Krys Vita and Pedro Naire are SEPARATED. She now embraces the Ladies of the Night oops Days for more๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Whisper reaching us is Krys Vita and Pedro Naire are OFF and she has been seen doing the eyes closed and wanting to die pictures on her Flickr page๐Ÿ˜


While she might be looking for sympathy on Flickr through her moody break-up pics, we got whispered that she wasn’t looking sad last night when she was grooving it up at Black Milk Club, out on the prowl for men with her bestie Arol Lightfoot and other crews๐Ÿ˜œ

Image : Flickr

51 thoughts on “Krys Vita and Pedro Naire are SEPARATED. She now embraces the Ladies of the Night oops Days for more๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ

  1. Totally bangable. Thanks Whisperer for letting me know where they prowl, gives me some new grounds to go hunting. Seriously though, who cares how any of them choose to live their Second Life? It’s not a blatant lie, and they’re not fucking with my SLife.


  2. why would anyone care about what this person does or who she is. probably known to just a few hundred people inworld…. not relevant to just about everyone.


  3. aw Beth you thought people here would stop being honest and start lying ,backstabbing etc like they do on those flickr posts you love so much. You are just a confused old lady i think who wandered into the land of honesty and light hearted gossip.Hope you find your back to Flickr land where people beg for the attention they never got in their rl through their “never been in love like this before / he broke my heart / look at my closed eyes Flickr pics , where changing partners every month is the norm , where sympathy goes to the ones with the highest likes and followers while their RL children are starving because ” mommy is on a new D today & i must take this picture so i can feel good about myself ” . Shame you didnt have time to answer all the questions about your contradictory statements before you left . Bye Beth.


  4. The angry people here claiming that this site is trash ( but they are still here reading/commenting ) The people who are being written about have the right to do as they wish, yes they do just like we do here on this sight where you angry people are also part of the comments. But the people who support these fame hungry “look im in distress because boyfriend no 2494 this year dumped me ,please fave my sad looking pictures ” you people are enabling these sick attention seekign flickr celebrities who dont need fans they need an honest friend. So all of you who are writing on here are part of this sight and participating which is your right , and by belittling this sight you are part of it yeah you figure it out.


    • You’re making a straw man argument, and a rather lame one at that. Sometimes one has to wade into the sewage in order to battle the maggots.

      People post pictures on Flickr. They don’t force anyone to follow them or star their photos. This whole thing just reeks of jealously that some people have friends, have people who enjoy their photos, and are able to convey and share their emotions without the veil of anonymity this site provides.

      If you want to debate on the actual issues brought up in these posts, fine. I’ll go toe to toe with you on them. But if you’re just going to hide behind informal fallacies in order to deflect the attention from the putrid nature of this site, anonymously at that, you’re not a worthy enough intellectual opponent to battle with. It wouldn’t be a fair fight.


      • ah yes there we have it ,the jealousy argument. Please come back with something more substantial than that . But Beth let me explain , It is possible that people can dislike something and it doesnt stem from jealousy .Yes shock horror .Its true! Like i can read between the lines that you possibly do not like this site very much ..sooo does this mean you are jealous.:) And I dont like chocolate ..but nope im sorry i am not jealous. Its a tired and overused argument that you “fans” throw out there in your desperatIon over and over. Being so caught up in flickr that your love life is so spread thin is not healthy and by supporting their need for attention you are enabling them. If this was a healthy way to behave you would see everyones emotional bullshit splattered all over flickr. But it is not. Because anyone of sound mind deal with their emotions between their loved ones and true friends ,and not in a public forum like flickr. So please Beth come back with a stronger argument as to why we should love adore and kiss these peoples asses? I dont see Beyonce or the Queen of England on social media with her eyes closed seeiking sympathy whenever she had a fight with her king .


      • "bye Felicia"

        Quite a while ago Arol had lets say an issue with someone on SL and she took it to Flickr.
        I have no idea what these issues were.
        This was the picture and the link she included to the definition of Felicia.

        “When someone says that they’re leaving and you could really give two shits less that they are. Their name then becomes “felicia”, a random bitch that nobody is sad to see go. They’re real name becomes irrelevant because nobody cares what it really is. Instead, they now are “felicia”.
        “hey guys i’m gonna go”
        “bye felicia”
        “who is felicia?”
        “exactly bitch. buh bye.”
        #groupie #bitch #hoe #skank #slut”

        At that point I stopped following her.
        And she’s making statements about bullies!!!!!


        • Just to add. In the comments we have Brandon laughing and asking if someone “pissed her off”
          Rose Nitely saying she “needed that term”
          and of course J “don t know who your Felicia is, but i damn love this!!!!! and you look beautiful as always:)”

          Now dear Beth, lets talk about bullying and shaming shall we?


          • Wow… I actually started to respond to all this and then went back and read my original comment on this particular post. My issue was with the slut-shaming and the enjoyment of other people’s pain.

            When you post your comments anonymously here, they aren’t in context with the photos or people in question. People like me only see one side… and it’s ugly. It’s people here being ugly. If you have a problem with these people, why do you not confront them directly? Why don’t you make THESE comments on the Flickr photos you take issue with? What is the point of this site other than to draw more attention to these people you dislike so much?

            Knowing nothing about any of you other what is posted here, and the photos I see without reading the descriptions and comments on Flickr, if I had to judge who the nicer group of people are… well, it wouldn’t be this group.

            Posting this stuff here doesn’t make them look bad… it makes you look bad. It has the exact opposite effect to what you’re hoping to achieve.

            (I’m using “you” generically here since everyone, including the person who runs this site, is anonymous and I don’t know who commented or posted or what.)

            Regardless, I’m out. I need to go post an angsty photo of myself with a passive-aggressive vague description.


          • LMAO
            Arol has now removed the description!!
            It’s OK Arol I took the liberty of taking a screen shot!
            Obviously worried she loses from faves.


        • Arol has since removed the link but I do have a screenshot.
          She hates this site so much but still takes the time to read comments and act upon them!!


  5. Wow, last time I checked every woman is still free to dress and behave like she wants. Why don’t you just all join ISIS with your stupid little opinions and so called high morals?

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  6. So much slut-shaming! I can’t help but think these are the same people who blame women who get raped because of how they were dressed.

    Anonymous, whoever you are, you can take your moral high ground and shove it right up your ass. As tight as it is, you’ll have a diamond in no time. They way you revel in other’s pain is… well, really, if anyone needs a friend to step in, it’s you. Who takes that much pleasure in the goings on of others, especially their pain? Certainly not a healthy person, that’s for sure.

    No, the only one on this abortion of a website that needs help is you. I don’t even know these people other than through Flickr, but god… you have some deep-seated anger, seemingly toward sex-positive people. You’re a strange little duckling.


    • Beth please , The only people who is revelling in pain is the people who post their continual break ups on Flickr on a sometimes weekly basis , and who then have this enabling army of asskissers like yourself apparently ,who supports such ill behaviour. I shall say it again ; spreading your love lives and breakups all over flickr means you are inviting an audience to comment on it , just like we do here , you are part of this site Beth every time you comment no matter how much you hate it ,you are here why ? I dont like flickr pictures that invite for sympathy continuously , i like something a little bit more entertaining and humourous.Thats what my SL is about so guess what i do ?The whole army of sympathy revellers and seekers do not get a follow like or comment from me. I suggest you do the same with this site since having a different opinion than your own bothers you so much or should i claim you are jealous that no one is writing about you here ? According to your own previous argument that must be the case .


    • Beth you are hilarious LMAO you are here so much you are a regular dude. Go back to Flickr and kiss some more ass if you dont like it here .


    • Beth Please!!!!!!
      Each time you come here you type out sermons about what you think someones thoughts and intentions are, like some psychologist analysing a twisted mind without even knowing the person.

      There is absolutely NO need to bring the “women to blame for being raped” debate to this site or even mention it – RAPE IS AN APPALLING CRIME AND HAS A DEVASTATING EFFECT ON VICTIMS AND THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO DISCUSS IT, AMONGST COMMENTS ABOUT HOW SOMEONE IS BEHAVING IN A VIRTUAL WORLD!!!!!!

      What was being said in the actual article was not “slut shaming” as you call it but that she was perceived to be upset and looking for sympathy after a break up yet the next day she was over it and moving on, which even in SL terms is pretty damn quick!!
      If she didn’t want her SL private life discussed then she shouldn’t have posted pictures on Flickr it’s as easy as that!
      Next time perhaps read the actual article before you make a comment!

      I also strongly object to your use of the word “abortion” in regard to this website and feel that you could have chosen a much less aggressive and emotive word.

      This site is a gossip site and may I suggest that if the people who the articles are about don’t like it then perhaps they should tone down their activities or even better keep them private!!
      I don’t follow these people but their images unfortunately turn up in the many many groups they post in as do they themselves at clubs and sims so much as I want to avoid them it’s pretty difficult.


    • reading a good book is like chicken soup for the soul

      Keep on ass licking Charly, no doubt Twain will be along soon too.
      Take a look at that picture and the texturing and come back and tell me that this is worth faving? A fcking 5 year old could do better.


        • I won’t link to mine as I no longer have a stream.
          Reason is because of the hypocrisy on Flickr amongst the SL community.
          I enjoyed making pictures but sadly in the end I didn’t know who actually liked my work or who just faved for faves and attention back so I gave up.
          So many people faving for faves,
          People who liked EVERYTHING and commented on EVERTHING
          I would rather have 10 genuine faves than 100 people faving to get faves back so I still make pictures I just don’t show them to everyone as being famous on Flickr or SL doesn’t impress or interest me.


    • Krys and her ‘friends’ might be upset by this article but they put themselves out there so surely it’s only to be expected that they get attention?
      They have such a high opinion of themselves that they only expect people to like what they do and are actually shocked when they don’t!
      Krys and Arol continually play their entire SL’s out on Flickr. When with Pedro there were pics of him and her in the bath, in bed, kissing, having sex, and then when it ends the closed eyes pathetic me shots! A day later she’s dressed like a hooker outside a club and you actually expect people not to have an opinion??
      True friends would be telling her to have a break from SL, spend some time with her family and not to get dressed like a slut with your nipples showing, go to a club and take pics of yourself hanging on to a lamp post.
      If she doesn’t want the attention then keep your SL PRIVATE don’t display it on Flickr for everyone to see and then complain about it when people have an opinion.

      For the person who said

      “And people who see a guy (or a girl) dancing at Black Milk can say what the person behind the computer do or think ?
      Poor of you.
      Ridiculous of you.”

      I see Flickr shots of someone obviously upset and who is expressing that emotion through her avatar as many many people do and the next day I see that very same person dressed like a hooker behaving as she was and taking pics then I think that person needs help from a good friend and a reality check!


  7. You mean little people. The creator of this menstruated rag, the jealous little psycho bitch who whispered this blatant pack of lies, and those who comment because it feels good to be a bully. You know nothing. I do suppose your hateful dispositions need this shit to survive. It’s a real bitch when karma happens, and it will.

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    • How can it be lies when he’s no longer her partner in her profile?
      The poor me pics are there on her Flickr.
      The dressed like a whore pics are also there and she was seen at BM by lots of people so it’s hardly a secret.
      Karma seems to have happened to her as all she does is play about with sims and men on SL and none of them are a success.
      If you’re so concerned about her why not say who you are or are you too scared you’ll ruin your reputation too and lose some Flickr faves.


      • Well, aren’t you the pot that called the kettle, “Anonymous”! So let me get this right, every person dancing at a club is looking for their new victim? Every picture on Flickr depicts real life? You stalk her to know what she does, day and night? Sounds like you have some differential problems.

        As for me, I have no reputation to ruin. I’m just a little person who doesn’t give a flying fuck about favs. I do what makes me happy while in SL. I am single in SL because I have a happy marriage in RL. Yes, I hate watching football with my husband, so I play on SL. He is aware of my SL shopping fixation. Most of all, the very few friends I have on SL are truly sweet people, and God knows I would tell them if they were making a fool of themselves.

        I’ve seen plenty of people who post emotional pictures, and sadly have to caption that is just a picture, nothing more! My dad died many years ago, some days I feel a great pain, and perhaps I work my way through that pain by doing an emotional picture. It’s no ones damn business to know why I’m sad. I like doing pictures, not for you or anyone else, but for myself.

        I was directed to this site not to read anything in particular, but I’ve heard the names. Curiosity got the cat, and the comments are just so damn mean. Especially when they drag RL into the nastiness. Unless you know these people personally, how can you make such judgements. You’re not bullying an avatar, but the person behind that that avatar. From my heart to you, get one!

        P.S I’m embarrassed to have ever set my eyes on this waste of space website.

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        • I don’t think it was ever said that she was “looking for her next victim” what was being discussed was the fact she did what seemed to be emotional pic where she portrayed hurt (she’s not that great a photographer but even I got that one) because she’d broke up with Pedro and yet the very next day she was making pics with friends dressed as hookers and clubbing it up.
          From now on when she does the lovey dovey pics with her guys we’ll now know not go “aww” we’ll just take it as a joke shall we as it’s all meaningless? Is that what you’re saying?

          Cheers for the insight into your RL, not at all sure what the hell that has to do with this at all. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is not in the least interested in an Anon commenters RL or why they post pics! Get over yourself.

          This was a bit of gossip about people who court publicity, look at both Krys and Arols streams today? The picture about bullying and then the geek pics making light of the whole situation!!
          Their laughing about this and enjoying the fact their in the limelight.
          The first rule of the internet is don’t feed the trolls BUT they LOVE feeding them as it gets them more attention!!
          If this upset them so much they would have kept a dignified silence and waited for it to blow over but their now keeping this going.

          Over the weekend I saw Pedro on a sim alone taking pics, keeping his thoughts obviously to himself, it’s pity there aren’t more people like him in SL or Flickr.

          If you’ve no reputation to ruin then why not name yourself?
          You claim your “embarrassed’ etc., by this website yet you took the time to read it all AND to reply! LOL


          • So just to clarify, what you are saying is that Krys and Arol were supposed to put their SL on hold due to a bunch of trolls, and a website who’s disclaimer clearly says:

            “The Whisperer is a Second Life Gossip blog and information on this blog site is intended for entertainment purpose.

            The Whisperer contains personal views, published gossips, rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions as well as factual information. Information on this site may or may not be true and not meant to be taken as fact.

            The Whisperer makes no warranty as to the validity and accuracy of any claims.”


        • I can’t reply to you directly as there’s no link.

          I never said they had to put their Second Life on hold but surely they could have a SL for a few days without photographing it IF they don’t want the attention.
          Come on that pic of them hanging on the lamp post isn’t subtle even you can see that?

          The claims were accurate, many people saw her at Black Milk and she posted the pictures.
          These people are exhibitionists and I’m done feeding you.


          • Yes, I saw her at Black Milk. And it didn’t appear to me as though she was doing anything attention seeking. Is she to not log in? Would that satisfy you? Cease existing because of a broken partnership? And the lamp post looks to me like a photograph taken among friends (if you stalk her properly you would notice hers isn’t the only version). Are they any more exhibitionists than the rest of Flickr? I think not. This post could very well be about anyone on that website.

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    • Hmm i think all you haters of this site but who cant seem to leave it alone are just jealous no one is interested in writing about you . Why dont you unfollow and go back to kissing ass on Flickr , i believe thats your true calling .


  8. You pathetic commenting fuckers, you know nothing and believe everything. I feel sorry for those of you who thrive on such fodder. Grow up and be happy with your own damn lives!

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    • You are here commenting ๐Ÿ™‚ that makes you pathetic too, i believe thats what you said . Also are you a friend of this person this post is about ? If so you cant be a very good one. A real friend would tell her : “Love, dont expose your self over flickr for attention , you look pathetic and desperate . ” Thats what a true friend would do. Because we all know that this sadface closed eyes begging for sympathy on FLICKR is not healthy and that person needs a honest friend . So yes there will be a lot of confused angry people reading through this sight , but finally someone is poiting out the obvious thats been going on for years.; that a large number of people have used flickr as a way to make themselves feel good, but thats not real, theres something missing in their real lives for them to be so blinded by their flickr fame and for them to crave it so bad by wanting sympathy . And THAT is very sad to see.


      • Closed eyes, mouth, nose, …..ass….. Is it very important ?
        Everybody can take picture with sad mood’s face event if in RL the guy (or girl) is very happy.
        Do you really look at all flickr and think that the pictures is reality ?
        You are very… “lol”.
        And people who see a guy (or a girl) dancing at Black Milk can say what the person behind the computer do or think ?
        Poor of you.
        Ridiculous of you.
        Haha, so small. I love read you just for see how you are small and weak.


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        • Ok so when people are expressing their deep forever love on flickr should we not take the serious too ? And then 2 weeks later they have jumped on a new man/woman.So thats all fake too ? I mean you are here to read about the small and weak. You are typing here ,this makes you small and weak . Ops so try again anotheranonymous. Theres a lot of angry people here who get confronted by truths they thought the rest of us wouldnt see through. I am not laughing i feel sorry for people who use Flickr for attention or love they are lacking in their real lives. And they have people as yourself supporting this insanity. Not cool.


  9. LMAO thank you whisperer for pointing this ” eye closed feel my pain crap ” out.I know her kind ,she will probably be on a new d!ck next week. We know how these eyes closed fools do


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