Kultivate – See what SL Residents have to say about your latest September Edition!

We got whispered about Kultivate Magazine -the untouchables 🙄. Read below
Kultivate Magazine released their september issue… and i hate to even bring them up because john the big catfish loves the attention. it’s clear how the only important thing to him is his SL popularity, every relationship he has whether personal or professional is made to bolster his own self worth and feed into his delusions of grandeur. thankfully many of those who have worked with him see him for what he truly is. a pathetic user and loser.
that’s not what this whisper is about though. it looks like kultivate has tried really hard to improve the graphics of their magazine. it’s funny because their are SO many errors.
here’s some of the best-

-on the front cover and the article they spell boniefacio as bonefacio. who you boning bonie? 

-the article for caitinara spells it catrinara and they forgot to change “WRITER” to white font so it looks like there’s nothing there

-for an art magazine you would think they would focus on excellent photographs but take a look and most photographs are obviously stretched out and completely blurry

-they like to brag about how big their magazine is… out of the 222 pages only 88 is actual content this includes their cover, contents page and staff page. i’d be impressed about how much advertising they get cuz that’s what the rest of the magazine is but they give that away for free

-there’s so much more but why should i help him when he’s so opposed to it?
many people have offered to help him in the past whether for branding, marketing, etc and he’s too focused on how great he is to even accept help. i had a friend message him about some of the issues in this issue and it’s clear he can’t take any form of constructive feedback. what a loser! hey john! i know you’re going to say that everyone who talks poorly about you is jealous of how “successful” you are but buying likes, manipulating professional relationships and producing below mediocre quality products is NOTHING to be proud of. hire a graphic artist, hire photographers and hire someone to go over the magazine to catch all the errors you clearly missed.

9 thoughts on “Kultivate – See what SL Residents have to say about your latest September Edition!

  1. On behalf of the entire magazine staff, I thank you for showing us our area’s of opportunity as a magazine. The issues brought up with our September publication are 100% valid, and you can see this based on the screenshots. We are working diligently on our October issue to ensure a perfect issue not only in content but in production of the finished product too. Thank you again! —- SAID NO ONE IN KULTIVATE EVER.

    It’s intensely appalling how behavioral challenged the owners are. Really Eles? Really John? Do better next time and cut this bullshit out. You’re not fooling anyone. The simple fact that you’ve responded to this post and failed to actually address any of the issues brought up in this whisper is a telling mindset. And then John wants to write a whole big facebook post about how people attack him and how they should come to him if they have any issues? Apparently people have and John does not take critiques well. Here’s some wood and some nails and you can use your head as a hammer, so you can build a bridge and get over yourself.


    • Actually, you should have stuck with the first paragraph to be honest. Constructive criticism would do you some good, if you can take your head out of your ass long enough to hear it. The biggest issue here is the fact that you have alienated quite a few people, that would be the ones that could have helped you; due to the ego, the asshattery and using them.
      Sure you are getting free publicity in this article but let’s be honest, you are the laughing stock of the art world and nothing you do will really change that fact.


  2. Wow love the cover of that magazine!!! Didn’t know it existed. Thanks for the article now I can’t wait to read Kultivate – it looks cool 🙂


    • Hello John. How are you darling? I’m far more successful than Eles will ever be. Why don’t you come on over and catfish me. I’ll even lie like Eles does about meeting you and your sexy six pack 😉


      • @ comfortable anonymous you know everything and are so damn smart aren’t you? You even know about John and Eles’ real life and everything…fucking please….don’t feed the troll everyone and dont definitely dont feed the trolls behind this website…


  3. And check out the website and our group for more amazing events coming up soon! We thank you for the extra visibility, as you know, all coverage is good coverage – now even more people know about us 🙂


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