EverAfter, New Love with Dusty 

EverAfterr and Dusty Pedroia are ON as seen in both their Flickrs Pages . Love is in the Air😜


On her Flickr page, her two latest post is about Love and on Dusty  latest post on Flickr, she is telling him in Irish “I Love You”


Images : Flickr

8 thoughts on “EverAfter, New Love with Dusty 

  1. I don’t know what the hell they are up to, but it gets pretty annoying seeing his face all over Flickr in everyone’s comments! I know you guys announced Brandon as Flickr Licker #1 but in my opinion Dusty beat him by far, as well as faving pics, he got Ella by far…. it is literally sickening seeing his ass kissing comments all over Flickr…. and for them both getting 300+ favs i don’t know! I would understand if their Pictures would be outstanding, but they are pretty common me..sorry!
    Plus him and Ever won’t last , she is to good for him! Besides that he will never get over Kay!


    • It was only a few weeks ago that he was in lust with Just Eve and she was all over his stream with her tits out!
      He moved on to Ever quickly.


      • Right I agree! but does Just Eve ever have clothes on ? Ijs …..I would wish them both the best just for the sake of not seeing their sobbing comments all over Flickr!
        But as it seems Dusty has a type and from looking at Ever’s Pictures, she is not the type he likes…. so with that said GL to both!!


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