Beloved Ruby showcases her Advanced Blog/Flickr – Second U Magazine πŸ™ˆπŸ™„

We got whispered that Beloved Ruby now run her own advanced blog/Flick 😏
Few days ago, Beloved Ruby posted on Flickr about her new SL magazine called Second  U Magazine which consist majorly of pictures of HERSELF in different poses, wearing various outfits and of course her bff’s are also in it Ella, Brandon and Samanda.
Ella has a spot in the magazine to discuss about her style and where she shops  – πŸ™„(who would really wants to dress like a thug with weapons? )

Congratulation on the advanced Blog/Flickr while we await the bandwagon follow in same direction 😜

Image : Flickr

8 thoughts on “Beloved Ruby showcases her Advanced Blog/Flickr – Second U Magazine πŸ™ˆπŸ™„

  1. Unlike the Whisper about Kuntivate magazine (where there are actual valid mistakes pointed out), this Whisper was clearly made by someone scorned from the people involved with Second U Magazine. This magazine actually looks nice. Get over yourself the one who sent the Whisper. Jealousy is not a good look for you. Now, if you want to see what a shitty magazine looks like, check out Windlight/Kultivate for a true eye sore (YOU’RE WELCOME FOR THE PUBLICITY JOHN & ELES).


    • This comment could very well come from Samanda but she’d struggle to spell judgemental so it can’t be her! LOL
      I reckon she was meant to be Samantha but couldn’t spell that either when she registered with SL.


  2. I thought parts of this Mag were very good but I did get bored of the pics of Beloved and the interview with Ella where she divulged that because of her big tits she can’t get jewellery to fit and where she buys her knickers these were facts I really could have done without knowing.
    I’d take style tips from Miaa Rebane but EllaSparkss ummm no thanx.
    Instead of pics from some of the better known artists or as they like to be thought of the “elite” maybe showcasing some less known people might have been more interesting but instead there were links to the usual bunch of narcissists.


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