… love you tons Falina and Issy and thank you for going to bat for me when i needed it and deserved it as i did nothing wrong for that meeting to even take place. LOVE U GIRLS

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  2. personally this is the first time i have heard of this, yes i was fired but there was mitigating circumstances with that which i will not indulge, i hold no malice for heathen and never will do, he has his faults as do all of us, and as for spewing hate ( thanks Overit) i haven’t even giving the situation another thought, i was fired so what, you move on to better things, but personally i was a little glad i didn’t have the responsibility anymore so i can just plod along at my own pace and do my own thing, so in retrospect hethween did me a favor and i am very glad of that, I still regard him and a good friend…. FIN…


  3. If you want the “juice” go directly to the fountain. I am sure Mr. Collinwood will enlighten you. Sounds to me like 2 employees spewing hate after not producing what was ask of them.


  4. like any Business mined person when you don’t do your job you don’t have a job.. plan and simple but to come on here and put someone down for doing what is right for his business is not up to others to judge.. sore employees are a dime a dozen… it the ones with the brains that know the differences between a whiner and a winner… So keep whining like you are and it shows your intelligence


  5. This article is a bunch of hogwash posted by persons who want nothing more than to retaliate and bring someone down due to the fact he is an OWNER and was trying to move his business forward into growth and the persons let go were trying to hold him back. Furthermore, Heth is a great guy and very classy and his demeanor is like anyone who owns a business he wants it to do well and employees who want to go against the grain have no place there especially if they have feuds. Business is business and should stay that way and there is no room for DRAMA or PETTY little attitudes. My closing statement is this: Those who point fingers need to realize you have 3 pointing back at you.


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