Who really is  Lara Layla/Julia Natalia?

We got whispered about and we are really entranced by beautiful Lara Layla

For those of us who haven’t met her yet, she is a somewhat new second lifer who may have existed in other forms before now on second life 😁
For a new SL-er, she seems to have found her foot pretty easily and amassed quite a number of followings on flicker.

But that isn’t even whisper worthy news, what is whisper worthy is that the Whisperer has heard some whispers that Lara Layla might also be Julia Natalia.

Like all whispers, there seem to be a lot of coincidence to buttress the story.Items on Lara Layla’s sim still scream of Julia Natalia.

The whisperer has heard the whisperings in bits and pieces but we have managed to draw a connection also between the accusations of bullying which were flying all over the place between Sergei and Julia.
Sergei seemed to have spoken a lot about it and then all suspicions were that the person referred to was most likely Julia as the then incidence wasnt so clear.

Julia was not left out and did her own share of reporting also, while she may not have come out publicly on the scale Sergei chose, she may have told some friends and it was all just flying around somehow.All of this drama seemed to coincide with Arol, who used to be Julias bestie before becoming bestfriends with Krys instead; and then Julia herself leaving Flicker and the birth of Lara on both platforms.

So, we can say we have all of Julia on SL.Aren’t we lucky? Or are there more?

Oh! and just a joker, the group cover pointer! She really awards herself group covers on her own groups! 😊.

Images : Flickrs

6 thoughts on “Who really is  Lara Layla/Julia Natalia?

  1. – about guena : no comment
    – about lightfoot : no comment
    – about lara, i’m her? no – I know her : yes
    – objects owned by me in her sim? no, but still posiible i will put some.
    – for the anonymous number xxx: do you really think lara needs one more fav from me? Use your brain, if you can.
    – about vyta: no comment
    – I invite lara in my groups? yes, but i invite lot of others people and, same, i give headers to lot of others. I’m also theses others?
    – all of this said and regarding what you write about her and several others people in your “blog”, it looks that you are one person close of some of us there and this makes you even worse as you are one of theses (and they are plenty) who attack people in the back.

    I don’t salute you

    Julie Natalia E.


  2. I have check the lara’s sim and din’t find any item from Julie, nothingh. You are accusing here several people without any proof, whisperer SL.


  3. OMG Serei Guena ! this bitch has so many folders about her lol
    Her boyfriend knows?
    She doing the same groups as Julie and then complains of being harassed! But it is true that this bitch would do anything to have her flickr 300 favs with so dreadful pictures we believe it dates from 2006 XD


  4. I think the story is
    Lara Layla is an alt. Her original avi was called Julie and was apparently Arol Lightfoots best friend and SL sister until she was replaced by Krys Vita.
    She has many Flickr groups and she invites peoples pictures into them.
    She now invites Lara’s pictures (her own) and awards herself group cover!
    Lara denies she is Julie but when she had a sim there were many items there belonging to Julie.

    Serei (I bump my pictures every 10 minutes as I’m desperate for faves) Guena accused Julie of bullying her and then made lots of Flickr groups in same vein as Julie’s.
    Arol obviously didn’t have her friends back as she dumped her for Krys or can it be that Julie really was a bully?
    Julie wasn’t quite as public as Serei in her accusations but she does have a statement now on her groups that they were “copied by a parasite”


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