Hethwen MVW2017 Crown versus Spirit Award LOL!

When we get whispered about Hethween , we first take a good laugh and then we decided what we gonna do next.. Okay this week we have been having series of whispers about Hethween. First winning the spirit award that is not recognized and now making the MVW 2017 crown. We would say the crown isn’t looking bad ** coughs ** but guess some fans don’t like it either. Here is the spills on Hethween for the week.
Dear gawd, what the hell is this monstrosity?! Has Reign lost her mind when she gave Hethwen full reign (pun intended) on creating this year’s Miss Virtual World’s crown? There are prim crowns made in 2009 and beyond that look better than this mesh heap! All I can say to the contestants, run while you still can before they put this enlarged bling ring on you!
Hethwen Collinwood fancies himself a sort of renaissance man. he’s a mediocre designer (i like to look at how he describes his off the rack clothing for good laughs). he also thinks he’s an amazing model (he’s tried for years and all he’s been able to do is create a school where he fills idiots with thoughts that they’ll learn anything from him who hero worship him because they fall for his bullshit. and some weird pageant with zero standards). all his sets involve noobish looking textures like he grabbed them off of the standard library textures all avis get when they sign up for sl. 
Anyway, this ignorant egotistical fools background is not the point. a few days ago he posted on fb how he won the 2016 Spirit Awards for Designer of the Year… except a simple search on the internet for such an award… nothing comes up. a simple search in-world shows… no results either. is he stupid enough to actually believe an award given to him holds any relevance WHEN IT MIGHT NOT EXIST? even better, did this delusional fool actually make this award up? he has a history of lying about his real life and constantly tries to elevate himself with false stories of grandeur.
search for this award yourself and tell me if you can find anything about it LOL
Source : Facebook

Ava Jhamin & L’Amour Modeling Productions has bogus charity event which does not exist! 😳

We just got whispered about a Charity events organized by Ava Jhamin which seem not to exist but from what we see on the poster- National Breast Cancer Foundation, the charity does exist but kind of different from the press release which say otherwise – National Cancer Association. Well we are not judges just read below for yourself and make up your mind!

Ava Jhamin has a “fundraiser” for the National Cancer Association and says that all donations will go to this charity. This may sound like a good idea except this “charity” does not exist under the Charity Navigator. (the charity is not listed here) 

and also was not found here: IRS search for national cancer

It’s a shame that reputable brands such as Chop Zuey continue to associate with Ava Jhamin and her “modeling” agency. Below is the official notice:
” L’Amour Productions Presents   

           The Greatest Show In Second Life

                           CIRQUE DE L’AMOUR
Come see acts for a cause. The most unusual and fun acts you have ever 

seen in a Cirque show of any kind. See the Leozeb being tamed, the 

Trapeze Triplets. Think you might know guess again….weird, unusual  

is what it’s all about.
All monies to go to the National Cancer Association.
Designer Auction come bid on some amazing gifts.
Chop Zuey – Jewelry sets in the main tent.
Wellens Photography – Pictrure done by Crista Wellens -Side show area.
Face Paint – Eyeshadows for Lelutka and Catwa heads -Side Show area. 

Bring the whole family ride the family friend carousels, jump into a box right by 

entrance take pictures all over.
When: September 24, 2016
Where: Playa de Amadores
Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. all day fun!!!”

Hot New Couple Alert -ARnnO PLAneR and A IM EE C Strutting it all on Flickrs!

After his previous failed relationship with Lona Lenroy and the obvious display of their on and off relationship/frienship, finally ARnnO seem to have found love with Aimeec after proclaiming on his flickr page some few days ago that he is Learning to Love, seem afterward Love shows up on his door step as seen all over their flickr.😜

Image : A IM EE C and ARnnO

Calling Out Lazy Group Admins and Group Spammers on Flickr!

Seem this is becoming an unbearable task for both the Flickr group admin as lot of people wants their photos to be seen but ignore the group rules. Well we don’t belong to any flickr group admins nor do we own a flickr group😜🙈 . We only just got whispered about all lazy group admins and group spammers enjoy the read below and post your comments away.

How about instead of calling out the fame whores and butt lickers of Flickr, you call out the lazy group admins and idiots who add their pictures to every group they are in instead of taking the time to actually pick the groups their pictures are appropriate for. Below are a selection from the group “Female Face – Close ups” and I am sure you will agree, none of those four are female face – close ups. 

Ian’s Photo in 388 groups

 Karla’s photo in 244 groups

 Shana’s photo in 273 groups

My personal fav though…  Thyaralove’s photo in 415 groups

If you are going to make a Flickr group and make rules and conditions for adding pictures, then make sure your members stick to them!

And Flickr members, stop spamming your shit in groups where your pictures do not belong!

Spoonful of Sugar Charity Event is Tanking 😳

We got whispered that the Spoonful of Sugar charity event is tanking in fact merchants can barely make any sales. The whisperer even demanded that we go check the vendors and that this event is also not affiliated with the actual Doctors Without Borders, so think twice before you shop.

Event founder Ever Courtois was said to have sent out the message below to the events designers about how they can promote the event:
“You know I don’t think I have ever seen a more generous group of designers. Some of you are IMing me to tell me you aren’t selling enough to help MSF…sheesh. 

We finally got the SL events thing ironed out so those are up and running and the Firestorm MOTD will help keep traffic coming during the quieter weekdays ahead. 

Also, heres great idea to boost shopping in your store!  

Spontaneous Buy two get one Free mini Events

During some slow times at a RFL Event Mika of Luxe Paris and I did this – we held a spontaneous Two-for event in our shops at the event. We shouted out to people on the sim and to our group that for one hour, ( say 1 PM to 2 PM SL – you decide what works for you) anyone who bought two items for (in this case MSF) for either 100% or 50% got one free (of approximate value). We just hung out and handed them out as people bought. We challenged other creators to do the same It was a blast and drew some great traffic. IM me with questions if interested and get ready to hear that challenge go up from us!

Got a great idea? Run it by me!

❤ Ever”


Ever wants the designers to be like RFL, yet on their website, they want to try and do things differently than RFL:

“..What about other charities such as Relay For Life? The SL Community is a huge contributor to RFL and numerous other charities looking for cures. We are proud to be a very active part of that, but why stop there?In more fortunate, developed countries, we fight the good fight daily for the survivors and victims of so many, as yet, incurable illnesses. When we DO find those precious cures and treatments, it is only fair that EVERYONE should have rapid and effective access to them, right?No matter where we live, we face the threat of disease. Disease knows no borders. Certainly the fight against them shouldn’t. MSF/Doctors Without Borders is already working globally and without bias to help us all..” 

Source : SOS link

Metaverse Owned by Hethwen Resident is in Disarray 🙄

We got whispered a few days ago that Metaverse owner, Hethwen Resident, aka owner of Hethwen Couture has fired two key people: FalinaKatze Resident and Issy Flatly. And we were told that act of his was clearly due to Heth’s egomaniac attitude. Heth is also said to be known for his spats, after all he got into it with EvaKelini and a slew of other people

We realized that he posted on his FB page that people felt he was ignorant guess this is related to the above.We at the whisperer have been trying to get the proper juice on this story, anyone with the juicer or the fruit come spill to us🙈


Source : Facebook

Flickr Group for Bumping and Ass Kissing created 😂 Practice what you preach🙈

We got whispered that a new group has arrived on Flickr called the Bumping and Ass Kissing free zone.

It such an irony looking at the group description which say “Tired of seeing all those Bumping and Ass Kissing people in every Group , So I decided to make a group with out allowing them access !! ” and considering that members of the groups such as Marina kisses Samanda’s ass continually just like the name of the flickr page while Samanda who is a total ass kisser – not great in making comments but bombardes people with group awards.On a single picture she can give 4 or 5 awards and she also invites them to her groups which imo is the biggest ass kissing.


Some other members of the group; Mobius he’s a total ass kisser;Cyruss Diesel – another ass kisser who work in the same way as Brandon, leaving short comments.

The group seem to have taken the perfect name and group for themselves😂🙈 no need to point fingers far away they just selected themselves in a single group.
Cannot wait to see who else joins.😂

Images : Flickr