Paradox Mesmer – Mr MVW blames Seraphim for his Failures đŸ™ˆ

We got whispered about Paradox Mesmer pointing fingers at Seraphim as the cause of his failure. 

Paradox Mesmer (max ruedi on Facebook ) – Current Mr Virtual World who has a reputation for being a drama whore with a disturbing belief that everyone is out to get him.

Few nights ago posted on his Facebook page actually pointing fingers at seraphim as the reason why he and his event is a failure, cry me a river 🙄 and this post sure generated a lot of heated exchange on his page. 

Also sad is the fact that he deleted all comments on the post and even editted his initial post and thanks to Facebook edit history we could retrieve his previous post even though he deleted all comments, we can still catch his edits.

We are aware that a gyazo is going around of the heated conversation, above is the only one been captured so far, anyone who has it should share with the whispers 😬😜

Source : Facebook

2 thoughts on “Paradox Mesmer – Mr MVW blames Seraphim for his Failures đŸ™ˆ

  1. Paradox has ALWAYS been a whinny loser! He ALWAYS blames others for his failures and rejections but never himself. Anyone remember the Zibska incident? Blaming everyone from top to bottom as well as everyone around him when it was he had attitude like a self entitled brat first! As the saying goes… A leopard never changes its spots! Pity to anyone who chooses to sponsor or work with him!


  2. Why do people insist on paying attention to Paradox or act like how he is is something different from the usual? He has always been a whiny pathetic fucktard. Good for him that he has a title no one actually cares about. Good for Reign that she gave him the title even with the backlash, bad for Reign that she makes shit infested business decisions.


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